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Fjords, reindeer, cross-country skiing and the northern lights. These are just a few of the icons of this striking corner of Europe, which in amongst its snow-capped peaks hides overwhelming, spine-tingling natural beauty. Norwegians have a love affair with nature, and preservation as well as adventurous exploration is high on the agenda. Even Norway’s cities find themselves perched in enviable, eye-candy locations.

Capital Oslo, for example, occupies the shorelines of a craggy fjord, and is backed by miles of thick woodlands. It’s an expensive but easygoing city, home to countless impressive museums and the perfect place to sample akevitt (the potent, vodka-like local spirit) and Lapskaus (traditional meat stew with vegetables). Skiing, sailing, kayaking, hiking, ice-skating and countless other winter sports lie a mere stones throw from the city, and a plethora of pricey bars and restaurants that – for those with the budget – make for a night out that sits just to the wild side of classy.

Norway’s other major cities are equally stunning: Bergen’s timber houses and gentle harbor sit amongst seven hills and seven fjords. Stavenger’s rowdy waterfront is the sole bustling corner of a quiet, picturesque city, while Tromso’s notable reputation for partying harder than anyone else brings the colorful street scenes alive with artists against a backdrop of snowy peaks.

Of course, you’ll want to get out into the wilderness, too, and there are plenty of accessible opportunities for that. Preikestolen, for example, offers vertigo inducing views over dazzling Lysefjord, while the Flamsbana railway gives a cozy ride through the creeks and past snow-capped peaks without even having to get your feet wet. The Kyrstriksveien Coastal Road takes in magnificent scenery all the way up to the frosty expanses of the Arctic Circle; time your arrival and you might just catch a glimpse of the swirling natural sky lights of the aurora borealis.

In terms of nature, Norway really is close to untouchable, but it comes at an often-extravagant price. A glance at the midnight sun, or a windswept fjord fading across the horizon, however, will quickly have you forgetting the hotel bill and reserving a few more nights. And that's if you don't get a glance at the Northern Lights.

Oslo #1 most popular location
Painfully pricey and wonderfully chilled out, Norwegian capital Oslo is surrounded by awe-inspiring nature and home to an enviable range of museums. Spend your morning strolling down the stee…
1,500travelers 219reviews 116blogs
Bergen #2 most popular location
Bergen came to prominence as the heart of the busy Norwegian fishing trade, though don’t let that put you off: for the tourist it offers so much more. For a start, the city centre is so old…
399travelers 88reviews 49blogs
Stavanger #3 most popular location
Stavanger is one of the largest cities in Norway with around 140.000 people. It still has very small town feel to it, as the city center is fairly small, with old white wooden houses and nar…
237travelers 59reviews 12blogs
Trondheim #4 most popular location
One of the largest and most important cities in Norway, Trondheim is a major economical center, with some of the largest technical and medical research facilities in Norway, with both the NTN…
232travelers 39reviews 27blogs
Tromso #5 most popular location
Between the island landscape, fjords and mountain peaks, you find Tromsø – Gateway to the Arctic and capital of Northern Norway. As far back as a century ago, visitors were surprised to fi…
99travelers 27reviews 15blogs
Kristiansand #6 most popular location
Kristiansand is known as a good summer place, with nice weather, appearantly Norway's only palm trees, and a great music festival. Kristiansand is a town that is surrounded by nature. Ther…
75travelers 10reviews 2blogs
Alesund #7 most popular location
21travelers 14reviews 2blogs
Lillehammer #8 most popular location
Lillehammer is a small town with 25.689 inhabitants (2007) lying just 180 km north of Oslo. Lillehammer is most famous for hosting the 1994 winter Olympics which has been described as the bes…
26travelers 3reviews 5blogs
Bodo #9 most popular location
Bodø is a city in the north of Norway in the county Nordland. It has 45000 inhabitants and is the second largest city in the north of Norway. Bodø has a lot of wind, but the nature suroun…
43travelers 8reviews 8blogs
Flam #10 most popular location
Flam is a little town in the province of 'Sogn og Fjordane' in Norway. Flam has it own harbour because it is located at the Aurlandsfjord (an arm of the Sognefjord). The village is a popu…
4travelers 5reviews 14blogs
Hol #11 most popular location
Voss #12 most popular location
Voss , located on the around 100km from Bergen and 400km from Oslo on the Bergen-Oslo Railway is a scenic little town with good opportunities to get away from the city-hopping. Don't miss Eks…
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Svolvaer #13 most popular location
2reviews 1blogs
Alta #14 most popular location
The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Alta. was established on 1 January 1838. On 1 January 1863, the municipality was divided into two: Talvik to the north (populatio…
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Molde #15 most popular location
18travelers 4reviews 1blogs
Ullensaker #16 most popular location
Stryn #17 most popular location
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Geiranger #18 most popular location
Geiranger is small village in the province of 'Møre og Romsdal' in Norway. It lies on the Geirangerfjord, this fjord has been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the are of Geirang…
8travelers 5reviews 8blogs
Narvik #19 most popular location
Up in the Arctic in the Nordland region of Norway, Narvik can be cold and icy and sparse... But that is why it is so exciting just to reach it. Transport gets difficult further up, but you ca…
20travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Roros #20 most popular location
The town of Røros is one of the oldest towns of wooden buildings in Europe, and also one of the few mining towns in the world that has been found worthy of a place on UNESCO’s World Herita…
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Haugesund #21 most popular location
36travelers 4reviews
Nordkapp #22 most popular location
The Nordkapp (or North cape) is the most Northern part of Europe. This cape lies directly to the Barents Sea and is part of the province of Finnmark in Norway. The cape is approximately 3…
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Sandnes #23 most popular location
Sandnes is a municipality in the county of Rogaland, located geographically right at the heart of the Stavanger region and Northern Jæren and in close proximity to the airport and ferry term…
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Tromsø #24 most popular location
It is the largest city and the largest urban area in Northern Norway, and the second largest city and urban area north of the Arctic Circle in Sápmi (following Murmansk). Most of Tromsø, in…
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Aurland #25 most popular location
1travelers 1reviews
Fredrikstad #26 most popular location
50travelers 2reviews 2blogs
Harstad #27 most popular location
The municipality is located on many islands in southern Troms county. Most of the municipality is located on the large island of Hinnøya, which is Norway's largest coastal island. where…
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Halden #28 most popular location
Halden is an old town. It's a small city, located at the banks of the Oslo fjord. Home of the Fredriksten Fortress. This Norwegian fortress was constructed in the 17th century (1661) as a rep…
11travelers 2reviews
Balestrand #29 most popular location
Small village by the Sognefjord,about 900 people live here. It can be a bit dead in the winter,but in the summer all the hotels and restaurants opens. Great place for water activities or moun…
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Longyearbyen #30 most popular location
Longyearbyen is the biggest settlement on the Svalbard island (Norway) and the world's most northern inhabited place. The main income of the island is cold mining and tourism. A lot of people…
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Jorpeland #31 most popular location
Gardermoen #32 most popular location
1travelers 6reviews
Kristiansund #33 most popular location
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Andalsnes #34 most popular location
4reviews 2blogs
Odda #35 most popular location
Odda is a municipality in Hordaland county, Norway. The municipality is located in southeastern Hordaland county, surrounding the southern end of the Sørfjorden. The administrative centre is…
9travelers 2blogs
Gjovik #36 most popular location
Gjovik is the city were I grew up. Located by the banks of Lake Mjosa (the biggest lake in Norway) and is called the White city by Mjosa. It's also home to the steamboat Skibladner. The only …
6travelers 2reviews
Lom #37 most popular location
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Laerdal #38 most popular location
Laerdal is situated on the farest arm from the open sea of the Sognefjord. it is accessible by ferry or by bus from Auerland over the 'Snow Road.' Whereas snow can usually be seen here, even …
Oyer #39 most popular location
2reviews 2blogs
Ringebu #40 most popular location
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stjordal #41 most popular location
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Sandefjord #42 most popular location
The name originally belonged to the fjord (now the Sandefjordsfjord). The first element is the genitive case of the name of the parish and former municipality Sandar. The coat-of-arms is from…
19travelers 1reviews 2blogs
Eidfjord #43 most popular location
Sogndal #44 most popular location
8travelers 1reviews
Gjendesheim #45 most popular location
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Geilo #46 most popular location
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Preikestolen #47 most popular location
Preikstolen is a cliff in Forsand Norway. It is 604 metres high and it is one of the most visited natural attraction in Norway.
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Sola #48 most popular location
Norways best beaches! This is the place to go for a surf :D
7travelers 2reviews
Hamar #49 most popular location
Hamar is a small city with 30.000 inhabitants living on the shores of Mjøsa. Hamar is known for: The ruins from the old cathedral The Norwegian national railway museum Skiblander- The …
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Elverum #50 most popular location
7travelers 2reviews 2blogs