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Junction of Interstate 15 and Highway 76... on the right., Pala Mesa, CA, USA
Nessy Burgers - Happy construction workers, truckers and locals eating giant burgers.
Nessy Burgers - Giant hand-made patty of hamburger and steak, cheese and fixin's on a toasted bun- always handed to you open like this in a pinched square of paper...
Nessy Burgers - They've added this big metal canopy to the original tiny trailer that you can see, making it more permanent...
Nessy Burgers - Loch ness theme all around....
Nessy Burgers - Watching dudes drill soil test holes all morning... this is a prerequisite for eating at Nessy Burgers!
Nessy Burgers - Watching dudes drill soil test holes all morning... this is a prerequisite for eating at Nessy Burgers!
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bboydino bboydino
3 reviews
Freshly made burgers Jun 08, 2011
I happened upon this place when I was heading to the casino and just had to check it out. When I first got there, I got the impression that it was just like another Tommy's. I was very mistaken. The burgers are made fresh and very fulfilling. I had to stop by again on the way back.
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cneoridium cneoridi…
44 reviews
Freeway Burgers Oct 13, 2010
Today on the way back from a morning of drilling soil test pits at a project site all morning, my friend decided that we should probably stop at the Nessy Burgers, it's sort of a required stop if you're in the area.

The Famous Nessy Burgers:

It started out as a little trailer parked in the public "park and ride" parking lot at the junction of I-15 and SR76 back in '89... just a random place along the freeway between San Diego and Temecula... nothing much else around there. Somehow they finagled a way to make it sort of permanent. It's now the original tiny trailer, but with a metal awning and some seats out front.

If you know the area, SR76 is famous for being constantly under construction - it was under construction when I was a little kid 40 years ago... and it's still under construction! The constant stream of construction workers, cops cruising the highway, and truckers is what got it started, but now it's become sort of a famous, but secret landmark in the region, because of the food.

There's more to it than just being the only place around... Their cheeseburgers (they only have cheeseburgers, no hamburgers...) have about and inch of hand blended hamburger and sirloin with spices, grilled and served with lettuce, tomato, and thousand island style dressing. I don't really eat meat any more, but I remember that they were about the best burgers available in San Diego county...

So, you can sit a parking lot, with actually a nice view up the San Luis Rey River valley, out in the middle of nowhere, with a bunch of hungry construction guys and down giant burgers in the open air. If you like burgers and are traveling down the I-15 to San Diego, you really need to stop here.

If you don't want a cheeseburger, they also have turkey burgers, steak sandwiches, polish sandwich, chicken, and even egg and cheese for me!
Watching dudes drill soil test hol…
Beautiful Nessy Burgers, in a publ…
Happy construction workers, trucke…
They've added this big metal canop…
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