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Niagara Falls, Canada

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bmagazu bmagazu
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How to enjoy Niagara Falls Dec 23, 2013
If you're going to visit Niagara Falls, I recommend the Canadian side. The view is better unless you're planning on taking a boat ride, in which case the experience is rather similar. However, seeing the falls from afar is awesome and definitely better in CA! The path to the Canadian side from the US is tedious, so plan on 20-30 minutes to get to the falls and park in the general area. This is true of leaving Buffalo, though from Toronto metro it might take roughly double that time depending on traffic on the Queen's.

There are a number of restaurants and touristy crap in Niagara, but my suggestion is to have a meal at The Keg Steakhouse on the 9th floor of the Embassy Suites hotel. Unless you're hitting it at a peak time or peak season, you should be able to score a seat by the window. Do this. Thank me later. Order an amazing steak and stare out at the majestic falls through floor-to-ceiling windows. Order a Guinness too. Trust me.

I think my meal was about $50 plus tip. Totally. Worth. It.
A frosty Guinness o'erlooking Niag…
Steak 'n potatoes at The Keg
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Africancrab Africanc…
777 reviews
A Natural Wonder of the World Jul 31, 2012
An outstanding force of nature, the falls is. The giant wall of water falling, the deafening sound of the water, and white mist rising creating a white blanket of rain. The sheer force of the water is mind boggling. I took my babies for an adventure and we sure had an adventure. Take a look at my review of 'Maid of the Mist'.

Through the years, I have read reviews about the Canadian side of Niagara falls being a tourist trap and that it is all built up, but that was not what I saw, I was actually surprised at how big the falls is and in fact untouched. The recreational part of Niagara is far from where the falls is. The development does not take away from the falls at all.

You can avoid the area with all the museums, bars and restaurants by going directly to the falls. Naturally the Canadian gov't will want to make money from tourists by taking advantage of the falls. If you feel trapped, it means you wanted to get trapped. Like any other country that relies on tourism, Canada is only taking advantage of you if you let them. I only spent $30 for my daughter and I, for Maid of the Mist, and another $9.50 for ice cream for myself, my sister, her son, and my daughter. I wasn't taken by anything but the falls. My daughter wanted to go on the giant Sky wheel, but she did not win me over. So be a cautious traveler and you will enjoy this area of Canada. And if you are not a winter traveler, do not go there in the winter you will not have fun, I know I did that many years back on the US side and hated it. I hear it is something to see in the night.
Niagara Falls/ Canadian Side
Niagara Falls/ Canadian Side
Niagara Falls/ Canadian Side
Niagara Falls/ Canadian Side
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SARAY says:
Posted on: Oct 07, 2012
SARAY says:
Posted on: Oct 07, 2012
Africancrab says:
It is indeed, we had a great time with my sister who I had not seen in 12 years.
Posted on: Aug 06, 2012
dannyrock4 dannyroc…
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Very Cold but worthy trip Jul 23, 2011
Well, what can I say about Niagara Falls, that hasn’t already been said!! The busiest time to go is off course during the summer, but I bet there aren’t many people that have been to the falls during the winter where everything but the falls was frozen! -32 the day I went during January. None of the attractions were open but I have to say it was pretty cool to see Niagara Falls this way. The Falls are a great day out, but they really have developed the area into a huge commercial operation, there were more hotels than I could count, and I have never seen so many tacky/touristy attractions (other than Blackpool in England). It was a nice and extremely cold visit, a great way to see the falls, one day I would defiantly like to go back during the summer months, one day!
michayla25 michayla…
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.Niagara Falls Facts. May 13, 2008
-Legal Age is if your under that,then you can't drink in bars,or gamble at the casinos,but if your with a bunch of people in the very crowded boston pizza,you can get quite a few sips of their drinks,no one will notice,but you can't sit in the bar part,after 10pm. You can also always drink in your hotel room

-Best places to eat/drink :

Breakfast/Lunch/Brunch: Golden Griddle,Denny's

Supper:Boston Pizza,Planet Hollywood,Hard Rock Cafe

Drinks (alcholic):Boston Pizza

Coffee:Tim Horton's

Attractions to see:

The Falls! -walk up to see them,if it's in season you can go on maid of the mist,and various other boats

Sky Wheel,Ripleys,Lots of different wax museums,Local stores,or stores near by,Go over to Buffalo to shop,or go to Toronto to shop.

I don't think as a family vacation it would be very fun...but maybe it's because i'm old? (18 lol)... Pick Disney World for the kids!, Niagara Falls is a good place just to party it up really... It is kind of a tourist trap aswell,a meal at a restaurant is exspensive! compared to what I see in my city. You probably wouldn't want to rent a costs $10-$15 to park each day,and everywhere you go. My uncle ended up leaving his rented van parked at our hotel instead of his,because it was $10 at ours and $15 at his.Also everything is within walking distance. Get a hotel right in the action.(Clifton Hill) Ours was the Imperial,not the nicest or newest of hotels, but comfortable to sleep,hot tub,and right by all the action. Although the off season is cheaper,it's not as good as, the falls aren't lit up,and you can't go on the maid of the mist.We went in April and it was freezing as if it was still winter! Better idea to go in the summer! Any questions feel free to ask me!
DHaworth DHaworth
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Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada) Dec 30, 2008
What can I say about Niagara Falls? Two words will tell it all. "Over Rated". I drove from New York State through the Canadian border. I heard the falls is better in Canada, and they are right. The only problem is that it is one big tourist trap. I hate traps. When I travel I enjoy not seeing other travelers. I avoided the strip filled with wax museums and money making ventures to trap those people around the falls. The falls themselves was much smaller than I thought. I prefer to see it on T.V. The weather was a cold nine degrees, the snow turned to hard ice. I found nothing amazing about this experience. I enjoyed eating at a local restaurant much more. I suggest buying a video on the falls and skip the actual trip. Go see the revolutionary forts. Those are much more exciting. Oh and I did enjoy the old light posts :)
Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada)
Going into Canada (The border)
SARAY says:
Posted on: Oct 07, 2012
johnnyk johnnyk
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Nov 06, 2007
Sometimes I am a slow learner.

With the opportunity to skip Dodge for a long weekend Jody gave the all-in for a road trip to Niagara Falls. I had sworn off northern vacations after several previous inhospitable greetings from Canadian Customs and Immigration. Four new Brigestone radials on the wife's sled Friday afternoon and we were good to go in the predawn Saturday darkness. Pinned back our ears excepting stops for breakfast and lunch and by noon and 400 miles we were gazing across the famed Niagara Falls.

I had been there before and knew better than to cross the border, but the wife wanted to see the view from the west shore, and the Marriott Fallsview has some nice suites above the Horseshoe Falls and.......

So we try to cross the Rainbow Bridge and are greeted with the all to familiar Canadian greeting. "Pull in to the left and see the Customs Officer".

If you travel enough you get accustomed to the searches and questioning. It is just part of the drill. Crossings into Ontario are another matter.

It started as a routine vehicle search. Fair enough. You stand in front of the car and Customs looks for your dope. Sometimes they smart-mouth you a little to see if you'll bite. Maybe throw your stuff around a bit to see if you are easily aggravated, but if they don't find your gun, bag of heroin, or that canister of enriched uranium, they usually say something witty and send you on your way.

Not this time.

My initial interrogation had gone poorly.

Customs Officer: Where are you going?

JohnnyK: The Marriott

Customs Officer: How long will you be visiting?

JohnnyK: We have a reservation tonight, we might stay a second night.

Customs Officer: Who's car is this?

JohnnyK: It's Hers. (points to wife)

Not sure what I said that got them so riled but Canadian Customs decided we merited additional interrogation. Separate interrogation of course. They separated us and asked us both similar questions. Very confrontational. Very aggressive. Complete with the unnecessary rude comments and implied threats. I knew I was in trouble as soon as I laid eyes on the Officer. White female twenty-something wearing the uniform with the smirk and the swagger of someone daring you to assume she will not rape you with a blackjack for producing USD$38.50 less than you claimed to carry during questioning.

They claimed that despite the discrepancy they were satisfied of my ability to "sustain myself financially" during my visit.


Maybe I should have worn a nicer shirt?

Then they send us to wait.

In the absence of outstanding warrants from Interpol,the Mossad, FBI, IRS or the Warwick PTA, we were eventaully released from custody with a smirk and an "Enjoy your stay in Ontario".

Niagara Falls can be viewed quite nicely from the American side. The attractions on the Canadian side may be entertaining, but are nothing more than another glintsy-chintsy tourist trap. The Canadian people we met were on this trip were friendly. The Marriott is a very nice property and their staff were courteous, efficient and did their best to make our stay enjoyable. Our interaction with the bartenders, waitstaff, valets, bus drivers, shopkeepers, and tour operators of Niagara Falls was all positive.

But when your hotel is costing over USD$400.00/night and they have a 72 hour cancellation policy it makes a fools bet considering the possibility you will be denied entry at the border and stuck with a fat hotel bill. I will not return and I will cancel trips I was planning to Toronto and Nova Scotia.

We had a great time despite the border ordeal, but I would not recommend Niagara Falls to a friend. I will post a pic so readers may see the falls without needing to visit.

If you are up that way and looking for recreational opportunities consider a visit to New York Wine Country instead of running the gauntlet of Canadian Customs. A bit farther south is Pennsylvania Route 6 for those road trippers more journey than destination orientated.
Daybreak from Marriott Fallsview
aswold says:
Damn good blog!
Posted on: Nov 29, 2007
sybil says:
did you hear about the brouhaha over some tourist promotional video made by disney for the us government (shown abroad) which has a clip of the niagara (but supposedly, they showed the canadian side)!
Posted on: Nov 06, 2007

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