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13804 7th Street , Osseo, WI, USA - 715-597-3069 | 800-294-6665
Norske Nook - Sour Cream Raspberry Pie
Norske Nook - Norske Nook restaurant
Norske Nook - eating in the Alps :)
Norske Nook - fish fry
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Norske Nook Osseo Reviews

alyssa_ob alyssa_ob
244 reviews
Lefse and pie Nov 09, 2010
Growing up, we frequently stopped at the Norske Nook as we traveled I-94 between Minneapolis, Minnesota and Madison, Wisconsin. My mom loved the pies. On a recent weekend trip in this neck of the woods, my friend suggested we stop here for dinner.

The Norske Nook is a combination of Norwegian and American traditions (such as lefse and pie). Much of the food is made from scratch and tastes "like Grandma used to make". The waitresses are even dressed up in cute little drindle outfits.

It was a Friday night, and I'm a big fan of the Friday Night Fish Fry, which seems to be a Wisconsin thing. I got the all you can eat cod (fried) with mashed potatoes, corn, coleslaw and a slice of bread and a slice of lefse. My friend was tempted by the lefse wraps, but decided on a burger and fries instead. I have never seen so many lefse options before, and if it hadn't been Friday night, I would have probably tried something made with Lefse.

The meal was pretty good, but since this wasn't your normal Friday night fish fry location, it wasn't the best. The fish was very good, but the breading was a little burned. The potatoes became a solid lump before I could finish them, but the corn and coleslaw were good.

Even though we were stuffed, we got pie to go. I got one of my favorites, chocolate mint, and my friend got a chocolate peanut butter. Both were creamy pies, like chocolate mousse. We ate the pies the next day, and they were still pretty good. The slices were large and I probably shouldn't have eaten the whole thing, but I did.

I have only been here on weekends, that I can remember, and usually for dinner, so I don't know how the other meals are. It is often quite busy on a Friday night during meal times. If nothing else, its worth stopping in for a slice of pie before to break up your drive. You can also buy pie and lefse to go. Yum!
Norske Nook restaurant
eating in the Alps :)
fish fry
The Lefse menu
sarahsan says:
Funny how Americans see Norwegian traditions! The house itself is very Danish looking. We donĀ“t have houses like that in Norway. Except from the Norwegian landscape painted on the wall and the lefse, there is not much Norwegian about this place. Glad you had a nice meal though!
Posted on: Nov 09, 2010
Tinktinkie says:
Nice review and thanks for sharing!
Posted on: Nov 09, 2010
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HCSmooth66 HCSmooth…
64 reviews
Death by Pie Aug 06, 2009
The story of the Norske Nook is pie, pie, and more pie.

The food here is pretty good. It's a Norwegian style restaurant featuring items such as Lefse Wraps. It also has some typical food options all across America, such as burgers, steak, fried food, among others.

The Norske Nook is also open for breakfast, and as its my favorite meal it's hard to ever complain about breakfast food. Pancakes, eggs, and breakfast lefse wraps are available.

But as mentioned above, this place is all about the pie. Buy a slice of pie, but don't expect to be able to finish it in one sitting unless you're stubborn and determined. My favorite is the Chocolate Mousse, which is a simple pie crust filled with about 3-inches of chocolate mousse and topped with whipped cream. It's perfect for the sinner inside all of us. It is a guilt-filled pleasure, but the guilt is very much worth it. I relish every bite.

Another favorite of mine was the Sour Cream Raspberry. The first time I stopped by here I was very nervous about the idea of a sour cream raspberry pie. I am used to throwing sour cream on a taco, not using it in making a pie. But I no longer have any doubts and concerns and fully trust the master pie-makers of the Norske Nook.

So, do yourselves a favor if you're on the road between Minneapolis and Madison and stop in Osseo.
Sour Cream Raspberry Pie
sarahsan says:
Yes, this is funny! Pies are definitely not a typical Norwegian dish.
Posted on: Aug 08, 2009
tenderchicken22 says:
Funny that this Norwegian restaurant should be so good at pies, since pie is very much an English/American sort of dish, and not so much Scandinavian... They do cakes.
Posted on: Aug 06, 2009

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