Ocean Drive

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Ocean Dr, South Beach, FL, USA

Ocean Drive South Beach Reviews

LisaLeni LisaLeni
3 reviews
Showing some love... Apr 21, 2011
I recently went to Florida for a week and I gotta say even tho I'm not into hammered shirtless douchebags ocean drive was totally awesome... They had all these fancy little restaurants where u could get whatever u want to , from a fancy dish to a simple hamburger :-) the souvenir stores were really cute they had awesome "Miami-sweaters" (and yes they had those horrible "I'm in miami bitch"-Shirts, and no I did not buy one of those ) and the sweat pants were heavenly :-) I wear mine everytime I need the feeling of sun burning my shoulders back :-p

Plus Lincoln Road which is very close is gonna make your shopping heart skip-a-beat :-) I had a blast and wish I could be there again anytime soon. YAY for food, sun and sweat pants.
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hmd81 hmd81
2 reviews
Hot spot in South Beach.. Jun 13, 2011
Ocean Drive is the place to go when coming to Miami. There is a diverse crowd that is seen throughout. There are restaurants, shops and hotels to be seen in this area. It is a walking distance to South Beach.
chaun19 chaun19
3 reviews
Amazing Mar 28, 2011
Ocean drive is like you're away from reality of the US. Its a great place to stroll along. You must check out Mangoes for a drink and Gloria Estafan's Restaurant for food- Cuban food is the local fare and its amazing
boriana84 boriana84
10 reviews
Sep 04, 2007
I know that almost anyone that comes to Miami Beach, the firest thing they try and hit is Ocean Drive, imagening that they will be rubbing sholders with stars, see movies being shot, and hot babes skating in bikinies. Though some of this does occour every once in a while, and the stars walk around South Beach as if they own it, its not an everyday thing.

Ocean Drive is a great street running from 5th Street (and this is the interesting part of Ocean Drive, as it starts down on 1st street) and runs up to 16th street. Its littered with many botique hotels, with really expensive restaurants, and bars. The hotels for the most part are actually fairly cheap, however, for the price you are not getting anything exceptional except for the location. The rooms for the most part are rundown, and you dont get much of a view. Restaurant wise its prettymuch the same as the hotels, though they are probably more expensive than staying at a hotel. Wildly expensive, you pay more to be sitting on Ocean Drive than to really eat something deliceous. On top of it, the seating is right on the sidewalk where its a constant crowd of people walking by, which I personally dont find pleasant at all. The bars on the other hand arent so bad, and there are a couple that just give you a great taste of South Beach, such as Mangos, which during the day is really great as its not so packed, and theres live music and dancing. The night its a bit more complicated as not only do you pay to get in, but its really packed and its pointless as you cant dance. Overall, Ocean Drive isnt exactly the place you should be going to spend your money and eat or even sleep. Walk past, check it out, enjoy the beach and the strip, but dont go overboard with spending your money there, as you can find AMAZING restaurants just off of Ocean Drive that are much cheaper.
flammick says:
yep, it was that one. now it's moved to someone's house, and i guess it's a lot smaller than it was when it was on the beach, but it was still good fun!
Posted on: Jan 02, 2008
boriana84 says:
oh how awesome!!!! I've been looking for the place that they do that!!! There is a party like this on the beach, where up to about 500 people gather on the beach on the full moon with drums and blankets to celebrate. But now the police started closing it down.....that sounds like a blast!
Posted on: Dec 27, 2007
flammick says:
That was the plan. But plans have a habit of changing, and instead we ended up in the front garden on someone's house where they were playing drums to celebrate the full moon. I mean, there were 10 or so drums, a whole bunch of people a fire, someone giving massages and a belly dancer. And all of this in the middle of a residential area in the Gables! Surreal, and great fun.
Posted on: Dec 26, 2007

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