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Duke Street, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos
(800) 892-3995

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NOTE: Review about a CRUISE SHIP booked excursion Aug 09, 2012
This is from my review and blog about our Carnival Liberty cruise but it sums up the experience quite well:

Luckily the meeting place for tours was in the shopping center and near the NASA Splashdown Grand Turk exhibit, so we had plenty to look at while waiting for the tour to get together. When we ‘gathered’ we noticed that there were a few people. And then they kept coming… and coming… and coming… to almost TWO HUNDRED OF US on one tour. SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Ugh. When we finally had to waste time corralling the masses, we boarded 3 boats. The guides did a fabulous job with the amount of people. When we reached site #1 we had to spend time I’d rather be in the water going through snorkeling 101. I wish there was some type of snorkeling certification card I could carry saying “Yes, I know how to do this, have been doing this for years, and don’t need another lesson about how to wear a mask and use flippers. FINALLY, we were cleared to get in the water. The snorkeling was FABULOUS! The coral was beautiful and the fish a’plenty. The guides got our attention and fed two nurse sharks that we could (if you could avoid the flailing masses of people and didn’t mind getting kicked with a wayward flipper) dive down to pet. After getting pushed, kicked, and sliced in the stomach by a flipper (not enough to draw blood but enough to raise a large welt) I told my husband in a rare fit of anger / rage (and a pain across my midsection with the wind knocked out of me), that I was getting back on the boat because this wasn’t worth it at all. However, he calmed me down a bit and we swam out away from the masses and enjoyed some of the most beautiful snorkeling I’ve seen in the Caribbean. All too soon, we loaded back up (which took forever considering the number of people) and headed for spot #2. I was, again, the first off the boat when the all clear was given and immediately swam AWAY from the hoards of people smashing into each other. This stop was the continental shelf and it was AMAZING! What an absolutely beautiful sight. I dove down about 15 / 20 feet and saw some of the most beautiful sights I have even seen underwater. Again, all too soon, we heard the “board the boat” call. I lose track of time in the water, but I strongly suspect that the advertised time INCLUDED getting masses of people back on the boat. To sum up this snorkel trip:

Guides: WIN – they were helpful and friendly, just hassled by the sheer amount of people which is totally understandable; I was hassled, too.

Snorkeling locations: WIN! When they say Grand Turk is the best in the Caribbean, they really aren’t kidding. WOW! Took my breath away (even more than the flipper to the gut.)

Booking through the ship: EPIC FAIL on this one.

I’m not sorry at all we went with Oasis divers, I’m sorry we went with almost 200 other people. I can’t recommend this tour for cruise ship passengers ONLY because of the amount of people. The company, guides, and snorkeling were great – I just won’t do it again on a ship trip.
Nurse shark
Very nice coral
Beautiful coral
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Grand Turk
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