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New Hampshire was the ninth state to ratify the U.S. Constitution, and was one of the original 13 states that founded the United States of America, but its history goes back even further than that. It was the first sovereign nation in America when it broke off relations with Great Britain in January 1776, and was also the first state to bring into effect its own state constitution. It is also known for being the only state which does not have a personal income tax or a general sales tax, and contains some of the most majestic New England landscapes in the entire United States. Known as The Granite State, New Hampshire is one of the most majestic states to visit, not only for its natural beauty and history, but simply for the experience.

Tourism is the main industry of the state, and its residents are extremely proud of their ecosystem and natural environment. The White Mountains are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the United States, and boast some of the best ski slopes in the country during the winter months. Outside of those, the area is perfect for hiking and biking, and there are plenty of forests and rivers and lakes to keep you occupied outside the mountains.

However, New Hampshire is also a treasure trove of historical buildings, from the colonial settlement of Portsmouth to small village such as Keene. In addition, Dartmouth University resides within the state, and there are plenty of New England coastal areas to take advantage of as well. All in all, New Hampshire is one of the most picturesque states when it comes to the sheer beauty of North America, and visiting here at any time of year is considered a treat. The winters are a bit cold, but the frigid temperatures can easily be forgotten when standing against the backdrop of such epic history and amazing views.

North Conway #1 most popular location
6travelers 9reviews 1blogs
Portsmouth #2 most popular location
Portsmouth, New Hampshire is located in Rockingham County and has a population of 20,784. Pease International Airport, which is a former military base, is located in Portsmouth though it h…
26travelers 8reviews 2blogs
Manchester #3 most popular location
The largest city in Northern New England (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire) is home to the only Main Street in America with two dead ends. Near the top of the BosWash it is home to many people w…
66travelers 5reviews 9blogs
Lincoln #4 most popular location
Lincoln is popular winter travel destination for New Englanders. Loon Mountain is a popular ski resort in the area. The Flume wich is a natural gorge can also be found in Lincoln and is one…
1travelers 1reviews 2blogs
Nashua #5 most popular location
Nashua is a City of about 86,000 people. Located in Hillsborough County NH is the second largest city in the state with Manchester being the first. The city was once voted best place to li…
25travelers 8reviews 4blogs
Concord #6 most popular location
The capitol of New Hampshire brings you a splash of history. As New Hampshire has the first primary in the country it is a hotspot for politicians to campain. There are many things that attra…
16travelers 4reviews 2blogs
Hampton Beach #7 most popular location
Hampton Beach is a beach resort located in the town of Hampton, New Hampshire (population of 14937); just 15 miles South of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Established June 26, 1907, Hampton, B…
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Bartlett #8 most popular location
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Bretton Woods #9 most popular location
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Gorham #10 most popular location
1travelers 3reviews
Franconia #11 most popular location
Franconia NH was the home of The Old Man On The Mountain wich fell off on May 3 2003 R.I.P. This face can still be seen on the states quater and inspired Nathiel Hawthorne to write Th Great …
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Dover #12 most popular location
16travelers 1reviews
Hanover #13 most popular location
Hanover is located near the Connecticut River in western New Hampshire. Part of the Upper Connecticut River Valley, Hanover is located within Grafton County. Hanover is most known for housing…
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Littleton #14 most popular location
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Whitefield #15 most popular location
1travelers 2reviews
Seabrook #16 most popular location
2travelers 1reviews
Salem #17 most popular location
Salem a Southern New Hampshire City is located off Interstate 93 just 35 miles north of Boston Massachusetts. It got it's start back in the early 1900's as a trolley hub and today has become…
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Gilford #18 most popular location
Gilford is in the center of New Hampshire nestled on Lake Winnipesaukee. It was settled in 1777 as Gunstock Parrish, part of neighboring Gilmanton, New Hampshire. In 1812 it was settled as "G…
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Intervale #19 most popular location
Keene #20 most popular location
11travelers 1blogs
Lebanon #21 most popular location
Lebanon, New Hampshire is a town of about 13,600 (a slow steady rise since 2000) located at the intersection of Interstates 89 and 91 and US Highway 4 in Grafton County in West Central New Ha…
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Merrimack #22 most popular location
8travelers 1reviews
Bethlehem #23 most popular location
3travelers 1blogs
Conway #24 most popular location
Conway is another beautiful New Hampshire Town. The highest paved road through New Hampshire the Kangumangus Highway runs through the town. In the Fall when the foliage changes it is a popu…
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Lancaster #25 most popular location
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North Woodstock #26 most popular location
Glen #27 most popular location
Londonderry #28 most popular location
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Henniker #29 most popular location
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Bradford #30 most popular location
North Hampton #31 most popular location
New Castle #32 most popular location
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Windham #33 most popular location
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Charlestown #34 most popular location
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Hudson #35 most popular location
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Freedom #36 most popular location
Twin Mountain #37 most popular location
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Hollis #38 most popular location
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Winchester #39 most popular location
Campton #40 most popular location
Canobie Lake #41 most popular location
Lyme #42 most popular location
Lyme, a small town of nearly 1700 inhabitants, is located in Grafton County, New Hampshire. Incorporated in 1761, Lyme is home to the Dartmouth Skiway, Post Pond recreation area and a number …