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New York, New York
New York travels - This is an image of me in Rockefeller Center, New York.
New York travels - This is an image of me in the Tribeca area of New York City.
New York travels - This is an image of me at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York.
New York travels - This is an image from the top of the Empire State Building, view of Chrysler Building in New York City.

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dylanmichael dylanmic…
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NYC has beaches IN the city Jun 27, 2011
As the title says. You can get to many of the citys beaches that are in the city. You might know NYC for its urban skyline and crowded streets. But you should know that there are beaches in the city that are a subway/bus/short drive away. You never ha e to leave the city limits. For example Brighton Beach. If u have an hour or so, there a few beaches about an hour drive away.
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stevenguyen stevengu…
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Jul 03, 2007
I had about a week in New York as well during my spring break, and I can tell you that it's really easy to get around. I've arranged my images in a way that you can pretty much tell what I've been up to. If you're in the Manhattan area, everything is really compact... so finding your way around is as easy as can be. All the streets are aligned accordingly so that you will know where you are at all times as you approach each intersection. It's especially easier if you have a map on hand, and you can get one of those at any hotel.

Do some searching on the Internet for some restaurants before you head out to grab something, or else you could potentially wind up with a bad meal and achy feet.

If anything, you should definitely visit the Empire State Building just to get it out of your system. Its exact location is on Fifth Ave, bordering W. 33rd St. and W. 34th Sts. Its exact area is Midtown. Its borough is Manhattan. Its city is NYC. It is local. However, mentioning Empire State Building and it is no longer local. It would be almost impossible to find one person on earth who has not heard of it, has not seen the picture of it, has not dreamt of seeing it, had not been in awe in its presence, or had not stared at the wonderful cities spread out and below when they were on its Observatory. For most tourists, this is one of the two things they know about New York City -- Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty.

Rockefeller Center is touted as city within a city and it is not an exaggeration. This Art Deco complex consists of 19 office and commercial buildings covering 11 acres in midtown Manhattan. The Rock, as it is affectionately called, also houses a maze of shops, restaurants and beautiful artworks in one form or another, with the famous Atlas and Prometheus statues gracing the façade. The Channel Gardens are filled with flowers in the summer, and the Plaza is turned into a skating rink in the winter.

Every tourist should go visit Times Square. In New York, it's a treat to go there to check out the neon signs, the crowds, the lights. I was no exception. Our first visit to Times Square was at night, and most of the crowds seemed to be people buying souvenirs and eating at the restaurants along the sidewalks.

I think the big Fourth of July celebration centers around fireworks and Yankee games. If you can catch both of those, your trip is pretty much worth the money.
This is an image of me in the Trib…
This is an image of me in Rockefel…
This is an image of me at Coney Is…
This is an image from the top of t…

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