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Shop 4, Durban, South Africa

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rsummo rsummo
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A promising menu but a terrible experience. Jun 29, 2010
Went in to the Durban Suncoast Casino location. The setup is nice - a good amount of outside seating, good location in the casino. The menu looked good; salads, wraps, burgers, chicken, vegetarian options, grilled sandwiches and interesting smoothies. However, my experience here was bad and I would not recommend the place to others. Here is what happened.

I was on a bus tour and we had an hour and fifteen minutes for lunch. We took about 15 minutes to select the restaurant, giving us an hour to finish up and head back to the bus. We were seated fairly quickly but everything else from this point on was painfully slow. We eventually got our server, who was either painfully shy or didn't speak English well, and put in drink orders. We also mentioned that we were on a tour and had to be off in an hour so could she please make sure to help us along on time. No problem. Our initial drink orders were for waters, and she brought out a few, and we had to ask her for the rest of them, so that was two trips. Then she took our orders. Someone ordered a coffee for after the meal, and it came before the meal. My girlfriend ordered something and they were out of it. So she ordered something else and they were out of it. So she ordered a third thing and that was ok. The rest of the orders were taken, and a few minutes later the waitress came back to say that they actually did not have the third thing either, so my girlfriend had to order something else. At this point she was tired of failure so she ordered a large plate of chips. The rest of us ordered wraps - fairly simple, or so it seemed to us. On the menu it indicates that the wraps come with a small salad. A few of us also ordered smoothies, and when the server read back the order, she got the smoothie order wrong and we corrected her. This was not going well so far.

So, the server comes back with utensils and napkins, but not enough for everyone. She goes away, and eventually we flag her down and ask for more utensils and napkins, and she looks around like she has no idea what we are talking about but comes back with the stuff. Then she brings the coffee that was supposed to come after the meal. Then she brings the chips. So my girlfriend is going to wait for our food to come out before she starts eating to be polite, but time goes on and on and it seems like that isn't a reality, so we tell her to just dig in and she does. Then the smoothies come and they are awesome. I tried a cucumber mint smoothie because it sounded interesting, and it was damn good. Then time goes on and one and we see no wait staff. Hungry and irritated we go inside and track someone down and find out that food will be out soon.

So 45 minutes have gone by, and the first 2 wraps come out, but I am still waiting for mine. No salads on the plate, and the wrap is a small thing that looks more like an appetizer. I flag the server down and ask about my wrap, and she says "ok" and wanders off and comes back with it in 5 minutes. It tastes good, but is not at all worth the price, especially compared to the the other restaurants that are located inside the Suncoast, immediately next to this one. So I wolf down my wrap, don't have time to complain about the lack of salad or the irritation that this simple meal took a full hour. The wrap was a Cajun Chicken wrap, which had lettuce, Cajun Chicken, feta and onion. Not a challenging thing to arrange.

Maybe the other locations have better service, or maybe other servers at the Suncoast know what they are doing, but my trip there was mostly bad. Considering that there are 10 other places to eat within a 50 meter radius, I would save myself the risk and go to one of the other restaurants.
Tinktinkie says:
Great stuff! I agree they did slip up big time and hopefully this will not happen again. Are you going to watch the matches in Cape Town? Enjoy the soccer fever. I just came back from South Africa and it was absolutely amazing!
Posted on: Jul 01, 2010
rsummo says:
Oh absolutely not. Everyplace else has been great. I think our server hadn't been trained properly, but I was surprised that being in such a hot spot location that they would let something like that happen.
Posted on: Jul 01, 2010
Tinktinkie says:
Him sorry to hear about your bad experience. Normally the News Cafes have fast and good service. Maybe the waitress that served you was not trained properly. I hope this did not put a damper on your trip :-)
Posted on: Jun 30, 2010
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