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South Korea

Norebang Reviews

jameshendicott jameshen…
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The Korean version of Karaoke, an essential cultural experience. Dec 18, 2010
While you could do this with a group of friends, it's a LOT better with locals, so try and grab a few Koreans along the way. Norebang is Korea's version of Karaoke, and works by hiring a room, where you can drink and sing with your friends for as long as you see fit. There's a nice mix of Korean and Western (a bit old) songs on offer usually, and you select them with an (often complex) remote on a big screen in one corner, using the number in a song book provided.

This tends to be a drunken pastime, and can lead to a lot of hilarity. Koreans can take it quite seriously, though, so dont interrupt mid song! If you want to impress, pick a well known track (My Way - Frank Sinatra depressingly seems to go down best). Most of all, though, sing your heart out and have a really good laugh.
jameshendicott says:
Haha, I havent seen many with the 'points' thing, but I do remember seeing it a couple of times. It's fantastic, though, doesnt take long to lose inhibitions and go for it. I've done a few renditions that involved jumping from tables, and I have a shocking voice :S.
Posted on: Dec 18, 2010
sirgerald12th says:
This is a "must" thing to do in South Korea. I did this in Geumsan during the Ginseng Festival. It was a riot! I had a blast with my drunk friends. I forgot what I sang...but I got 88 pts. in the end. Not bad for an amateur :O)
Posted on: Dec 18, 2010
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