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43 Gresson Street
03-768 4425

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Dirty fun in Graymouth! Nov 04, 2012
Ah Neptune's backpackers, one of the more interesting places I stayed during my NZ trip.

It didn't help it was a grey wet and miserable day when we arrived in Gray Mouth. Stepping off the bus we were greeted with the sight of a dilapidated old wooden building. The entrance, if you could call it theat, was around the back in what appeared to be some kind of scrap yard or perhaps just a car park for the owners various projects?

There was a bunch of lads sat on a old sofa outside, after some slight confusion it appeared theat one of them owned the place. We gave him some money and in return he gave us a Key, and in we went. The interior was in pretty much the same state as the Exterior, worn carpets, odd furniture and old sofas. Although all relatively tidy and usable.(It reminded me of one of my old friends houses, a big house where they had loads of kids and the kids had trashed most of it and they didnt bother repairing or replacing it).

We went upstairs to find a relitivly tidy room and the first plus side to the place so far. Rather than the usual creaky metal framed bunk beds, here somebody had just gone to the local builders yard and purchased all their off cuts of planed 2x4 and screwed together some basic but very sturdy bunk beds, they were comfy and didn't move or creak, I was kinda impressed!

Free Beer and Wifi must have been what attracted me to Neptune's, on that it didn't disappoint. After using the grubby kitchen (yes wash your plates before and after! Also complete with moldy food left in the microwave, well I thought it was moldy and gingerly took it out and left it, but then the owner put it back in the microwave heated it up and ate it!?! wtf!) I went to collect my free beer and use the wifi. One beer turned into a two or three and I actually had a pretty decent night, the guys turned out to be really friendly and even invited us into their pool competition :)

Then I went to find that there was only one shower that worked in the entire place, it was the most manky shower I've ever been in. I'm not sure quite when it was last cleaned. The light didn't even work! luckily it was a proper bath room and shower rather than just a shower and the light in the bathereoom part was just enough to see by.

Would I stay here again? er, No, probably not.

Any plus sides, I liked the sturdy home made beds and good friendly atmosphere.

Also would probably be a good place to stay if you planned on downloading a load of films or the entire internet or sometheing? Only place with no restrictions or annoying log on procedures with free wifi :)

Could do with a damn good clean!
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