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Auckland, New Zealand
North Island - Rotorua
North Island - AUCKLAND! :D
North Island - Auckland Sky Tower
North Island - A typical Maori canoe-very intricate and pretty
North Island - Cooks Beach-some pretty rocks
North Island - Who would think that even in NZ I would find a Brazilian soccer jersey?

North Island Auckland Reviews

matthewlaraway matthewl…
4 reviews
NEW ZEALAND Adventure Mar 01, 2012
Hi there, since I written about New York review, thought I would to do a New Zealand one. ☺

I went to New Zealand in Jan 2012 for 5 months. I stay and based in Auckland! But firstly its take forever to go to New Zealand from Manchester (U.K.) Made me realise how big the world is! Had a stopover at Singapore Airport, what a airport! It MASSIVE! It is the best airport I ever been to so far. Its got everything! Pictures! Cafes! Foods! Even a butterfly centre which you can go in and take picture, that was amazing. I stay in 6 hours block hotel, I was SO tired! And over slept the alarms by 15 min!

On my way to Auckland in a new Country I never have been to before, so was very excited to see to Auckland. One of my best friends live in Auckland for 2 years and always telling to come see NZ. Therefore I was really excited to see my close friend who I had not seen in 2 years!

When I went to Auckland City, it was so clean and sunshine! Great start. I stay in a hostel. Had a quick shower then soon I came outside of hostel, my close friend just walk past me as she thought I was in another hostel! Haha I squeeze her so tight that I crack her back haha.

Went to her apartment at the villa, it was so lovely and amazing view of Auckland sea and the habour bridge, had a few jack Daniel drinks and met her partner and housemate, they even say I don’t even look tired after awake for 14 hours, then I need to hit the hay as I got a lot of things to do.

I explore Auckland city the next day, it’s awesome, I like the fact everything in one street. Loads of people travel to New Zealand. I did bungee jump of the Habour Bridge, met a travel buddy in Auckland, went out view times! But not a lot as drinks cost a bomb in NZ. I met a lot of people when I stayed in different hostel. Came good friend with a Denmark girl, she was really cool. I try to get a good job in Auckland and it’s just as hard to get a job back at home. So ending up doing a sale agent job and security for warriors games, it was okay, the pay was not that great but better than UK pay per hour. I did that for 4 months.

Then I travel around North and South Island. I went to Tongariro and did the Alpine Crossing which is one of the best walk I ever done over the mountain. I also did 4 hours mountain bikin trek which I really enjoy and amazing downhill! I had a lot of close call! Do becareful! Then went to Taupo and did write water rafting and sky diving which is one of the best thing I even done, jumping from 12,000 feet and see the beautiful Taupo lake at Sunset. Then went to Rotorua and just took a lot of photos there. Then went to Waitomo and did black water rafting which was awesome and SO COLD AND DARK! But get to see the green creature lit up!

Then I went to Queenstown in South Island which I love the place so much. Its just so beautiful and you can smell the fresh air! I had the best cookie, (cookie moster) choco cake, hot choco and ice cream. As well amazing coffees café! Everyone one really nice down there. I walk to top of the skyscraper, what a view! I be happy to have a job downthere and stayed for a bit. I met one of girl from Manchester; she stayed in Queenstown for 2 years, as she loved it that much. I could not do much as I was starting to run out of money!

Head back to Auckland for two more weeks with the friends and chill. FOODS – anywhere you go in NZ, amazing foods! FRESH! Even every single bakery is fresh every single day, it taste so damn guurddd! I love the coffee too, just amazing. Oh do go see the whale in Auckland! Beautiful, as well the dolphin.

I wish I could stay in New Zealand longer as I had 1 year working visa as I ran out of money and no luck with jobs, I had to head back home but went to Thailand for a week on the way back!

Nevertheless I’m glad my close friend got to come to New Zealand and I ENJOY the experience and come its NEW ZEALAND! Get your ass down there! :D

Hope you enjoy reading my review. ☺
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d_rftn d_rftn
2 reviews
Auckland Jul 09, 2011
My hoome city, Now I have left and been away for more than 5years I see just how sweet the city is and how lucky any one that visits it will be. It has it all from tall buildings to white and black sand beaches, islands to keep you exploring, clubs to keep you pumping.

There is alot of things to keep all types of people interested, Take a ferry to a island, go for a trek in the waitakere forrest, visit a maori meeting house or cimb one of the many volcanoes that dot the city
Brasilmagic Brasilma…
5 reviews
Feb 04, 2008
The New Zealand North Island has many attractions. Cooks Beach to the North (just make sure you go during the summer if you want to swim-summer is more like January and February). Rotorua for the stream that comes from the earth and the Maori culture. Go to a Maori show. Auckland is a pleasant cosmopolitan city with a beautiful harbor. It is not as big as the main cities in America, it is more mid-size. Prices are reasonable, people are friendly everywhere and it is an incredibly safe country. Everyone has a good life condition and you don't see class distinction or economic disparities. No palatial homes and no slums:)

The country is also a bit deserted for those of us coming from America, Brazil or Europe. There are not many people anywhere and even the main highways have little traffic. Certainly a country for those who want to live in peace and have a good quality of life near beautiful scenery, beaches and moutains.
A typical Maori canoe-very intrica…
Cooks Beach-some pretty rocks
Auckland Sky Tower

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