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Almost as rugged and unpopulated as Montana, North Dakota is a state that has remained largely unchanged since the early 20th century, at least in terms of population. The rural areas have shrunk somewhat over the years to make way for the urban sprawls, and almost 1/5th of the entire population live in the city of Fargo. The economy of the state is what it has been for years: agricultural-based with some machinery and mining, although there is some tourism as well, though somewhat slim in comparison to places like Colorado, Florida, California, Hawaii, or…well, you get the picture. And while it's true that at first glance there might not appear to be a whole lot going on in North Dakota, there's more than meets the eye to this rugged state.

Devil’s Lake, the Badlands, the Turtle Mountains, Red River Valley, and the Plains, North Dakota has a wide variety of sights and sounds out in the wide open spaces that make up the majority of the state. Of course, experiencing these requires getting off the beaten path outside of the cities. There are various Native American areas within the state, and the hunting and fishing are known nation-wide for being some of the best in the North Midwestern area of the country.

As far as cities go, Bismarck and Fargo are the two main metropolitan areas, and while they certainly have their own style of charm, most of what North Dakota has to offer is out in the outdoors, away from the sprawling buildings and warehouses and out where the winds and plains collide. The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail runs through the state, and visitors can also visit the Theodore Roosevelt National Park or the Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site. There are other various state parks and plenty of outdoor activities to take advantage of, from hiking and biking to kayaking and camping or fishing and hunting.

Fargo #1 most popular location
Fargo, ND was founded in 1871 and was originally named "Centralia' until the citizens renamed it Fargo after William Fargo, director of the Northern Pacific Railway. The city is located al…
33travelers 9reviews 2blogs
Bismarck #2 most popular location
Bismarck is the capital of North Dakota and has a population of about 67,000 (up 21% since 2000) making it the 2nd most populace city in the state after Fargo. Bismarck is located at the Inte…
34travelers 2reviews 2blogs
Grand Forks #3 most popular location
At almost 55,000 people (up 11% since 2000), Grand Forks is the third largest city in North Dakota after Fargo and Bismarck. Grand Forks is located at the intersection of Interstate 29, and U…
21travelers 12reviews 5blogs
Minot #4 most popular location
Minot is a small city of about 47,000 (up 27% since 2000) located at the intersection of U.S. Highways 2, 52, and 83 in Ward County in North Central North Dakota. Minot was established in 188…
26travelers 1reviews
Dickinson #5 most popular location
7travelers 1reviews 3blogs
Medora #6 most popular location
Medora is a city in Billings County, North Dakota. The population was 100 at the 2000 census. Medora was founded in 1883 by French nobleman Marquis de Mores who named the city after his wife …
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Mandan #7 most popular location
Mandan is a decent sized town of about 20,000 (up 19% since 2000) located at the intersection of Interstate 94 (exits 152 through 155) and North Dakota Highway 6 just west of Bismarck in Mort…
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West Fargo #8 most popular location
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Bowman #9 most popular location
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Kenmare #10 most popular location
Kenmare is a town of about 1100 (up 3% since 2000) located along U.S. Highway 52 in Burke County in Northwestern North Dakota near the border with Saskatchewan. Kenmare was established as the…
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Abercrombie #11 most popular location
Abercrombie is a tiny, shrinking town of about 260 (down 12% since 2000) located just off U.S. Highway 75 in Richland County in Southeast North Dakota near the borders with Minnesota and Sout…
Richardton #12 most popular location
New Salem #13 most popular location
New Salem is a small town of under 1000 (pretty constant since 2000) located along Highway 139 just south of Exit 127 of Interstate 94 in Morton County not far from Bismarck, the capital and …
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Dahlen #14 most popular location
Watford City #15 most popular location
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Riverdale #16 most popular location