Netherlands Open Air Museum (Openlucht Museum Arnhem)

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Schelmseweg, Arnhem, Netherlands

Netherlands Open Air Museum (Openlucht Museum Arnhem) Reviews

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Beautiful and clean park Aug 30, 2012
I didn't expect much of this museum, especially because it has to be good weather. I knew it was about old houses and life on the farm. You get to see a lot of barns and different kind of jobs on the farms. Sometimes you can try things and buy things like they are old, like; bookshelves, candy, postcards and books/stuff about how to learn, for example; knitting.

You have to like to walk if you want to see everything. And if you want to know what everything is or what it's about, you have the possibility to read a few signs at everything you see. The map is very simple and easy. Every building or place has a number and every number has a name. Next to every building or place is a sign. Some buildings or places have an nice employee who tells you about the building or their lifestyle in the clothes from the time the building was built. Also the interior is most of the times very interesting. It's also from the old times and not only the prints on the walls etc. are from that time, but the furniture itself is sometimes from that time too. You get to see a little of old parts of Amsterdam. (3 houses with on the inside information and short films about imi/emigration, an old café and a Turkpension.

Every food you buy is organic. Bakery, candy, milk, cheese, honey; organic.

You actually learn A LOT when you visit this museum. The museum has translates in English and French. People with a walking disability can visit this museum, but cannot see everything, because they are not able to go everywhere with a wheelchair. I think it's not a bad thing, because it's beautiful with all the nature, and disabled people can see enough. Bad part is; disabled people cannot get into most of the buildings.

I don't recommend this museum to families with children. It's to boring for them. If you have children who are really interested in old things, it might be fun, or if you want to go for the activities. But please don't go for yourself. To see everything, it takes a 6 hour walk.
A farmhouse
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montecarlostar montecar…
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Awesome way to get to know a bit of historical Holland Jul 10, 2010
The Open Air Museum was part of my visit to Arnhem, Netherlands. It features a large open space with more than 80 dutch historic houses, comprising different architectural styles and social levels. You can see from the house of the lord of the fields to the houses of the peasants doing the work.

Of course you can see several windmills, barns, historic train stations, churches, hospitals and many more things.

They also had an exposition on historical custom dresses in different regions of Holland. To make your experience more authentic, you can buy some dutch candy by the candy store.
Chokk says:
Always nice places these ones:))
Posted on: Jul 17, 2010
rich1981 says:
I see you used some of my pics, lol. Good to hear you had a good time.
Posted on: Jul 16, 2010
Sweetski Sweetski
52 reviews
An awesome day out Jan 14, 2009
Fun, excitement, ancient history, state-of-the-art modernity, exhibitions, livestock, playgrounds, herb gardens, windmills and much, much more!

A museum that ‘caters’ for a wide range of interests often caters none. Fortunately this is not true for the Open Air Museum. All of the above mentioned things can be seen at the museum that is located in Arnhem (capitol of the Dutch province Gelderland and heart of Operation Market Garden in the Second World War), and they all work together so well.

The Netherlands Open Air Museum (in Dutch: Openluchtmuseum) is a national museum that offers fun, educational and interesting things to people of all ages. Sure, the focus lies on history and the culture associated with the everyday lives of ordinary people. However, they do so in an extraordinary manner.

Kids get to experience great-grandma’s hardships first hand. They can bake cookies, help out on the farm, try basket weaving and stuff like that. They can run around and tumble on the playground, watch videos and go on a tram ride. If that isn’t enough, they can also discover the dark woods walking along the robbers’ path. Creepy sounds emerge from the woods, an outlaw’s tent suddenly appears in the line of sight…. Whooooo scary! In winter they can skate on the ice rink or go tobogganing down a little slope near the Delft mill.

Grown-ups are more likely interested in the history of Dutch everyday life and architecture. Besides interesting displays and demonstration on long gone professions, one can stroll through the lovely herb gardens, visit working mills and buy life’s necessities at numerous picturesque little shops. A railway station, farms, seven windmills and a brewery can also be found on the premises, along with sheds and houses of the last three centuries.

My wife and I visited the Open Air Museum in winter, during their winter opening. Yearly, six weeks in winter the park is opened to the public with special winter displays and activities. There were displays on how people celebrated Christmas throughout the centuries. A winter fair was taking place at the main square and in the late afternoon a lantern parade was held.

Luckily for us, we are experiencing the first real winter in twelve years, so the snow and ice covered park was extra beautiful this time. To warm up after walking the grounds for a couple of hours, we went to an authentic ‘Poffertjeskraam’, one of several restaurants that can be found throughout the park. Poffertjes are a typical Dutch treat, a bit like a fritter, but without the fruit inside. Perhaps they are best compared to a Russian blini, which has a similar structure and shape. Yet, a blini is hardy, while poffertjes are sweet, served with icing sugar.

All the dwellings and buildings are authentic and your entrance fee will help in restoring and maintaining existing as well as new buildings. Entrance fee is reasonable (€ 12 in winter, € 14 in summer), plenty parking space available (€ 4.50 per car per day) and direction signs sufficient and efficient. The Open Air Museum has ample wheelchair access and numerous clean restrooms throughout the park.

Although we only visited this park in winter, I can imagine how beautiful it must look in summer. We will definitely revisit the park in other seasons too. If you like to visit the museum this 2008-2009 winter, you’ll have to hurry; last day of the winter opening is on January 18. In April 2009, the Open Air Museum reopens for the summer season.
I love that blue of the cottage.
One of the trams. There are five s…
On the left is the herb garden, on…
What all kids want to know!
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gejah says:
thanks to our votes the openair museum has won a price
Posted on: Sep 30, 2009
Sweetski says:
Indeed it was lovely Neelke. You lived in the area I guess?
Posted on: Jul 12, 2009
CinnamonCookie says:
It looks so lovely in the snow!! :) I have a lot of happy childhood memories of this place.
Posted on: Jul 12, 2009
Verhoek Verhoek
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open air museum Arnhem Sep 14, 2009
we've got cards to visit the open air museum at Arnhem.

We didn't know what to expect from it so we visit the museum.

there where a lot of old thing like the old houses and an old tram.

i must say that i liked it at the museum.

so if you are in arnhem and you want some oldschool stuff visit the museum

i will add some photo's later
oldschoolbill says:
I like Oldschool stuff!!
Posted on: Sep 14, 2009
gejah gejah
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Openlucht museum Arnhem Oct 25, 2008
As most Dutch people say: This is really a must for foreigners. It is beautifull!

It is really worth visiting the website of the open air museum. They will tell you all about the houses and inhibitants. Also a lot of information about the kind of work people do for living.

If you are interested in history of "old" houses and living in holland. Google streetview is recording now. So in a short while you are able to visit the open air museum by google!

Today in the newspaper there was an announcement what they will show the visitors in the winter.

This will be shown from 5 december until 17 January. Inhibitants of the historic farmhouses will show you how they survived the very cold winters when there were not alot jobs and their houses stayed cold. They will also show the life of the rich people in the winter, with hotchpotch and special new Years meals, this is what you can expect this short period.(2009/2010)

On the skating track visitors can feel the historic life, with "koek and zopie" (most choclat milk or aniseed milk and cake.

The open air museum takes you back in time. You will see several houses they rebuild in this museum.

Here they show you how you can make paper. You will see a farm from Staphorst from the 1880 in this house they lived with eight children. And of course the Zaanse schans! If you want something to snack, there is some old fashioned candy that you can buy.

What rather new is in the openlucht museum, is HollandRama. This is very special attraction.

It is a capsule with is fixed to an arm. This arm wil lift up the capsule, and therefore it can turn 355 degrees. It also reaches a hight from 7,5 meter. It is connected to rails on the floor so you will be able to see a lot of panorama's.

This is realy new and special. The only problem is, people who are disabled can't visit the Hollandrama.

In the winter it is possible to visit the park,(until 5 december, than they make arrangements for Winter in the openair museum) but not the houses. Those are closed.

In december there is a skating rink in front of the restaurant. This is very nice. (if you are lucky and it is cold and there is snow, it is so very beautiful in this park)

For the park only, you pay 4€ and for the parking of your car 1,50€. I really do not know the prices for the next year. Today it is high season. Than you pay the normal price, 14 euro p.p for the park (because the houses are open) and you pay 4 euro for your car.

At 1 april the parc will be open again, including the houses.

Openings hours 10.00-17.00.
source ANP
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gejah says:
ha ha, but this one is better!! :)
Posted on: Dec 27, 2009
Dr_Seuss says:
Sort of place I like. Been to the one near Amsterdam
Posted on: Dec 27, 2009
huibdos says:
Het openluchtmuseum is één van de musts voor buitenlandse gasten. En misschien voor ons ook. Volgend voorjaar maar weer eens inplannen.
Posted on: Nov 23, 2009

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