Natural Soda Hotspring

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Tarutung, Indonesia
Natural Soda Hotspring - SODA Water hot spring surrounded by beautiful view of the paddy fields and the green hills
Natural Soda Hotspring - The Welcome Sign Board To Parbubu Village Soda water hot spring

Natural Soda Hotspring Tarutung Reviews

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Soda Water Hot Spring Jul 04, 2010
Can you imagine soaking yourself in a hot natural spring pool with soda water?

Yeaaahhh,it's a real SODA WATER,the water in this pool is really like Sprite or 7up Soda, that can make the nose and eyes irritated & it will comes up with the bubbles.

This hot spring Soda Water is located in Parbubu village.Tarutung,Tapanuli Utara (North Tapanuli)

North Tapanuli is on of Regency that located in North Sumatera,with the mother name city is Tarutung.

So how can we get the chance to experience the 'magic' Soda Water hot spring? Actually the place is pretty easily accessible. From Prapat town,3 hours drive from Medan,North Sumatra to Prapat.

In order to reach Parbubu village from Parapat,(also must go place.Lake Toba is located at Prapat) one needs to take the road that leads to Padang Sidempuan via a small town called Tarutung.

Tarutung is actually some sort of a 'transit' town for people traveling through Medan, Parapat and Padang.

After passing by the small town of Tarutung, watch for a roadside signboard for Parbubu Soda Water direction. The Soda Water hot spring is actually located only about 15 minutes drive off the main roaddrive from Tarutung town centre and the Soda Water hot spring is located by the road side.

Surpringly, once I found that the entrance to the pool is actually for... FREE! Yeah, quite hard to believe but then again this is due to the fact that the site is used as a common pool for locals to take a bath.

The hot spring pool is actually surrounding by paddy fields and lush green mountains. Therefore, I would not recommend a female visitor to go on her own. Truth is... a place like this is best enjoyed together with family members or friends. The serene surrounding, the green scenery, the natural looking hot pool .All these and more would make the experience an 'almost-magical' one, indeed!

While enjoying the awesome sight of the rice field ,fresh natural air and the wonderful view to Siatas Barita Hill and Salib Kasih (The Love Cross) from Parbubu Soda Water pool.Well... an extraordinary experience some may say.

But what if I have to say that the pool mentioned actually contains gallons and gallons of 'soda' warm water. Now... that is an 'extra extra ordinary' experience, isnt it?

To put it is like immersing oneself in a pool filled with gallons of warm fizzy drinks. Yeah. Soaking in hot, bubbly 'Sprite' or '7 Up'!

Parbubu 'Soda' Hot Spring is truly a unique bathing Pool. The warm water of the pool really does taste like soda water! But please be cautious as not to actually try to 'gulp down' or drink the water. This may make you feel 'sick', especially in the areas around the eyes and nose.

Magical it may be indeed... and may I add... there is also a 'mystical' twist in a local tale of this beautiful creation. The locals warned that pregnant women and ladies having PMS are NOT allowed to take bath in the hot spring pool. And if you were to ask me 'why'?... well... that IS the rule there. But also, according to the locals, the rule came about after an incident which occurred at another nearby hot spring site many years ago. A pregnant woman took a bath there and the water in the pool later turned cold!

One more rule for everyone please,please refrain yourself from saying any bad words while bathing! If you may ask me why is that so and what will happen if one to ignore the advise... wellll...let's just say that ... after done with Parbubu, one would later be on the road again to head back to where one comes from. And that presumably would be a one hell of a looong journey. Along the way...many 'things' or possibilities can happen... so... 'watch' your words. The locals believed the 'magic spell' was somehow 'decoded'. So... Please...... don't tell that I did not warn you.

I must say again here that I truly believe The Parbubu Soda Water hot spring is indeed the best NATURAL hot spring. So, if you happen to visit Lake Toba-Prapat, I strongly recommend you to visit this 'hot spot' of Tarutung.

But then again... the experience of soaking and indulging oneself in the hot 'soda' water while enjoying the beautiful view of the paddy fields and the green hills is truly a remarkable experience one should not try to miss. Even, when once have to 'zipped-up' our mouth all the way while soaking in that bubbly-good-feeling hot soda water of Parbubu is magically Incredible
SODA Water hot spring surrounded b…
The Welcome Sign Board To Parbubu …
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rintjez rintjez
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Natural Soda Hotspring - Tarutung Oct 15, 2008
Do you known that area near Taturung, in north Sumatera has a natural soda hotspring? The hotsprings in this area are attractive, especially since Tarutung is located at high elevation and is pretty cold, for Indonesian weather.

Hotsprings are not an unusual occurrence, but a soda (or carbonated) hotspring is extraordinary! It feels like you are soaking yourself in a million gallons of hot Sprite!

I didn’t believe in a soda hotspring until the day I went there myself. The natural soda hotsping is located in Parbubu Village. It was only 15 minutes drive from the heart of Tarutung city to this village. The good news is it’s FREE to enter the pool since it is actually used as a common natural bath for the local people to bathe in. It was very surprising to see people soaping their bodies or washing their hair at the edge of the pool. Once their bodies and heads are full of bubbles, they would jump in to the pool to wash off!!

Hooaaa! I can read your mind! You must be thinking that the water is dirty because people take a bath there! Well, fortunately, you are wrong! The soda water in the pool is always clean because it is constantly coming up from its source and washes out from the pool. In fact, you will also find out that the water is crystal clear. This water is also used to irrigate the rice paddies around the area.

You must be wondering why that guy in my picture has goggles with him. The reason is that you can put your goggles on and dive in the pool to see plenty of small sulfur holes, which are the source of the soda water.

The pool is sited at the corner of a rice paddy. So, while you sit and indulge yourself in the hot soda water, you can also look out and soak in the beautiful view of rice paddies and the activities of the farmers who work at that moment. The green hills behind also add another remarkable sight of Indonesian nature.

It was a very unique experience to indulge myself in the hot soda water and enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding the spring.

Felt just like heaven!

How to get there:

From Medan to Tarutung will take about 4 hours driving. Alternative transportations:

- Bus ticket costs Rp. 25,000 ($ 3.00)

- Rent a car + driver + fuel for 24 hours costs Rp. 550,000 ($60.00)

Once you arrived in Tarutung, take a public transportation (mikrolet) to Parbubu Village. It will take about 15 minutes to get there.
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Stevie_Wes says:
Great little review of a truly unique point of interest pal! Thanks and congratulations on the Feature :)
Posted on: Oct 15, 2008
YantiSoeparno says:
Aduh... jadi kepengen.... Kasih tau donk cara ke sananya gimana?
Selamat ya dah di-featured :D
Posted on: Oct 15, 2008
esat says:
fotonya lagi dong...
Posted on: Oct 15, 2008
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