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Lantau, Hong Kong

Ngong Ping 360 Lantau Reviews

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Unorganized and scary, but nice views Jan 25, 2012
!!Notice!! This review is only about the cable car itself, not the attractions at the top. They are great! :)

Ngong Ping 360 is a cable car on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. It connects Tung Chung with the Ngong Ping area in the hills, which is home to the famous Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Buddha (or Giant Buddha). Those places are a Must-See while being in Hong Kong but the question is, if you should take the cable car or better watch out for another way to go up.

At summer time, it might be a great idea using the cable car to go up to the hills and to hike back down. There are lots of great hiking roads where you can walk down the whole way (or up indeed). The view from the cable car is also pretty cool, as long as you have good weather. They even have some more expensive "Crystal Cabins", with a glass floor but we didnt use them.

We made some rather bad experience when using the cable car though. It started with a long queue at the ticket office. We were waiting approx. 30 minutes without moving one single step. And it was really bad weather, I dont know how long it would have been on a sunny day. Plus Chinese people are kinda annoying (sorry!) when waiting somewhere or travelling. They have no patience, are cutting in-line and queue-jumping all the time. After a while we became pretty upset and just did the same. There was another entrance for people who purchased their tickets online but there was no control of who is entering it. So we left the line and took this entrance, went to the ticket office passing 100 people and had our tickets in 3 minutes. It really sucks, cause its just unfair - they need some training in organization, really!

Well after having the tickets, we were waiting in the next queue and it took another 20 minutes until we finally entered the cable car. Weather was pretty foggy and unusually cold, so it was freezing in that cabin. It was around 0°C and they dont have a heating. Sitting down on the bench was giving you the feeling of immediatly catching a cystitis, so we undressed our jackets and took seat on them. I mean, the ride is at about 30 Minutes! Those low temperatures seem to be very uncommon in HK, I have no other explanation for why they would build this without a heater...!?

Well after we finally arrived on the hill, the weather was even worse. But it was okay, you always have to make the best of it, right? We visited the Po Lin Monastery and the Buddha and it was awesome. You should definitely go there!

I regret not hiking down, but the weather was too bad. So we took the cable car again and it was the same. Just freezing.

Well and the next day I noticed that it could have been even worse when I saw a newspaper in the Seven-Eleven store. A cable car of Ngong Ping 360 was at the front page, lots of Chinese Characters and the following: "0°C". Well I knew that, but not why it would be on the newspaper. At the metro we also found a sign of Ngong Ping being closed. I asked the hotels front desk then and they told me that it stood still the day before (when we were there) for some hours. We were so lucky not using it at this time...

We heard that it was closed for 2 weeks then!

When having good and warm weather, I would recommend to use the cable car anyway and hike back down afterwards. I think thats pretty cool! Alternatively you can also hike up or take a bus that brings you there if I just scared you ;-) Thats also much cheaper!

If I go there again I will definitely hike down, must be great views!
Waiting in the queue
Inside the cable car
Newspaper about the malfunction
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missandrea81 says:
That's what I meant. lol I'll hike... maybe.
Posted on: Mar 14, 2012
mosted says:
Thanks for reading :-) Well, you should not stay away from this place, just find another way up! Use a bus or hike ;-))) Well, I guess they already fixed it and on warm weather you'll be fine!
Posted on: Mar 14, 2012
missandrea81 says:
Spoken like a true German, about organization and unfairness. I hear ya. I always get laughed at by my friends when I point these things out. ;) Good review. If I ever make it to Hong Kong, I'll stay away from this place. lol
Posted on: Mar 14, 2012
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The Highlight of My HK Adventure!!!! Jul 25, 2011
Ngong Ping Village can be reached via a standard or crystal cabin cable car. The crystal cabin car offers a glass bottom view, which I passed on b/c it was more expensive than the standard car. The standard car single ride was $80 HKD and the crystal car was $118 HKD for a single ride. I chose to take the cable car up for the views and ride the bus back down from the village for $27 HKD (it would have been $17.20 but it was a holiday so bus rates are slightly increased). I took the metro to Tung Chung metro station and found the exit for Ngong Ping village. The line was incredibly long, but it didn't take long to purchase a ticket or to make it through the super long line to actually ride the car.

When I finally made it to my standard cable car I was so happy that I paid to ride the cable car instead of being cheap and taking the bus both ways. The views were incredible! What's interesting about the route to Ngong Ping is that it is also a hiking trail, you can see the steps and pathways that meander down and up the hillside. I saw people hiking the trail, it looked like a really good workout and the next time I visit HK it's on my hitlist of things to do. The cable car was worth it if only for the cool breezes and thankfully the sun burned off some of the mist/fog and I was able to see some awesome views of Hong Kong. The ascent was amazing and offered some great views of the Big Buddha!

When I finally reached the village I walked to find the Shaolin Showcase that was one of the summer tourist promotions. Tourists were also offered the opportunity to have a training session with the Shaolin monks. Needless to say as a taekwondo enthusiast I jumped at this opportunity. The Shaolin showcase was brilliant and I even had the chance for a great photo op :). I love pictures!

Next I walked to find the stairs that lead up to the Big Buddha. The Tian Tan Buddha statue is NOT to be missed! It's the largest outdoor seated Buddha in the world. I skipped paying to go inside the Buddha as the observatory at the top of the stairs offers great views of the land below.

It takes about 25 minutes on the cable car to the village and it's about 50 minutes on the bus trip back down to Tung Chung metro station.
standard cable car
shaolin showcase
tian tan buddha
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nimic nimic
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Visiting the Big Buddha! Jul 10, 2011
One thing you'll definitely have to do when visiting Hong Kong is Lantau Island. Home to the Big Buddha & Po Lin Monastery, this place is connected by the Ngong Ping cable car.

A round trip cable car for an adult costs about 115 HKD. If you've got lots of money to spare, then you can try the Crystal Cabin which costs about 169 HKD. We on the other hand took a package which includes 2 other attractions as well (Walking with Buddha & Monkey Tale Theatre) which came to about 176 HKD/ adult

The Attractions was definitely worth it and entertaining not just for the little ones, but adults as well. The queue at Ngong Ping is bearable, so don't worry about not getting your tickets before hand.

Hope you guys would enjoy Ngong Ping as much as i did. Don't forget to try the TauFu Fah (popular chinese bean-curd dessert) up there. It was so delicious ^^
Rayburn1090 Rayburn1…
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Great Attraction Mar 20, 2011
This great attraction begins with a cable car up to the Ngong Ping village. The ride up gives you a great view of the South China Sea, the rolling grasslands of North Lantau Country Park, and the incredibly huge Hong Kong International Airport.

At the villiage, there are a wide assortment of shops and restaurants. Continue up a long set of stairs and you will reach the giant Buddha at the top. You can enter this Buddha and experience the origins of Buddhism, it's teachings and it's expansion across the globe.

There are different pricing packages depending on type of cable car you want to ride and the attraction you want to take in.

Great place!
On our way up to Ngong Ping 360.
View of Hong Kong International Ai…
The variety of shops at Ngong Ping…
Big Bhudda.
MingWaiZoe MingWaiZ…
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view is good May 12, 2011
Ngong Ping 360 is a good ride from Tung Chung to the Big Buddha. The view is reli great and you can see the Lantau Island and the airport from the cable car.

I look forward to going there again and try the Crystal Cabin, I believe it is more impressive
ken2010 ken2010
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transport in the air Jun 16, 2010
Going up to Ngong Ping Plateau you have at least two choices. Either you take the Cable Car Ngong Ping 360 up to the plateau or you take bus nr 23. Both have the same location five minutes walk from MTR-station Tung Chung.

The prices for the Cable Car can be a bit confusing. You pay 97 HKD single tour upwards including a day pass on Lantau local buses. On the other hand your HK Octopus travel card is valid on all Lantau buses.

I decided to take the bus upwards and the Cable Car downhills. After a long and interesting time up at the plateau I entered the station for the Cable Car. The air was very very misty or foggy or perhaps was it just normal clouds on low altitude. After all I was on an altitude more than 500m above sealevel. The cars take six passengers and run frequently all day. In my car there were three Japanese tourists and myself. It was a bit windy and the car waved a little in the foggy air. We couldn’t see an inch ahead of us. Not until we reached lower altitude where I got a wonderful view of the Hong Kong International airport on the artificial island. That was just terrific. The Cable Car holds up by six very tall and stable ‘pillars’ and by three of these there are stops for passengers. The trip takes some fifteen minutes down to Tung Chung.
Ngong Ping 360 in Tung Chung
the station up at the plateau
It was fun
a bit misty
leung_pearl leung_pe…
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Good Attraction Nov 22, 2010
Relatively new tourist spot in Hong Kong. Will make a good day trip with nice sightseeing spots.

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