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Taipei, Taiwan

Night Markets Taipei Reviews

fivefatfleas fivefatf…
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Shilin Night Market Feb 23, 2012
I went to a total of 3 different night markets in Taipei, and I must say Shilin Night Market was the best experience for me because it was the largest and there was more variety in the clothes and accessories sold.

Taiwan's night markets are crowded, squeezy, and full of GREAT FOOD. I loved Shilin's food the most! The stuff on sale are really cheap as well, and stall owners are mostly friendly and willing to accomodate your haggling/bargaining attempts. I managed to get 5 tanktops at 100TWD each, and 3 pairs of socks at 100TWD TOTAL. You can find a nice variety of clothings, shoes, accessories, bags, although I recommend you to take at least one quick round of the night market first before you make your purchases because, yes, some stalls sell the same item and at different prices! You want to be familiar with the price range first and get from the cheapest stall as well.

Note that you won't be able to try on the clothes because there are no changing rooms.

Also, since I visited 3 different night markets, I would say that going to a maximum of TWO night markets will suffice. They are more or less the same and visiting so many different ones will exhaust you and leave you feeling slightly claustrophobic. That said, it might just be me and my lack of stamina, hahaha. I actually went to Shilin THRICE and the other 2 night markets (can't remember their names) TWICE each. So that's probably why I got sick of them. But if you're in Taiwan, going to a night market is an experience you should not miss out on.
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elsa753 elsa753
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Shida Night Market Jul 12, 2011
Can't believe there are only 2 reviews on night markets! btw I’m a local.

In Taipei City, my favorite night market is Shida Night Market (師大夜市 Shi da yeh shi). Located in Shida Road, between the Guting MRT Station and Tai Power Building Station. Shida Night market is also selected as the No.4 Taiwanese Favorite Night Market, among the hundreds of night markets in Taiwan. (Surveyed by TVBS TV channel in 2008)

The night market got its name because it’s right next to Shida師大(short for National Taiwan Normal University). The university is famous for its Mandarin Training Center. Having more and more foreign students in the area, Shida Night Market therefore has more dynamic culture compared with other night markets. And it’s how it got younger generation ‘s love.

Here are food recommendations, all of them are reported in news papers in Taiwan.

許記生煎包 shiu ji sheng jian bau

Dumpling, kinda like slightly fried Xiao Long Bao.

This Stand is so famous that when meal time you gotta wait for more than half an hour.

藍家刈包 lán jia yì bao

Steamed buns filled with pork stuffing

Some friends say it’s like a Taiwanese burger

冰火菠蘿油bing huǒ bo luó yóu

Rocky bun with butter from Hong Kong.

Dessert. Defntly should try if you have a sweet tooth like me.

雞房重地 鹹水雞 xián shuǐ jī

Salty Water Chicken. Donnu if foreigners could accept this.

It’s not my personal fav

But Salty Chicken is like CRAZY popular here,

My friend once waited 2 hrs for it! ( what the heck?)

滷味 lǔ wèi

Soya-mixed meat, not just meat actually

more like a bunch of stuff boiled with Soya-mixed sauce.

Like Cabbage rolls, pork, blood pudding, noodles…depends on what they’re serving.

The mixed sauce defers from each stand’s secret recipe.

My personal opinion there are 3 Lu Wei stands worth a try in Shida Night Market.

According to the popularity:

燈籠滷味deng lóng lǔ wèi > 大台北滷味 Big Taipei lǔ wèi > 健康滷味 Healthy lǔ wèi

According to my personal fav:

健康滷味 Healthy lǔ wèi >大台北滷味 Big Taipei lǔ wèi > 燈籠滷味deng lóng lǔ wèi
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littletigerqt littleti…
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Jun 05, 2007
I would recommend to everyone who is going to are is already in Taipei to go to the NIght Markets. The food is cheap and really great. They also sell bootleg cds and movies and sell clothes cheaper than the some of the stores (more or less fake). I love eating food down there during the weekends at night with my friends. I loved the zen zhu nia cha (pearl milk tea). There are some stores that sell pearl tea where I live now but I always like eating food from it orignal country.
day market
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