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One of the original 13 colonies first known simply as the Province of Carolina, North Carolina is a state filled with breathtaking natural beauty and a mixture of Native American and American histories blended together. One of the original Confederate states and the birthplace of modern flight with the Wright brothers, North Carolina has a blend of outdoor activities and major metropolises such as Charlotte and Raleigh, and is one of the most exciting destinations for the adventure-oriented travel.

Most of North Carolina's charm comes from its natural beauty. From the Great Smoky Mountain National Park to the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, or the miles-long stretch of beaches that make up the Outer Banks and the Crystal Coast or places like Cape Lookout National Seashore, there is a wide range of visual excitement to be experienced within the state, regardless if you happen to enjoy seashores, mountains, forests, lakes and rivers, or simply hiking along secluded trails.

In addition to all of this, North Carolina has the largest population of Native Americans east of the Mississippi River, with eight Native American Tribes recognized in the state, all of whom can trace their history back to long before the Europeans ever set foot on North American soil. While technically categorized as a Southern state, bordering Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Virginia, North Carolina is much more than just Southern. While agriculture remains a prominent industry within the state, especially with tobacco and soybeans, the national parks and coastal regions bring in plenty of tourists over the course of every year, and it’s easy to see why once you set foot in the state. Regardless if you are here for a historical visit in Raleigh or Charlotte, or to take advantage of the hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails in any of the various national parks and mountainous regions, or simply to bask in the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean view from Cape Lookout, North Carolina offers exactly what you need.

Charlotte #1 most popular location
Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the USA. The banking industry has brought many people to the area and it has grown tremendously in the past few years. Downtown Charlotte…
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Asheville #2 most popular location
Asheville is a beautiful city situated in western North Carolina among the Blue Ridge Mountains. Because of its mountain location, it typically has mild winters and cooler summers, but does r…
169travelers 33reviews 11blogs
Raleigh #3 most popular location
Raleigh is the capital city of North Carolina. It is the southern tip of the "Triangle" city region that includes Durham and Chapel Hill. Located between the coastal plain and the piedmont …
395travelers 26reviews 7blogs
Durham #4 most popular location
92travelers 9reviews 3blogs
Wilmington #5 most popular location
Also known as the port city, Wilmington lies in the Southeast corner of North Carolina between the Cape Fear river and the Atlantic ocean. Wilmington has become a popular tourist destinati…
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Greensboro #6 most popular location
133travelers 5reviews 1blogs
Fayetteville #7 most popular location
Fayetteville N.C. is one of the most diverse cities in the United States. Fayetteville N.C. has many awards to its credit and activities for citizens. Fayetteville has won All-America City a…
101travelers 4reviews 6blogs
Winston-Salem #8 most popular location
Winston-Salem, locally nicknamed Twin City, is in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. Similar to the triangle area of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, Winston-Salem is part of the 'Triad' alon…
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Cherokee #9 most popular location
2travelers 8reviews 2blogs
Chapel Hill #10 most popular location
Chapel Hill is a town in North Carolina, where its name named for the Church of England New Hope Chapel, which once stood atop the hill’s crossroads. Nicknamed “The Southern Part of Heave…
89travelers 6reviews 2blogs
Cary #11 most popular location
The Town of Cary is a fast growing suburb of Raleigh that is known for it's highly educated citizens, high medium income, and concentration of transplants from the northeast. The town is ofte…
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Lumberton #12 most popular location
9travelers 2reviews
Rocky Mount #13 most popular location
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Blowing Rock #14 most popular location
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Kill Devil Hills #15 most popular location
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New Bern #16 most popular location
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Nags Head #17 most popular location
Nags Head is part of North Carolina's Outer Banks. It's located along the east coast of the state. It's one of more crowded destinations in the Outer Banks and is home to numerous vacation …
3travelers 8reviews 4blogs
Boone #18 most popular location
Boone is the home of Appalachian State University. Boone acquires its name from the famous pioneer and explorer Daniel Boone, who on several occasions camped at a site generally agreed to …
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Hickory #19 most popular location
7travelers 6reviews
Morrisville #20 most popular location
4travelers 1reviews
High Point #21 most popular location
20travelers 3reviews 1blogs
Maggie Valley #22 most popular location
Maggie Valley is a small tourist town in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, between Asheville, NC and Gatlinburg, TN. It is about 10 miles south of the I-40 freeway on US19 and 35 m…
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Highlands #23 most popular location
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Hendersonville #24 most popular location
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Mooresville #25 most popular location
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Manteo #26 most popular location
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Franklin #27 most popular location
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Kitty Hawk #28 most popular location
Kitty Hawk is part of North Carolina's Outer Banks. It's located along the east coast of the state. It's where the Wright Brothers went to test their airplanes.
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Ocracoke #29 most popular location
You can only get to Ocracoke Island by boat or plane. Ocracoke is in Hyde County and is one of the barrier islands of the Outer Banks of North Carolina where the pirate Blackbeard is known to…
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Elizabeth City #30 most popular location
Elizabeth City is on the river and not where Travel Buddy has it
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Matthews #31 most popular location
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Mount Airy #32 most popular location
9travelers 1reviews
Buxton #33 most popular location
4reviews 3blogs
Carolina Beach #34 most popular location
Carolina Beach might be the hippest town in North Carolina, a small community along the ocean just south of Wilmington. Technically located on Pleasure Island, Carolina Beach is really part …
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Henderson #35 most popular location
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Bryson City #36 most popular location
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Washington #37 most popular location
7travelers 2reviews
Smithfield #38 most popular location
There is a Smithfield in Virginia, but this one is in North Carolina. Smithfield adjoins Selma NC. The AAA guide for Smithfield consists mostly of shopping opportunities. There are severa…
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Rockingham #39 most popular location
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Morganton #40 most popular location
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Morehead City #41 most popular location
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Wrightsville Beach #42 most popular location
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Corolla #43 most popular location
Coralla is part of North Carolina's Outer Banks. It's located along the east coast of the state.
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Southport #44 most popular location
Southport is a small town (pop. roughly 2,500) along coastal North Carolina near the South Carolina border. Sitting at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, Southport's history mainly derives fr…
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Thomasville #45 most popular location
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Edenton #46 most popular location
Edenton is a small (population 5,000) coastal town opposite the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Steeped in history, tourism is the main industry. That is easily noticed by the numerous B&B's…
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Pineville #47 most popular location
Albemarle #48 most popular location
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Candler #49 most popular location
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Murphy #50 most popular location
Murphy, North Carolina is a small mountain town. It’s about 3 hours from Atlanta, Georgia and 2 hours from Knoxville, Tennessee. The nearest town is Andrews, North Carolina, which is also…
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