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At first glance Nebraska might appear to be nothing more than a vast space of empty nothingness. And while that's generally true of the Platte River Valley, otherwise known as the I-80 corridor where anyone wanting to get through the state from east to west has to drive, the rest of the state is actually quite diverse, with mountains, sand dunes, arid and plenty of wide-open prairie. A leading state in terms of ranching, one of Nebraska's past nicknames was The Beef State, largely in reference to the amount of beef consumed and produced by the farming community. In recent years the wineries that were established prior to the dust bowl and drought of the 1930s have begun to make a comeback, giving the state yet another reason to be visited.

If exploring the uniquely odd is on your agenda, Hastings, Nebraska is home to a museum dedicated to Kool-Aid, which is the official drink of the state, and was invented in the city. Or if exploring rural American culture is on your agenda, the entire state is at your disposal. Kearny and Lincoln are your typical Nebraskan cities, while the capital of Omaha is a rise above the rest, with the highest number of millionaires per capita in the entire U.S., as well as the highest number of restaurants per capita. But perhaps the most appealing part of the state is the territory beyond the wide open spaces you only see from the interstate.

From the Western Foothills region of the country to the Sand Hills, home to the largest formation of sand dunes in the Western Hemisphere, to the Pine Ridge region of buttes and badlands in the northwest corner of the state, Nebraska has a lot to offer in terms of actual beauty. Definitely rugged, and most certainly off the beaten path, the best parts of the state can only be explored through a sense of adventure, and being willing to get off the main thoroughfare.

Omaha #1 most popular location
Omaha is the largest city in the state of Nebraska. It is located in the Midwestern United States on the Missouri River, about 20 miles (30 km) north of the mouth of the Platte River. The c…
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Lincoln #2 most popular location
Overview: Lincoln, named after President Abraham Lincoln, is the state capital of Nebraska and populates over 250,000 people making it the second largest city of the state. Employment: T…
87travelers 1reviews 3blogs
North Platte #3 most popular location
Overview: North Platte, a city of over 23,000 inhabitants, is located western Nebraska along interstate 80. Attractions: North Platte is the home of the largest railroad freight classi…
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Kearney #4 most popular location
Kearney is a small city of almost 32,000 (up 16% since 2000) located just off Interstate 80, along US Highway 30, in Central Nebraska. Kearney was named for nearby Fort Kearny which was named…
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Scottsbluff #5 most popular location
Scottsbluff is a unique area of Nebraska. Home to the Scottsbluff National Monumement in the neigboring town of Gering, as well as nearby Chimney Rock National Historical site. Scottsbluff …
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Bellevue #6 most popular location
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Ogallala #7 most popular location
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Sidney #8 most popular location
Overview: Sidney is a city of over 6,000 inhabitants in western Nebraska. Located on the panhandle on the northside of interstate 80. Atractions: Sidney is host to Cabela's corporate h…
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York #9 most popular location
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Chadron #10 most popular location
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Valentine #11 most popular location
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Alliance #12 most popular location
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McCook #13 most popular location
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Beatrice #14 most popular location
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La Vista #15 most popular location
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Bayard #16 most popular location
This very small old town was established as part of the Oregon Trail back in the late 1800s. About two miles south is Chimney Rock, a famous landmark along the east to west trails of the 180…
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Gering #17 most popular location
Ainsworth #18 most popular location
Alma #19 most popular location
Alma is a small town about seven miles north of the Kansas/Nebraska border on highway 183. Harlan County Reservoir is located right in this town, so in the summer it a lot more lively. Ther…
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Ashland #20 most popular location
Overview: Ashland, a rural community of over 2,000 inhabitants is located in between Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska in the eastern part of the state. While Omaha and Lincoln reflect the two la…
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Gretna #21 most popular location
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O'Neill #22 most popular location
Ralston #23 most popular location
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Western #24 most popular location
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Ponca #25 most popular location
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Ericson #26 most popular location