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Tiffatron Tiffatron
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Delicious food, too much food, and a sore ear! Nov 30, 2010
Our interest was originally peaked during a holiday in Japan where we read about a ninja themed restaurant... we never got a chance to go, but recently while in NYC, we heard there was also a branch there... so we thought we should definitely check it out.

Upon entering you're ushered down a dark hallway... I won't give away their tricks but word of warning: wear your brown undies and try not to cry.

Once you're seated, they carry on with a few cheap tricks (ie scaring the living daylights out of you from behind and yelling loudly in your ear if you're lucky enough to be seated on the outer side of the booth)

We ordered a banquet style feast that included from memory, 3 courses.. it all sounded pretty delicious so choosing was difficult! If you've ever been to Japan you know that portion sizes are small, but filling. That's the way it should be and probably why there aren't many obese people there (if you don't count sumos and they work bloody hard at getting that way!). So when the first course arrived and it was big enough for the 3 of us to share as a main course, we were shocked and rather concerned for the wellbeing of the top button of our jeans...

Now, don't get me wrong the food was delicious... authentic enough (it's fusion so don't be expecting traditional Japanese fare) but it was just simply too much food. And it wasn't cheap, I think they could probably drop it all down a notch - the price and the portions. But granted, it is America and people like to roll home after a dinner outing. (No offence intended, I love America)

We opted for a Japanese beer and decided on 'Sapporo'. After inspecting the label, my Canadian friend pointed out that according to the fineprint it was made in Canada. A strange and inexplicable interlude to the night... but not the strangest. The strangest might have been that our californian born asian waiter confessed he didn't speak a word of any asian language, despite having a killer 'asian accent' he donned for the performance.

Final verdict - if you don't mind frantically looking over your shoulder while you eat, then leaving with a sore ear and a forcefully undone pants fly, then you may find this restaurant mildly entertaining. The tricks and illusions they performed were impressive, but for me personally, these were not enough to fork out large amounts of cash for food I can't finish and a possibly permanent loss of the top frequency of my hearing. Partake at your own risk...
Channeling the Ninja Force. "You…
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