Nazca lines

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Nazca, Peru
Nazca lines - the whale
Nazca lines - the whale
Nazca lines - the whale
Nazca lines - the whale
Nazca lines - Nazca desert
Nazca lines - the monkey

Nazca lines Reviews

suso141 suso141
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An underrated region of Peru... Jul 15, 2011
The drive to Nazca presents beautiful views of the much underrated desert of Peru. My boyfriend and I saw the Nazca lines by taking the flight over them. They were spectacular! It is really incredibly that these vast images, dug in the sand thousands of years ago, are still here today. My only complaint was that the flight made both of us sick to our stomachs, even though we usually don't have motion sickness. The town of Nazca has a lot to offer but I wouldn't recommend it for more than just a day trip. Visit the pottery shop on the way up to the airport- the owner is friendly, funny, and has beautiful items, hand made in the same fashion pottery was done by the Nazca people.
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yadilitta yadilitta
723 reviews
Amazing and mysterious Nazca Lines Feb 15, 2008
Definitely the Nazca Lines keep on amazing and intriguing people. The origin is still a mystery, who built them? how did they do so? what for?... so many questions and not so many answers.

Personally I agree with the theory saying they were built by the Nazca Civilization (there are people saying something about aliens!) with astronomic purposes to use them as a calendar, indicating the different agricultural "seasons" like harvest, etc.

Among the figures you can find simple ones, but also more complex ones like a monkey, hummingbird, etc. Location: desert, a very dry and isolated place. These conditions which are almost the same all year long helped very much to the very good conservation of the lines. I won't give more details about them, will just said they belong to the Pre-Inca times, Nazca Civilization, and might be created between 200 BC and 700 AC.

Nazca is located not far away from Lima and it is worth to visit them. The best way to see them is by air. There is a watch tower, but the view is not that good. It's much better to overfly them.
the monkey
Nazca desert
the whale
stefmuts stefmuts
52 reviews
Pre inca mysterious lines Nov 16, 2008
The best way to see the mysterious figures in the dessert floor is by plane. You can see the monkey, spider, hummingbird and many others along the strait lines also called the pathways of the god's. Nobody knows for sure why the pre inca people who lived here made the figures, but there are many speculations about it.

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