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A Central American country with coastlines along the Caribbean and the North Pacific Ocean, Nicaragua borders Costa Rica and Honduras and is the largest country in Central America. From the pristine crystalline waters of the Lago Nicaragua (the twenty first largest lake in the world), the Spanish fortresses and ancient pirate havens dotting the coastline of the Caribbean, to the cloudy forests of the Reservas Natural Miraflor and the smoky tendrils rising from the two volcanoes, Nicaragua has earned its reputation as the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.

Nicaragua is an extremely friendly country for all levels of travelers. The cost of living in this country means that you can come here on a budget and still live like a king, although this won't last forever. The natural beauty of the country combines with some of the best eco-tourism on the planet, and visitors will be hard pressed to choose between visiting the relics of the Spanish colonial cities, hiking through the jungles and volcanic mountains, or simply relaxing on the beach.

Public transportation is generally considered acceptable, although getting out to some of the remote islands will require a boat trip, and weather can be an issue for travelers who find themselves getting seasick easily. Spanish is the main language, and English will only be understood in the major cities and resorts. The food is exceptional, and relatively inexpensive. There's also plenty of rum and beer, as well as cocoa drinks. Accommodations will vary depending on whether or not you're in the cities or in the interior of the country. Nicaragua is considered to be one of the safest countries in Central America, although precautions should be taken when traveling at night, and it's generally considered wise to travel with a companion. Bottled water is a wise choice.

All in all, you will be hard-pressed to take it all in during just one trip. Nicaragua absolutely begs for more attention, and right now is the perfect time to go while the country it remains untainted by mass tourism.

Granada #1 most popular location
Granada is considered the oldest city in Central America, founded around 1524 and continuously inhabited. It has seen battles, wars, pirate attacks and attempted power grabs throughout centur…
26travelers 32reviews 53blogs
San Juan del Sur #2 most popular location
San Juan del Sur is a coastal town in south western Nicaragua, approximately 40 mintues from the Costa Rican border. The next largest town is Rivas, which is the capital of the departamento. …
16travelers 21reviews 22blogs
Managua #3 most popular location
Managua is the capital city of Nicaragua as well as the department and municipality by the same name. It is also the largest city in Nicaragua at nearly two million people and is a bit of a s…
58travelers 19reviews 32blogs
Leon #4 most popular location
León is a larger city that lies to the northwest of Managua in the department of León, close to the Pacific coast. The present location is not the original location of the city, which lies …
10travelers 22reviews 30blogs
Ometepe #5 most popular location
Ometepe is beautiful island in the Lake Nicaragua. Two volcanoes Concepcion and Maderas make this island, populated by around 30000 people. Beautiful nature, peaceful surrounding, great treks…
1travelers 6reviews 4blogs
Isla de Ometepe #6 most popular location
Isla Ometepe is an island located in Lake Nicaragua. The island exists of two volcanoes, Concepción and Maderas. The shape of the island is created by the volcanoes and looks like an eight. …
3travelers 3reviews 14blogs
Esteli #7 most popular location
Estelí is a fast growing and progressive city of about 119,000 people. It enjoys a pleasant climate throughout most of the year due to its location in the north central highlands at a mean e…
3travelers 7reviews 9blogs
Masaya #8 most popular location
Masaya is in close proximity to the capital of Managua and is located between Mangaua and Granada. It is located in the department of Masaya and is the capital of this department. This is the…
2reviews 8blogs
Moyogalpa #9 most popular location
Known by some as the Gateway to Ometepe, Moyogalpa may pop up on your list of travel destinations if you are planning a trip to Nicaragua soon. Moyogalpa is a municipality situated in the Riv…
7reviews 4blogs
Little Corn Island #10 most popular location
Little Corn Island is a fantastic, get-away retreat on the Carribean side of Nicaragua. Accessible from Big Corn Island via a 45 minute water taxi, the island has a tiny port and no roads or…
3travelers 6reviews 15blogs
Corn Island #11 most popular location
13travelers 3reviews 9blogs
Matagalpa #12 most popular location
Matagalpa is located in northwest central Nicaragua. It is the capital city of the departamento of Matagalpa. It is a larger city and is an important point of commerce within the country. Ver…
4travelers 5reviews 8blogs
Laguna de Apoyo #13 most popular location
This laguna is surrounded by mountains, as the laguna actually is within a crater of an inactive volcano. The water here is clear. It is possible to go to the top of the mountains to a to…
2travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Las Penitas #14 most popular location
2travelers 2reviews 3blogs
El Castillo #15 most popular location
Bluefields #16 most popular location
Bluefields is located on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. There are no roads that lead into the town, it is only accessible by boat or plane. Seven cultures have melded, each language is j…
3travelers 1reviews 3blogs
Tola #17 most popular location
1travelers 2reviews
Chinandega #18 most popular location
2travelers 2blogs
Juigalpa #19 most popular location
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Masaya Volcano National Park #20 most popular location
1reviews 2blogs
San Carlos #21 most popular location
Charco Verde #22 most popular location
Altagracia #23 most popular location
Jiquilillo #24 most popular location
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San Jorge #25 most popular location
Playa Santo Domingo #26 most popular location
1reviews 1blogs
Catarina #27 most popular location
Somoto #28 most popular location
Merida #29 most popular location
Balque #30 most popular location
Isletas de Granada #31 most popular location
This is actually a tour offered by many travel agents in Granada. It is basically a half day boat ride around the many islets in Lake Granada. Tour cost is $20 and includes lunch on an island…
Popoyo #32 most popular location
Poneloya #33 most popular location
Corn Islands #34 most popular location
Take a quick flight 50 miles northeast of Blue fields to the beautiful Corn Islands. This is an undiscovered tropical paradise! There are two Islands, Big Corn and Little Corn. The Airport is…
3travelers 2blogs
Telica #35 most popular location
Belgue #36 most popular location
Bartola #37 most popular location
El Castillo #38 most popular location
Laguna de Manatees #39 most popular location
Santo Domingo #40 most popular location
Jinotega #41 most popular location
Jinotega is remote, located in north central Nicaragua. It is located in the department of Jinotega and is the capital of the department. This department borders Honduras which lies to the no…
San Juan del Norte #42 most popular location
San Jacinto #43 most popular location
El Corinto #44 most popular location
Sabalos #45 most popular location
La Presa Ojo de Agua #46 most popular location