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shangzhu, Nanning, China

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An Old Chinease Tradition Jan 08, 2009
An old Chinease Tradition,

One thing that is a must see in Nanning China is the night market. Located downtown in the old city is one of Nannings pride markets and operating each night without fail. After fighting your way through the streets and the hoards of people whom often stare to the point they almost crash their trikes or cars, you will cross into alittle section of Shang Lou road which narrows from the main downtown road into a side street. The vendors all set up shop here right around 7pm and then in the matter of 20 mins its shoulder to shoulder with one local to the next. The street vendors range from fried squid, clam,oyster, assortment of fish, fried fruit, fresh fruit and beer or wines BUT the one thing thats a big draw for any touriest i'd say is the local Chinease tradition of DOG yes I said that right! Just when I had thought I'd seen it all I was behind myself at the site of this, a full dog hangining on a vendors stall and then another and another, of course at first I did'nt know what to say but rather stare in disbelief. Sure I heard of this on the T.V just before the Bejing olyimpics but I did'nt think I'd actually see it. After staring for sometime and taking loads of pictures I looked around but none of the locals seemed to see anything differnt it was only I and my friends I was with that took deep notice.

We moved along past these stalls and ended up eating local fruits and other such fried vender offerings. All the time while walking through the rest of the market I kept asking myself over and over in my head does this meat really taste good, what would it taste like or how is it even cooked?

Well sure enough my mind got the best of me and I managed to convince one friend to join me for a taste of dog. As we were asking the vendor about it in broken english a crowd began to form around us not because we were going to eat dog but because they were so interested on what we were doing that they finally put aside be so polite and finally started saying hello, hello etc. Once we figured out how to order this we sat down and it turns out one 500 gram peice was 30 yuan about 5 dollers Canadian for a massive frying pan with onions and sause with some other things throwen into the mix, oh and of course dog meat. We ended up getting the rest of our group to sit in and join us and in the count of 3 we all took some meat in our chop sticks and into our mouth, the chew at first thought was ewwww, oh my gross im eatting dog this is just dead wrong but then the flavor kicks in and you notice its not so bad so why not have some more! As we all sat and eat and all talk out loud as to how the taste was and what best to compare it to we decided on beef like and older beef kinda chewy and very fatty but tasty in some ways or maybe it was just the sause that made it seem tasty. either way we accomplished this feat and were all very happy that we infact did somthing very few peolpe would ever do or even think of doing.

Would I do it again? hrmmmm no i'd say not.

I wrote this little blog as it was somthing I felt I should share with others that may have the same kind of thoughts or sense of adventure as I. I do hope that this does not offend anyone in anyway and if so I'am sorry, but please do keep in mind this is a differnt country, were all differnt and if it were not for differnt things we'd live in a very dull world.
BBQ Dog hanging above coals
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time to eat~
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