New Year's Eve in Brazil

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New Year's Eve in Brazil Reviews

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NYE traditions in Brazil Dec 29, 2004
Spending New Year’s Eve in Brazil is fun and hot and you will probably watch some of the best firework spectacles in the world!

Since it is summer during this time of the year, we Brazilians like to go to the beach. Places like Copacabana are famous for its lights and millions and millions of people, but anywhere you go in the coast or in the countryside there will be fireworks and the party will be amazing.

But to spend New Year’s Eve in Brazil there is a preparation that a lot of travellers miss out. For many Brazilians following those traditions will bring luck, prosperity, health and wealth for the coming year. If you are spending NYE in Brazil here’s what you should do:

Wear a pair of new underwear! Attention to the colour, it is very important. Wear it according to what you wish for the next.

White for peace, Green for health, Yellow for money, Pink for love, Red for passion and Purple for inspiration.

Now, knickers chosen... now pick a white outfit or wear mostly white clothes. Somehow, it will bring you peace and prosperity in the coming year. Well, for the amount of white clothes worn in NYE, Brazil should be the most peaceful country on earth!

Before hitting the beach, to celebrate the turn of the year, usually, there’s a nice NYE dinner containing few ingredients that according to superstition (don’t ask, just do it!) are most important to eat during this night.

It is said that eating lentils brings wealth for the next year (i think is in the bible).

Eating pork and fish are highly recommended because they are animals that “move” forward. Consuming Birds and crab meat, however, will make you move backwards in life.

At midnight eat 7 grapes and keep the seeds in your wallet. You will always have money on it.

If you are by the ocean, light up some candles in the sand and throw white flowers in the water to thank Iemanjá – the goddess of the sea.

Go to the sea and jump 7 waves while making wishes for the new year. It will also bring you good luck.

If you are not by the sea jump with your right foot 3 times, or get up on a stool and come down with your right foot first.

To bring you luck on your love life, make sure the first person you greet happy new year with a hug is someone of the opposite sex.

Try all this, if it doesn’t work just try again next year!
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