Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (Norsk Folkemuseum)

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Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (Norsk Folkemuseum) Oslo Reviews

tj1777 tj1777
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The open air museum of Oslo May 23, 2015
Just a bit outside the actual center of Oslo you will find 5 of the major museums of the city – amongst these are the open air museum Norsk Folkemuseum. The museum is located on a pretty big land so it will take a while to go and explore all the old houses. I went on a nice warm and sunny day which made it a great experience to see the old houses – though I am not sure I would have enjoy quite as much if it had been raining or snowing. The museum is easy to get to taking the bus number 30 which leaves from in front of the central station in Oslo and several other convenient locations around the center of Oslo. From the museum you can take the bus to the other nearby museums or just walk to the Viking Ship museum a few minutes away.

There are many pretty buildings spread out over the open air museum – the most noteworthy is probably the Stave Church from the 12th century. But you can enjoy just wondering among the many wooden houses with a grassy roof. These houses represent the building style of the country side a century or more ago – but other parts give a presentation of how people used to live on the country side in the 1950s and in the city around the same time period.

During the weekend there will be somebody dress in clothing representing the period of the different houses who will give you some information about the houses and time period if you are interested. It is possible to buy some traditional bread or get a ride in a horse cart if you are interested.

The price of admission is 120NOk – if you consider visiting this museum in addition to some of the other museums out at Bygdøy you will be better of buying an Oslo pass which also includes transportation with the boats and/or bus.
Big house at the open air museum
Grassy roof
Country house
Inside the country house
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mereteb1982 mereteb1…
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Delightful outdoor historylesson :) May 20, 2011
The Norwegian museum of cultural history is a great open-air museum that consists of over a 150 traditional houses from all over Norway and a beautiful Stav church from the year 1200.

In many of the houses you can meet people dressed like they did in the old days, and experience things like lefsebaking, handicraft demonstrations, storytelling etc.

There is also a little colonialstore where you can buy oldfashioned candy, soap and other items.

There is also some indoor exhibitions where one can see folkcostumes (bunader), sami culture, weapons, toys etc.

In the summer there is also horseriding, feeding of animals, guided tours and other things.

This museums suits everyone who is interested in history, young and old. Kids seems to love it, they can run around and you dont have to worry bout them making noise. And adults love it too, since it's so much great history and beautiful buildings. I've been here several times, and thinks it's amazing everytime. The smell, the calm atmosphere and the great scenary. Perfect if you have little time in Norway, but want to see a lot.

And it's great to bring food and beverage in a backpack and have a picnic (the cafè is quite expensive).

And it's easy to get there, by either bus or boat from Oslo. But you have to have at least 2hours to walk around (maybe more if you bring kids).

But it's worth spending half a day there :)
the entrance of the museum
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dieforu says:
great blog!!thanks lot for the info Merete!!Hmm if we make to South Norway this time can visit there!!:-)
Posted on: May 21, 2011
petrarchanprincess petrarch…
36 reviews
Don't miss seeing a Stave Church Feb 17, 2011
This is not to be missed. Really easy to get to on the bus, it has the best artifacts from every time period of Norwegian history, and as a medievalist I was especially impressed with the preserved outdoor air medieval buildings and the cultural displays. I was also happy to see sections devoted to Sami culture and history as well (as indigenous cultures are usually missed out). A must see for Oslo. I highly encourage all to at least see the preserved Stave Church--medieval wooden church that is still standing and amazingly presented.

Also the cafe food is delicious. Yay Lefse!
Aussienordic Aussieno…
9 reviews
Open air museum in Oslo Nov 11, 2009
You can reach Norway after a delightful day’s journey by train from the Copenhagen airport in Denmark. Travelling firstly through picturesque wooded farmland dotted with lakes and red barns on the Swedish west coast, one reaches Norway’s capital city of Oslo, home to the Norsk Folkemuseum.

From the city centre, a short ferry ride across will take you to the island of Bygdøy, to the open air Folkemuseum, which is the place to view historic arts crafts homes and lifestyle of Norway. Guides dressed in traditional costumes usher you about the collection of 150 traditional Norwegian Stabbur (log homes), relocated from rural districts of Norway, like Telemark, Sestesdal, and Numedal. Many of the interiors are decorated with original Rosemaling; some examples dating as far back as 1670.

A Telemark cottage, especially commissioned by a farm owner to accommodate a V.I.P. guest, in 1800, is completely adorned with the rich scrolls of Telemark Rose- painting on the ceiling, walls, and the furniture. Like the Uvdal and Røldal Stave Churches in Norway, there is more “rosepainting” in the Folkemuseum’s 13th century Stave church, which has been relocated from Hallingdal, (another valley renowned for its Rosemaling style).

If the weather turns nasty, the Folkemuseum has many indoor exhibition that will keep a tourist’s jaw well and truly hung open. Documenting lifestyles, home interiors, the relationship with neighbouring country Russia, as well the evolution of Rosemaling or Rose painting as an art form, this many exhibit contains well preserved examples of arts and crafts such as wood carved hutches and painted turned bowls from the Hallingdal valley, hanging cupboards from Telemark, as well as mangle-boards and tankards from Valdres and other districts. Some pieces are very old, and the artist’s palette was obviously limited to the pigments available in rural areas. Despite this, the old masters were able to achieve stunning colour harmony and magnificence in their work. Don’t miss the splendid trunk from Romsdal dating from 1834, as well as ale dippers, and pretty “sending baskets” (used in olden times for carrying a food hamper to a neighbour who had fallen ill)

You will need a few hours in good weather to travel around the various houses on display. In summer, there is display of folk dancing in bunader, or national costume. There is also a cafe where you can get meals.

The ferry takes a round trip to this island along with Polar Fram and Kon tiki museum.

A fantastic day out if you are interested in history, arts, crafts or architecture.
Old storehouse for food in Norwegi…
A prime example of the old Norwegi…
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A peek into how life has been in Norway over the last 1000years May 28, 2008
This is a outdoor museum about how people in Norway have lived for the last thousand years. From Vikingships from the 980 and upto the 1950s.. If you only visit one museum in Norway this should be it. Really great fun and you learn more in a couple of hours than you do for weeks in books and such.

They actually took one of the old "Stav churches" from some other place in Norway and brought it here. So in 1995 (or something) they built a replica at the Original site.

There is no wonder why so many schools are coming to this museum at least once every couple of years.

Perhaps the best museum in the entire Norway. I LOVE it.

Read more at the website:
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tvillingmarit says:
We have a great Folk Museum in Trondheim, Sverresborg. I use to have picnik every sommer with friends there.
Posted on: May 28, 2008
CFD says:
This museum is all about buildings. It consists of over 100hundred buildings which is from an different timeperiod.. If you ever plan to comming here just send me a PM and ill be your guide.
Posted on: Mar 12, 2007
Eric says:
Sounds cool, never been to an outdoor museum! I'll have to come check it out if I'm ever in Norway
Posted on: Mar 12, 2007
Marjis Marjis
31 reviews
Norsk Folkemuseum Jul 11, 2008
Me and my friend visited here as a part of our trip. We had walked every a lot on a past week so we were really tired when we went here and didn't walk through whole area, but the most.

This museum is outdoor museum. There is houses build and decorated like past centuries in Norway. It was really interesting to see them and I noticed that they had pay attention to details.

Unfortunately when we visited there many houses were closed (I don't think they were suppose to be). I think they were waiting for repair.

There is possibility to dress up like people did before and kids can make food and other things like in past.

There is also farm animals and possibility for a horse-ride.

Thing that I thought was odd was that we didn't see there restaurant or other place where to eat. Well, there was place to eat, but you had to have your own food with you.

Folkemuseum is really good place to visit for people who are interest about history. Also other people may find it very interesting place, particulary in sunny summer day. If you ever go there take your camera with you.
davidx davidx
564 reviews
A real favourite Jul 02, 1997
This is the first (largely) Open Air museum that I saw outside the UK. I don't think that's why I rate it so highly but I expect it's one factor. It's on the Bygdøy peninsula and, if you come by boat, the normal route is to go there first and then on to the ship museums that I have reviewed separately.

It is not entirely outdoors. There are huge exhibition galleries near the entrane and there is an 'old town', where people clothed in ancient dress enliven the day. However it is the outdoor part that particularly appealed to me. There are fam and rural buildings brought in from every part of Norway. There is also a stave church brought from many miles away.

You would be well advised not to attempt to see everything at Bygdøy in one visit and to take a good time here. If I have to choose the single building that impressed me most, you may be interested to hear it was just a woodstore! Mad? Have a look at my photo and decide for yourself!
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sarahsan says:
I can´t really tell David. I havn´t been there since I was in Primary school.
Posted on: Oct 23, 2010
davidx says:
It's certainly the best I saw. Some friends have told me the museum of the Resistance is one I should have seen. Do you agree?
Posted on: Oct 22, 2010
sarahsan says:
This is my favorite museum in Oslo. Beautiful park and a great place for a pick nick in the summer!
Posted on: Oct 21, 2010

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