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As anyone who has ever visited Jamaica can tell you, the place is possibly the epitome of laid back culture. No one ever hurries, and “fun in the sun” almost seems like a way of life to the wayward traveler. And while there are plenty of places where you can go to visit and experience a little taste of the fun for yourself, Negril stands out as one of the premier destinations for the adventurous soul, not only for its all-inclusive resorts and 40 foot high cliffs surrounding, but for the seven miles of perfect white sandy beaches that first made the place famous.

Negril was long known as the secluded destination for the traveler looking for something out of the public eye. Tucked away on a little corner of Jamaica, it was known only to a handful of those who kept the secret clutched tightly to their chests. As a result, the town is not nearly as developed as some of its sister towns like Montego Bay, but that has been rapidly changing in recent years as more and more resorts move into the area and develop all-inclusive meccas to take advantage of those sandy beaches and epic views looking out over the Caribbean.

Worried about what to do while in Negril? Don’t be. This is a Caribbean relaxation destination, and as relaxed as they come. Wander along the seven miles of beaches and sink your toes into some of the softest sand in the world, or head on up to the cliffs and watch the cliff divers at Rick’s Café…or take a dive yourself, if you are crazy or brave enough. You could visit Appleton Rum Estate or enjoy food and drinks at any of the local resorts to choose from. Just keep in mind that while this is no longer a haven for the secretive traveler, it has still not developed as much infrastructure as some of its more modern and popular resort town brothers and sisters and is constantly under development.

Negril acts as a great base for exploring and venturing out, whilst still coming back to a quieter vibe. There are plenty of bars and places to chill out with Wifi and a cocktail in Negril as well as the more popular and busy places. So if you want to explore and venture out and you hire a car in Negril beware that some of the roads are small and windy and the driving rules may not be the same as at home. :)

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