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As the most populous country in Africa, with a coastline along the Gulf of Guinea and borders with Benin, Cameroon, Niger, and Chad, Nigeria has not only the second largest economy in Africa, but is also the current leader in oil production. Its reputation has been tarnished over the years with tales of corruption, ethnic violence, religious divisions, and plenty of political agendas that keep most travelers from ever stepping foot within its borders. Which is unfortunate, given the fact that the country is full of natural beauty, a warm and loving people, and amazing diversity in terms of both flora and fauna.

A former British colony, Nigeria earned its independence on October 1st, 1960. Remnants of the colonization can still be seen, and the country is a mish-mash of extremes with both politics and wealth. On the one hand the oil barons and businesses are extremely wealthy, and on the opposite end of the spectrum are the exceptionally poor, living in slums, rife with disease and hunger. Foreign oil workers are consistently under threat of kidnapping, especially in the Bakassi Peninsula and Niger Delta regions of the country. As a result, if you decide to book a trip to Nigeria, be sure to contact your local embassy in advance to determine the safety level of the area you're visiting.

Despite a few rough spots, the main cities and national parks are exotic. However, crime rates are exceptionally high in the cities, especially pick-pocketing. This is not a destination for the uninitiated; even veteran travelers will find themselves taxed in terms of getting around to see the sights and sounds of this African nation, particularly in Lagos. Even so, the beauty of the Kainji National Park or the sacred forest of Osun at the Oshogbo World Heritage Site should not to be missed, and Lagos can be one of the most exciting cities if you want to experience a visceral African adventure.

Lagos #1 most popular location
Lagos is a metropolis in Nigeria with over 21 million people living in the city and surrounding area. It is also the most populous African city, with current estimation of being the seventh f…
199travelers 14reviews 18blogs
Abuja #2 most popular location
Abuja is the capital of Nigeria. Abuja is a planned city and was built mainly in the 1980's. It officially became the capital on 12 December 1991. Most of the embassies are holding office …
56travelers 2reviews 3blogs
Victoria Island #3 most popular location
Victoria Island or VI as the locals call it is one of the major district of Lagos state. VI is the hub of nightlife. Good restaurants and good hotels can also be found here as well as reli…
2travelers 5reviews 1blogs
lekki #4 most popular location
Lekki is a place located in Lagos through Ogun state. It is a rapidly developing district for commercial and residential use. Lekki is home to many beautiful beaches this side of the At…
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Osogbo #5 most popular location
Osogbo is a city in Nigeria and the capital of Osun State. Most of the population are Yoruba. It is also the venue for Osun-Osogbo festival along the River Osun. This is a festival hono…
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Kano #6 most popular location
Kano is the capital of Kano State in Nigeria. The principal inhabitants of Kano are the Hausa people and Hausa language is widely spoken in Kano. It is typically hot throughout the year…
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Ibadan #7 most popular location
Ibadan is the capital of Oyo state and the third largest metropolitan in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano. Ibadan has a lot of hotels and good restaurants.
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adetokunbo ademola street #8 most popular location
Ikeja #9 most popular location
Ikeja is the capital of Lagos state and is where the offices of the local government are located. The Murtala Mohammed international airport is located here. There are a good number o…
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Ikoyi #10 most popular location
Ikoyi is an affluent district at Lagos, Nigeria. It has one of the best residential facility. One of the main roads at Ikoyi is Awolowo Road. It has specialized chic boutiques and shops. …
Saka Tinubu #11 most popular location
Apapa #12 most popular location
Apapa is another district of Lagos state and is the major port of Lagos. It is located to the west of Lagos Island. Though Apapa is close to Lagos Island, there is no connecting ferry betw…
Mokwa #13 most popular location
Abeokuta #14 most popular location
Abeokuta is the largest city and capital of Ogun State. It lies in the east bank of the Ogun River.
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Ilishan #15 most popular location