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Amsterdam #1 most popular location
We all know what runs through the average young mind when it hears the word ‘Amsterdam’. It might be the liberal home of drugs and prostitution, but the Dutch capital is also a beautiful …
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The Hague #2 most popular location
As the regal home of Dutch royalty, former capital Den Haag (The Hague) is an artistic, ornate city of palaces, architectural wonders and wide, tree-lined boulevards. It's also at the heart o…
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Rotterdam #3 most popular location
British indie-crooners The Beautiful South once sung that Rotterdam is like anywhere, suggesting the city lacked any outstanding attributes. Architecturally, they were pretty much bang on. Ha…
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Maastricht #4 most popular location
As the capital city of the Limburg province, and the southernmost city in the Netherlands with the Meuse River splitting her in two, and within walking distance of both Germany and Belgium, M…
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Utrecht #5 most popular location
Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. Founded by the Romans in 48 A.D. as 'Ultrajectum', meaning; end of the road , because it was here where the roman empire stopped at the…
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Leiden #6 most popular location
A stunning archaic city centre, Rembrandt’s home town and host to the oldest and arguably most notable university in the Netherlands: Leiden’s certainly not lacking in claims to fame, but…
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Zandvoort #7 most popular location
Zandvoort is a municipality and a town in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. Zandvoort is one of the major beach resorts of the Netherlands; it has a long sandy beach, bord…
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Delft #8 most popular location
Delft is one of the most beautiful cities in The Netherlands. Though quite small, the old city is charming. Many canals dissect the city (a boat trip is a nice way to see the city!). Delft wi…
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Eindhoven #9 most popular location
Known throughout Europe as an industrial heartland and as the home of electrical powerhouse Philips, Eindhoven hardly has a pretty reputation. More recently, though, the city has established …
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Valkenburg aan de Geul #10 most popular location
Valkenburg aan de Geul is situated in the southeastern Dutch province of Limburg. Nowadays Valkenburg is especially known for its touristic character. There are several attractions within …
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Haarlem #11 most popular location
Haarlem is very close to Amsterdam and definitely worth to visit. The city offers culture, history, pedestriated shopping centers and nightlife can be around every corner. Staying in Haarl…
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Arnhem #12 most popular location
The medium sized east Netherlands town of Arnhem is better known for its past than its presence. Having spent eight days of the Second World War welcoming allied parachutists at the heart of …
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Texel #13 most popular location
Texel is the first of a string of islands which stretches from the north-west coast of the Netherlands along the German coast all the way to Denmark. This island has a modest 16.000 inhabit…
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Groningen #14 most popular location
Groningen is the capital of the province Groningen and with 182,000 residents by far the largest town in the North of the Netherlands. Groningen has one of the oldest and largest universities…
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Noordwijk #15 most popular location
Noordwijk is a beach resort at the Dutch coast in the North of the province 'Zuid Holland'. Noordwijk is an ideal place to spend a vacation. It is close to both Amsterdam and The Hague. It is…
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Nijmegen #16 most popular location
Nijmegen is located in the province of Gelderland near the German border. It is founded in 19 AD as 'Noviomagum' and is the oldest city of The Netherlands; it was granted city rights in 98 AD…
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Leeuwarden #17 most popular location
Leeuwarden is a little-known town in the northern part of the Netherlands. It is the capital of Fryslân, well-known for its Frisian cattle and Frisian horses. An agricultural province, touri…
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Kaatsheuvel #18 most popular location
Kaatsheuvel is a village in the Dutch province of North Brabant. It is situated along the highways N261 and N628, and with a population of roughly 16,600, it is the largest village in the mun…
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Schiphol #19 most popular location
Schiphol is the biggest airport in the Netherlands. It's located in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland. Inside Schiphol you can find quite some bars & restaurants and taxfree shops. Be certain to…
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Tilburg #20 most popular location
Everybody is welcome in Tilburg, the 'heart of Brabant'. Whether you would like to wander through the beautiful nature which surrounds the city or want to visit a museum, Tilburg has a lot to…
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Scheveningen #21 most popular location
Scheveningen is part of The Hague, along the coast of the North Sea. It is a seaside resort with a long beach, an esplanade, a pier and a lighthouse, and also comprises a harbor, both for fis…
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Domburg #22 most popular location
Domburg is a small town in the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands. This town is located near the sea and is very populair for tourist. During the summer you can find a lot of tourist in t…
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Haarlemmermeer #23 most popular location
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Apeldoorn #24 most popular location
Apeldoorn can be found near National Park De Hoge Veluwe, within the province of Gelderland, in the Netherlands. Apeldoorn is a city with over 155.000 inhabitants. Apeldoorn is nice to vis…
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Lisse #25 most popular location
Lisse is known for its tourist attraction "De Keukenhof". This is a park filled with gardens where the prettiest flowers (like tulips) are being displayed. But be sure to check opening dates …
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Amersfoort #26 most popular location
Amersfoort is a calm town of 130.000 souls. because it almost dubbeld in size over the last 40 years it has a wide range of architectural styles. Some are international known like "Kattenbr…
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Terschelling #27 most popular location
Terschelling is one of the five occupied islands that belong to the dutch Waddeneilanden. Like the other islands, this is a small island with not even 5000 inhabitants. They live in 15 very s…
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Volendam #28 most popular location
Volendam is a touristic fishermans town in the province Noord Holland near to the IJsselmeer. It is famous for it's old fashioned clothing and wooden shoes and houses are still the way it was…
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Zwolle #29 most popular location
Zwolle is very young by its character and warm with the atmosphere. During the mornings you can see how the city becomes alive. To the late afternoon and evening it is so evolved that you can…
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Ameland #30 most popular location
Ameland is one of the five occupied dutch island that is part of the Waddeneilanden. Like the other islands, Ameland is very small and has not even 4000 inhabitants. What's very special of Am…
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Alkmaar #31 most popular location
Before I forget: Alkmaar has 11 Windmills! ‘Victory began in Alkmaar’. This saying refers to one of the most famous episodes in the history of Alkmaar: its defeat of the besieging Span…
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Breda #32 most popular location
One of the bigger cities with 172,000 people in the province of North-Brabant in the south of the Netherlands. The city hosts the academy of arts, so there are a lot of young creative minds i…
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Vlissingen #33 most popular location
Vlissingen is an old dutch city that lies in the province sealand. It is the biggest city of sealand, and lies directly to the sea. Once it was a very much used port, now it is still operatio…
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Kinderdijk #34 most popular location
As a tourist in the Netherlands you should visit Kinderdijk. 19 windmills are standing in the landscape and two windmills (Blokweer and Nederwaard) are open to visit. A ticket gives acces to …
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Emmen #35 most popular location
The city of Emmen is a large city in the south east of the province of Drenthe, which is situated in the north east of Holland. It contains almost 60.000 inhabitants. Emmen has a large sho…
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Lelystad #36 most popular location
Lelystad is the city at the sea. With its own harbor and the fishing industrie it spells the charme from the ols days. Neverless this city is just a few years old it got the spirit of the …
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Dordrecht #37 most popular location
Dordrecht is the oldest city of Holland and has about 1000 monuments. You can reach Dordrecht by train, then you can take the bus to the centre. Or you can walk (that takes you 10 minutes). …
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Gouda #38 most popular location
Gouda is a city in the Netherlands, famous for its cheese and candles. Between Den Haag, Rotterdam and Utrecht. It has the a large church famous for its gothic stained glass windows and it's …
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's-Hertogenbosch #39 most popular location
's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch in spoken language) (translated in English it means something like Duke's Forest) is the capital of North Brabant, a province of the Netherlands. The city is found…
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Bergen #40 most popular location
Bergen is a small town nearby the coast of Holland. From here on it's a couple of minutes (also by bicycle) to Bergen aan Zee, the beach. Bergen is also an art village, where a lot of art…
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Almere #41 most popular location
Almere resides on the southern part of the biggest man-made island ever made. Almere is connected to the motorways the A6 and the A27. You can reach it by train in 30 minutes from Central Sta…
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IJmuiden #42 most popular location
IJmuiden is a city in the Dutch province of North Holland, the main town of the municipality of Velsen. It lies about 17 km (10.3 mi) north of Haarlem. In the Roman era, this Velsen district …
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Roermond #43 most popular location
Roermond is a city, a municipality, and a diocese in the southeastern part of the Netherlands. The city of Roermond is a historically important town, on the lower Roer at the east bank of th…
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Hilvarenbeek #44 most popular location
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Edam #45 most popular location
Edam, a small city only a few kilometres away from Amsterdam and the "Droogmakerij de Beemster" (Polder de Beemster). This city is famous because of its cheese and the cheese market. The chee…
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Enkhuizen #46 most popular location
At the most easterly point of the region of West-Friesland stands Enkhuizen, which owes its prosperity to the Zuiderzee, now IJsselmeer, in the Golden Century. In the monumental centre there …
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Venlo #47 most popular location
Venlo has been inhabited since the Roman Era. It is likely this habitation started and stayed here because this place was an important crossing of roads and a crossing of the river Maas. …
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Hoorn #48 most popular location
Hoorn is a small city about 40 kilometers North of Amsterdam on the coast of the Markermeer, part of the IJsselmeer. There are about 70.000 inhabitants and the history dates back to the year …
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Harderwijk #49 most popular location
(borrowed from wikipedia) Harderwijk is a municipality and a small city in the eastern Netherlands. The history of Harderwijk Harderwijk received city rights from Count Otto II of Guel…
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Wassenaar #50 most popular location
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Egmond aan Zee #51 most popular location
Egmond aan Zee is a village in the province of Noord-Holland (Northern Holland) in the Netherlands. The villages lies directly on the North Sea. This town is very popular for tourist, in …
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Giethoorn #52 most popular location
Giethoorn is a village in the north-east of The Netherlands in the province of Overijssel. It is also called the Venice of the North by many due to all the waterways that run though and lakes…
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Vlieland #53 most popular location
Vlieland is a small island part of a string of the so called Frisian islands. the islands stretch from the northern coast of the Netherlands all the way over the German coast up to Denmark.…
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Zaanse Schans #54 most popular location
One of Holland's top tourist destinations The Zaanse Schans is a delightful village on the banks of the river Zaan with characteristic green wooden houses, charming stylized gardens, small…
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Enschede #55 most popular location
Enschede is a large city (pop. 155.000) in the East of the Netherlands, not far beyond Deventer, and near the German border. It has a small town square, a shopping centre, and an interesting …
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Den Helder #56 most popular location
Located at the most northern part of the mainland of the province Noord-Holland and the gateway to Texel. Den Helder is an attractive city, not only to live in, but for a holiday as well! …
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Amsterdam Schiphol #57 most popular location
Amsterdam Schiphol is the primary international airport for the Netherlands. Go to the bottom level of the airport and find the very good Netherlands trains with very good (and often availabl…
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Schiermonnikoog #58 most popular location
Schiermonnikoog is part of a string of islands witch stretches from Holland's Northern coast over the German coast all the way up to Denmark., the island is official a nature reserve and t…
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Sneek #59 most popular location
Tourists enjoy the wide range of shops, historic façades and many activities. All kinds of recreational facilities are at their disposal in and around Sneek. Many buildings and activities in…
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Deventer #60 most popular location
Deventer is a small city located in the eastern part of the Netherlands with a population of around 100000. It is situated on the river IJssel. It has a beautiful medieval city centre, with …
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Beekbergen #61 most popular location
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Amstelveen #62 most popular location
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Harlingen #63 most popular location
Harlingen, located at the Waddenzee and to be found in the province of Friesland, in the far north of the Netherlands, has approximately 15.400 inhabitants and is, with that, fifth on the lis…
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Schiedam #64 most popular location
Schiedam is a city in South Holland, near to the outskirts of Rotterdam. The museums, galleries, workshops and specialty shops are definitely worth a visit. I would also recommend a tour on t…
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Valkenburg #65 most popular location
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Assen #66 most popular location
Assen, which is located in the northern dutch provence 'Drenthe' has 65.000 inhabitants in 2007. For now it's the quickest growing provence of the north of the Netherlands. The oldest proves …
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Zoetermeer #67 most popular location
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Arcen #68 most popular location
Arcen is a village in the Dutch province of Limburg. In 2010, it became part of the municipality of Venlo. Previously, it had been part of the municipality of Arcen en Velden and the seat of …
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Vaals #69 most popular location
Vaals, Netherlands is located in the extreme southeast of the Netherlands, near the town of Vaals, rises the country's highest hill, the Vaalser Berg (321m/1,053ft). Here, at the Drielandenpu…
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Kampen #70 most popular location
Kampen is one of the last Hanze Cities before the IJsselmeer. Kampen is first mentioned in 1227, but is probably older. Because they have found the ruins of an old Roman church. The oldest pa…
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Heerlen #71 most popular location
Heerlen is a city in the South East of the Netherlands and has about 220.000 inhabitants. The city is near the German border (5 miles).It's the second largest city in the province of Limburg.…
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Marken #72 most popular location
Marken, a former island in what nowdays is called the IJsselmeer. Marken still has the mentality of the days from the early 20th century. The island is famous for its women who are still wear…
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Biddinghuizen #73 most popular location
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Zeewolde #74 most popular location
You will find Zeewolde in the state Flevoland. This year in 2009 Zeewolde celebrates the 25 years jubilee.Zeewolde is in sqare miles the biggest town area in holland. In the center of Zeewold…
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Landgraaf #75 most popular location
Landgraaf is a little city in the South of the Netherlands, just a few miles from the German border. Landgraaf is a aggregation of 3 little towns, called: Schaesberg, Ubach over Worms and Nie…
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Hilversum #76 most popular location
Hilversum is the Media and Entertainment capital of the Netherlands. Tv studio's are situated in Hilversum and a lot of people who live in Hilversum are employed in the Media and Entertainmen…
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Den Bosch #77 most popular location
Den Bosch is a town in the Southeast of the Netherlands and capital of the Dutch province 'Noord-Brabant', in the south of the Netherlands bordering on Belgium in the South. It is officially …
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Naarden #78 most popular location
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Friesland #79 most popular location
Friesland is a province in the northern part of the Netherlands representing a land area of 3,349 square kilometers and a water area of 2,392 square kilometers, making it one of the most attr…
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Meppel #80 most popular location
Meppel is a municipality and a city in the northeast of the Netherlands, in the south-west of the province Drenthe. It is the oldest town in the province and received city rights in 1809. Mep…
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Franeker #81 most popular location
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Dwingeloo #82 most popular location
Dwingeloo is one of the most charming small villages of The Netherlands, and located next to a very beautiful national park called Dwingelderveld. Dwingeloo is a typically old farmers vill…
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Monnickendam #83 most popular location
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Epe #84 most popular location
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Lemmer #85 most popular location
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Alphen aan den Rijn #86 most popular location
Alphen aan den Rijn is a place and municipality in South Holland, located to the Oude Rijn between the places Leiden, Gouda, Bodegraven and Ter Aar. Outside the city Alphen aan den Rijn itsel…
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Zutphen #87 most popular location
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Zierikzee #88 most popular location
Zierikzee is the main city of the municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland in the scenic province of Zeeland. It is about one hour's drive south of Rotterdam, and although it has no rail station it…
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Hoofddorp #89 most popular location
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De Lutte #90 most popular location
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Otterlo #91 most popular location
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Vrouwenpolder #92 most popular location
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Vlaardingen #93 most popular location
Vlaardingen is a city in South Holland in the Netherlands. It is located on the north bank of the Nieuwe Maas/Nieuwe Waterweg river at the confluence with the Oude Maas. On the east the city …
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Sluis #94 most popular location
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Almelo #95 most popular location
Almelo is a city in the eastern part of the Netherlands. The population is 72000 so it's not a big city. In the past Almelo was a fabrics city, everybody worked at the Ten Cate Textiel fact…
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Delden #96 most popular location
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Nes #97 most popular location
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Vinkeveen #98 most popular location
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Groesbeek #99 most popular location
Tucked between the hills and surrounded by vast forests, against the German border and near Nijmegen, the municipality of groesbeek. An atmosphere rich municipality with the nuclei Breedeweg,…
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Hoek van Holland #100 most popular location
The Hook of Holland (Dutch: Hoek van Holland - literally "Corner of Holland"), also known in English as the Hook, is a town in South Holland in the Netherlands. It is situated on the North Se…
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