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Night Bus in Vietnam Jul 24, 2011
After some days in Vietnam my travelling buddy and I realize that our time allowance for exploring this beautiful country has been a tad optimistic. Although not too bad considering that we are still following our original travelling plan sketched in a London pub in the small hours. Some kind of beverage has erased the two final days of the journey which have been replaced with a rebus containing a pirate ship and a dog which made perfect sense at the time (the answer is Hanoi).

In an effort to expand or explorations we decide to spend most of the travelling overnight. We had so far been travelling from HCMC up to Nha Trang on the” Nations Pride”, the railway connecting HCMC in the south and Hanoi in the north. The train is a superb way to really have time to soak in the amazing landscape outside the window, but as read in a guide book before the trip that the average speed for the train is 50km/h is unfortunately not an exaggeration, it’s way slower.

We therefore decide to make the nightly trip between Nha Trang and Hoi An on the road. Although been paying a few Dongs extra to have reserved beds on the bus, we are among the fortunate ones to experience “Bus B”. “Bus A” is a modern bus with aircon and single person beds, “Bus B” has a cozier touch with joint leather beds and a fan system from a distant era. We end up in the back seat which has a large joint sleeping area for 5 persons. The back row people soon realize that this will cause some problems for their beauty sleep as in every turn the whole gang have ended up in the same end of the slippery leather matrass. At the first pit stop the “Bus A” travellers seem more unless untouched by the curvy mountain roads where as the “Bus B” crew looks like a rock band at the final days of a long tour.

However, after our long time backpacking friend Johnnie W joins the back seat the rest of the trip is a happy memory. Not even our over-social bus driver that beeps on every vehicle we pass for the rest of the night can keep us awake.
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