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What to do with Little Money in NYC... well look no more! Jan 21, 2008
Cheap New York Know How:

1.) Subway pass... get an all day pass and Utilize it... the subway looks intimidating but is actually pretty easy to learn. Also go to if you want to map out your trip before hand on where you want to go. It will tell you what train to take, where to board and what transfers to do along with telling you how to walk to the rest of your destination... it's like mapquest for non car drivers! Also, don't take a TAXI... it's too much money!

2.) Food: Sure some places can be expensive... see my blog on my $21 hamburger or my other one on my $7.25 Miller lite beer... but there are places that are cheap... avoid places that are familiar... like McDonald's, the prices here are alot higher than the rest of the country and the food isn't too good for you. One of my favorite places to go to is the Market at Union Square on 14th street(you can get there from the N, Q, R, 1, 2, 3 and countless other stops)... but there are vendors who sell cheap fruit (apples, bananas, and such), bread and soup... but watch out they are only open on Monday, Wednesday, friday and Saturday. And are open all day long. The other place I found that I like is a Vegan Thai place called Pukk (71 first Avenue: between 4th and 5th street---I have a blog on it in my July 2007 trip) which costs $6 a meal and it's very filling and if you didn't know it was Vegan you would think you were actually eating real meat! Also, there's a place called Alpha Donuts off of Bliss Street in Queens... it's off of the 7 train, I believe.... It's less of a tourist trap and is cheaper. Oh also there's a Street Vendor on 59th street (I believe or it could be 57th...) but one block down from 5th avenue! And let me tell you these are the BEST Gyros I have ever had. I look forward to going there everytime I'm in NYC... I just walk around the block until I see the gyro stand instead of the hotdog stand... it's $5 for a gyro and coke. The funny thing was is on my greyhound bus trip back from Chicago a girl from Germany was sitting next to me and she was going to NYC. I was giving her pointers and I was trying to figure out the street and the guy infront of me turns around and says the street name (I really think it's 59th)... but if 2 people on the same greyhound know this vendor then he's good... and as my friend in NYC said... if you serve bad food in NYC then you're out of business in a couple of weeks so no place is really a bad place! There's too much competition! And if all else fails you can always go to get a slyder at white castle... for .56 cents a burger you can't get much cheaper than that!

3.) Lodging... when I go to NYC I stay with a friend in Brooklyn. I find that by bringing her beef jerky, cookies from where I am or just a gift card for a thank you it beats the expensive hotels. But one way to bypass that, if you don't have a friend there, is to stay in a hostel in Manhatten (they're like $60 a night or less) or stay in a hotel in New Jersey (like $70 a night)... where you can find cheap transportation to Manhatten.

4.) Activities: I found that going to see the statue of liberty is a pain in the butt to get the ticket ($25), stand in line for the fairy and stand in line to see the statue)... too time consuming and ehhh... but the Staten Island Ferry on South Ferry of Manhatten is Free. You get to enjoy the boat ride to staten Island and back (the right side of the boat going over and the left side coming back gives you a good view of the Statue of Liberty)... you don't get stuck with a crowd. If you want to go see a show on broadway you can go up to Times Square and wait for a vendor to sell them for cheap before the show... and some shows save seats to give away for cheap by a lottery process (this is how I went to see hairspray). You didn't get the best seats in the house but it's still a fun time and cheap! Friday nights at the Museum of Modern Arts (the MOMA) are free because of Target nights... so that's always fun! The night life is also fun... going out to the bars is a good time and I don't think I ever paid a cover charge... but liquor is cheaper than beer.

All in all I have figured out how to get a weekend getaway... i.e. 3 days and 4 nights, for $50 ($25 for subway fair and $25 for food and fun)... then that's when you have problems because you will just keep going back to the city... But like I heard the one time when I went to NYC I asked my friends and I told them it would be a cheap trip to NYC and they don't believe me (only my friend Brandon does and he loves tagging a long and driving for me).

But I hope this helps people who go! Also read up on my blogs because there's more information in the 3 that I've written!
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sanfoodie says:
Valuable information. Best thing is you kept it simple. Great job
Posted on: Apr 09, 2017
KingDaniels says:
Awesome Awesome
Posted on: Nov 02, 2014
Jopin says:
Thanks for this! I'm planning NY next spring and have done some research on where to go, eat, etc! I'm fortunate to have a place to stay with a friend/guy who's got a crush on me. ;) What I'm concerned abt is the costs. But this has been a helpful read.
Posted on: Apr 01, 2013
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