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Chott, Algeria
Oasis - A long ride to Star Wars
Oasis - A priceless moment caught at the perfect moment
Oasis - A smelly moment
Oasis - Sahara Desert
Oasis - no words
Oasis - Star Wars or tourist trap?

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Long drive to an Oasis Sep 05, 2010
Hey Everyone,

And so here we are, another day of non-stop visits to Hotels. The goal is to see the products offered to our clientele through diverse Wholesalers. So when you think an agent is useless in the world of “On-line, do it yourself- who needs an agent bookings”, I’d like you to realize the work involved in finding the best product at the best price for our clients.

In my group of WHICH CONSISTS OF 2 wholesalers and 6 exterior agents who took a 7 week crash course in the field of travel... I am proud to see that next to the wholesaler, I am the only interior agent that spent 14 months in-depth in my course on travel and tourism and am the only one doing this job from a place of passion and interest in this field and not just as a past time looking for personal travel deals.

So I went to the Medina this morning and bought my Aladdin/Genie shoes. They have these really pointy toes fabulous for the kick in the butt...

After our outing to the Medina , we had the endless visit of hotels where the first thing we do as we enter the hotel is head to the washroom because each place we visit always insists on offering us a wonderful –not so tasty- fruit drink that tastes like you been sucking too many lemons and so after our fifth hotel and fruit drink followed by an endless bumpy bus ride... we are all dying to hit the washrooms which always give us our first glance as to the quality of the specific hotel being visited.

Unlike Japan, you do not find the famous heated toilet seats nor is there any hot water on Tunisian style “bidet” replacement. Instead, we have a hose that has only cold running water beside the toilet to clean up our mess. Of course, when you look at the hose, some of the mess looks like it got left behind (no pun intended), stuck on the hose... YUK!

30 Jan 2010 9:11 A.M.

And we are off for the hour drive to the airport. What a wonderful night on our last night in Tunisia. The meal was good, the camaraderie entertaining and the room was top notch... a lovely way to end this experience.

I had been named the official Micheline Guide rate-r for the qualification of the mattresses in the hotels. Must come from the 27 years married to a man in the mattress industry, but trust me, the mattresses here are not of the standards we are used to, so to find a bed with the modern day comfort... wow how wonderful! And a bathroom with an extraordinary view of the Sea.

So how would I rate this week in North Africa? Well, every country has its unique qualities just like every human. Sometimes you have to take the time to feel comfortable before the beauty begins to surface but like anything if you give it time, you can uncover some very wonderful aspects. it all comes down to the desire you have to dig deep enough , to excavate to allow the treasure to be unearthed.

As with our individualistic lives where we rush through, absorbed in all the details we consider so important, we often pass by the many gifts presented to us.


The following entry is but my own meandering thoughts and holds no value or judgement beyond that. In these journal type entries, I am sharing the little personal moments of enlightenment and are in no way meant to judge or offend anyone. If I in any way offend you, it was not meant to.

So where was I? Oh yeah. What came to my mind during this journey – that I won after being 2 days at my new agency, how amazing is that?... anyway, as I was saying... I started to look at this time here in Tunisia as a sort of archaeological experience in self awareness, as well as a global level.


When we went into the Oasis of Mountains, in Tozeur the Nomadic Berberians are still living in this world of such Majestic beauty. When I stand in this place, where I have removed myself from the chatter of my group, to find my solitude and hear the soft whisper of the breeze, I feel the voice within reminding me, this place that once found itself under water and now has transformed itself to fossilized rock, must have so many treasures, secrets and stories of millions of lives buried deep within. Some will come and only see this place with the eyes of a tourist and some will see it with the eyes of the heart.

And so it is with our fellow human, we can see its exterior with its beauty and/or flaws, or we can look beyond and excavate the diamond buried beneath the rough. We can find little aspects that are hidden beneath the hard shell we often create to avoid the vulnerability we feel within.

Like with so many unearthed wonders of the world, the archeologists take endless amounts of time to dig and with delicate precision dust off the years of accumulated debris to uncover a hidden world. I see this as the way I have this opportunity in my own personal life when encountering those who enter my world.

Why am I saying all this?

Well, another awareness that came to my mind during my time of discovery, was how often I have been refered to as "unpolished", "a diamond in the rough", "a strong character", and believe it or not, I have even been compared to an "artichoke" of all things!

When I would here these things, I would think... "What on earth are they talking about, I am the most sensitive woman on the face of the earth!" And then Scottie beams Gail back down to earth and I take a second look at myself and go, "yeah, it's true, I can see how I can be perceived that way." Although I must admit that the "artichoke deal" remained a source of mystery and confusion for me until a couple of nights ago I saw an artichoke in the buffet and decided to grab it and taste this vegetable that I had heard so much about but after fighting with the darn thing to get to the heart of it and the source of all its delicacy, I found myself remembering my psychologist once telling me when I went for an annual "tune up" that with time he had come to understand that I was like an artichoke, it takes a lot of work to get to the heart of me, a lot of peeling off layers of protective skin but if you go gently enough and take your time, eventually you will get to the heart and experience the richness within.

Now don't you all start rolling your eyes, thinking, "who the hell does she think she is?" We have already established that... I'm an artichoke! lol

No, actually what I am trying to express is that each one of us, somewhere inside has some wonderful treasure deep within worth uncovering. Some people, you will see their gem instantly and some may take a long and arduous effort to unearth and yes, maybe on the rare occassion you may uncover that some are like zircons, all shiny and shimmery but fake never the less but for those, I hold on to the hope that they are either in prison or on lavalife... oops did I say that out loud? ;)

I stick to the idea that we all have something to offer and it is all in our approach and how much effort we are willing to put into finding that gem.

So next time you pass through the Oasis... think about it.
A priceless moment caught at the p…
A smelly moment
A long ride to Star Wars
Sahara Desert
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