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New Mexico is probably one of the most unique destinations in terms of natural beauty out of the entire United States’ collection of states. From Carlsbad Caverns National Park to the majestic history and beauty of the Navajo Nation region, to places like Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Los Alamos, and the infamous Area 51 near Roswell, visitors will be incapable of taking it all in during just one trip. New Mexico simply begs for return visits over the course of several years because there is literally so much to see and do here that it just can’t be experienced all at once.

With a largely Hispanic culture dating back to the times when the region was a Spanish colony and then a Mexican colony until the 1840s and the Mexican war.

The region also has a vast tapestry of Native American history and traditions dating back hundreds of years. The state is broken up into several regions, with each having its own unique aspect. For example, northwestern New Mexico is part of the Four Corners region of the country and contains some of the most unique geological formations in the nation, as well as being part of the Navajo Nation. Northeast New Mexico contains the Santa Fe Trail, the remnants of Route 66, and is the convergence of the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains. The Rio Grande winds through the agricultural region of the state in the southwest, while the southeast portion of New Mexico is mostly desert, and the central and northern central are the most populated with Albuquerque and Santa Fe, as well as Taos.

As with most Midwestern portions of the United States, public transportation does not really exist. Getting around will require you to drive your own vehicle, but the views are breathtaking, regardless of which part of the state to be in. Bring a pair of hiking boots and a sense of adventure, because most of New Mexico’s beauty is off the beaten path, not in the cities.

The flying saucer crashed near Roswell, and Area 51 is in Nevada.

Albuquerque #1 most popular location
Albuquerque: just another dot on a map, or something more? The answer to that question depends entirely upon the visitor. Where some see only a mid-sized city in the United States, others see…
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Santa Fe #2 most popular location
The capital of the state of New Mexico, and one of the most well-known cities in the state, Santa Fe is a complex mixture of colonial architecture, small-town atmosphere, scenic beauty, cultu…
113travelers 33reviews 12blogs
Taos #3 most popular location
I have been to Taos, New Mexico many times including 2016. Taos is a nice small tourist dominated city surounded by mountains of the Carson N Forest in North Central New Mexico. Taos is a …
18travelers 8reviews 5blogs
Las Cruces #4 most popular location
Las Cruces is the second largest city in New Mexico, with a population of roughly 110,000. The town is known for its proximity to the Organ Mountains; its popularity as a retirement commun…
41travelers 19reviews 9blogs
Carlsbad #5 most popular location
Carlsbad is a town of about 25,000 population located in New Mexico. Predominately originating as a mining town, today over 11K area residents are employed by WIPP and many of the others sti…
8travelers 18reviews 6blogs
Gallup #6 most popular location
Gallup is a town of about 22,000 (up 9% since 2000) located along Interstate 40 (old Route 66) in Northwest New Mexico. Gallup was founded in 1881 when the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad came …
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Roswell #7 most popular location
Roswell is located in the state of New Mexico, and has a population of near 50,000. The area became famous for the UFO incident which happened near here in 1947. Nowadays, most of the mone…
24travelers 5reviews 2blogs
Deming #8 most popular location
Deming is a decent sized town of about 14,600 (up 4% since 2000) located at exits 82 and 85 on Interstate 10, at the intersections of U.S. Highway 180 and several NM Highways. Deming is abou…
2travelers 7reviews 2blogs
Alamogordo #9 most popular location
Alamogordo is a small to medium city In New Mexico (many services) on US 54 and US 70 to Las Cruces. One warning to you because when the Air Force does unannounced missal launches they close …
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Tucumcari #10 most popular location
Tucumcari is a large town (with services) in interstate 40 that intersects with NM 104 and NM 209; the intersections appear to take you nowhere. At the Stuckeys there (if not gone by now) you…
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Silver City #11 most popular location
Silver City is a very pleasant town of about 9900 (down 6% since 2000) located at the intersection of U. S. Highway 180 and New Mexico Highways 15 and 90 in Grant County in Southwest New Mexi…
5travelers 7reviews 4blogs
Farmington #12 most popular location
Farmington is a small city (many services) in the NW corner of New Mexico. Farmington is on US 64 and UT 371. There a Nat. Park facility there that have many indian ruins. Drive in any direct…
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Socorro #13 most popular location
Socorro is a small city (with services) in New Mexico on interstate 25 with a intersection for US 60 and go west for an hour and you will see the very large array of radio telescopes.
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Lordsburg #14 most popular location
Lordsburg tends to be overlooked as there are other towns along Interstate 10 in New Mexico that are better known (e.g. Deming and Las Cruces); but I like Lordsburg too. Lordsburg is a dece…
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Los Alamos #15 most popular location
Las Alamos is a fair sized town (with services) on NM 4 in isolation by a Nat. Forest. Oppenhiemer himself picked this spot for the research on the "Manhatten Project". The lab buildings are …
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Grants #16 most popular location
Grants is a small community of less than 10,000 population according to the 2000 census along Interstate 40, the old Highway 66, in western New Mexico.
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Raton #17 most popular location
Raton is a fair sized city in full northern New Mexico (many services) on interstate 25 and US 87 east to Texas. Get ready in Raton if going up the big hill on US 25 north to Raton Pass wher…
Santa Rosa #18 most popular location
Santa Rosa is a medium town in New Mexico (many services) on interstate 40. Its in the middle of nowhere and a good stop for services. Santa Rosa has a main drag (Bus. 40) where gas and so…
Las Vegas #19 most popular location
Las Vegas, New Mexico is a small city (many services) on interstate 25. Vegas is a crossroads with a number of intersecting highways. My favorite is NM 518 north passing through a large fores…
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Rio Rancho #20 most popular location
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Truth or Consequences #21 most popular location
Truth or Consequences is a small town in New Mexico (unknown services) north of Las Cruces on interstate 25. The feds keep up a border check point there on interstate.
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White Sands #22 most popular location
White Sands is a place of mystery. The majestic Organ Mounatins semi-circle The White Sands Missile Base. Not far from the Missile Base is the famed Trinity site where the first atomic bo…
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Mesilla #23 most popular location
Mesilla is a very picturesque and interesting town that has been pretty much overtaken by the rapid growth of Las Cruces. Mesilla is a town of about 1900 (down 19% since 2000) located at exi…
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Chimayo #24 most popular location
Pueblo of Acoma #25 most popular location
Hatch #26 most popular location
Hatch is a small village of about 1600 (down 4% since 2000) located at the intersection of New Mexico Highways 26, 185 and 187 in Dona Ana County in Southern New Mexico. Hatch is just west o…
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Los Lunas #27 most popular location
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Columbus #28 most popular location
Columbus has a population of just over 1600 (down 7% since 2000 but a big jump from 900 in 1999) located at the intersection of New Mexico Highways 11 and 9 in Luna County in Southwest New Me…
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Shiprock #29 most popular location
Shiprock is a small town in NW New Mexico (little services) on US 64 and US 666 (now US 491). From Shiprock it is eaasy to go to Colorado, Arizona, or Utah. On US 491 north to Shiprock are m…
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Clines Corners #30 most popular location
Clines Corner is a nothing town, but has services, on interstate 40 and the handy US 285 north to Santa Fe. They have a large building with indian blankets, cheap silver jewerly, and much mor…
Pinos Altos #31 most popular location
Pinos Altos is a tiny, but historic town of 198 (up 36% since 2000) located along New Mexico Highway 15 between Silver City and the Gila Cliff Dwellings, in Grant County in Southwest New Mexi…
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Santa Ana Pueblo #32 most popular location
Acoma Pueblo #33 most popular location
Organ #34 most popular location
Organ is a town of about 323 located along U. S. Highway 70 in Dona Ana County in Southern New Mexico. Organ is about 12 miles east of Las Cruces, and is part of the Las Cruces Metro Statisti…
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Hillsboro #35 most popular location
Hillsboro is a quaint and quiet little town of about 124 located along New Mexico Highway 152 in Sierra County in southwest New Mexico. Hillsboro is about 61% male and has a median age of 56…
San Miguel #36 most popular location
San Miguel is a small town of about 1200 (a slight increase since 2000) located at the intersection of New Mexico Highways 28 and 192 in Dona Ana County in Southern New Mexico. San Miguel is…
Bayard #37 most popular location
Bayard is a town of about 2200 (down 11% since 2000) located along U.S. Highway 180 in Grant County in Southwest New Mexico. Bayard is a few miles east of Silver City and 36 miles northwest …
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Capulin #38 most popular location
Capulin is a nothing town with few services on US 87 & 64 just east of Raton. Just a few miles north is the Capulin Volcano Nat. Monument that sticks out of this flat desert. The volcano is w…
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Orogrande #39 most popular location
Orogrande is a tiny unincorporated community of about 50 located south of Alamogordo, New Mexico and north of El Paso, Texas along U. S. Highway 54 in Otero County in Southern New Mexico. Or…
Rodey #40 most popular location
Rodey is what is called a census-designated place, which is a populated area that does not fit the description of au unincorporated town, a town or a city. Rodey is also what is called a “…
Ojo Caliente #41 most popular location
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Chilili #42 most popular location
Chilili, New Mexico is a very small area about 45 miles southeast of Albuquerque. Only about 113 people according to the 200o census, and it isn't considered a town. The unique thing about …
Tesuque #43 most popular location
Aztec #44 most popular location
Aztec is a small town with few services in the NW corner of New Mexico. Just a few miles away are the Aztec Ruins Nat. Monument... that we nick-named "the apartments". Its worth seeing if yo…
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Magdalena #45 most popular location
Magdalena is a nothing town (no services) in New Mexico on US 60 just west of Socorro and interstate 25. Near Magdalena are several trails where you can drive up to small mesa or small mounta…
White Rock #46 most popular location
Santa Clara Pueblo #47 most popular location
Queen #48 most popular location
Queen is a nothing town with just a little dinar visible, on NM 137 in the Guadalupe Mts. of the Lincoln Nat. Forest. Just a few miles away I was playing on the limestone roads with my new in…
Cimarron #49 most popular location
Cimarron is a small town with few services on US 64 and NM 21 not far east of Taos. There is some old history there but I am not familiar with that.
Carrizozo #50 most popular location
Carrizozo is a small town with few services on US 54 & US 380 about an hour north of Alamogordo.