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Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau Reviews

trav2there trav2the…
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Not for all Sep 15, 2012
Back from my cruise, stopped in Nassau. Didnt do a beach trip since our next stop was a beach stop. Didnt do a tour since there isnt that much to see and cant go in the fort. So shopping was the main thing. Lots of jewelry shops and you can find deals. Souvenirs were very chintzy and if you saw one store you saw them all. The straw market looked like made in China stuff but supposedly handmade there. For such a popular stop for cruises, you would think the locals would do more in tidying up and making the port area a true visitors mecca. It is not the best place I have been and dont think I will care to go back.Plenty of other islands to see.
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kamikaze1 kamikaze1
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nassau couch tour May 31, 2011
Nassau, Bahamas...

Is the capital city in the west side of the Caribbeans, next to Grand Bahamas with its poplulation about 250.000. Nassau and its history is quite young (200 years old).In the XVIII. century it was the centre of the pirates, the siland conquered by spanish, french,dutch and brittish...the main population is black, it was also the centre of the enslaved africans...

I was working for Carnival cruise line as a photographer when I had a chance to visit Nassau. Ive been there many times for few hours.One of the main tourist attraction is

the Atlantis, which is like a big leisure centre located in the Paradise Island with its massive first class hotel.Its got cinamas, casinos, a massive aquarium and provides all day programmes for your whole family...instead of that I went to discover the Island by couch because as a photographer I wanted to see how local people live their life every day.The tour cost $15, and it takes about four hours.It was well worth it. The tour started in the main harbour, where you can get cheap connection to Atlantis by small tenders. We went to the west side of the island along the croaded beaches to Montagu beach which was out of the main sites resulted in NO CROWED at all.It was a rocky, cliffy beach which about 1.5 miles from the main atractions.From the beach we drove up to the posh area, where many brittish and americans live, their gardens was amazing with fantastic view. From there we drove through the poor area, seen the locals amongst their demolished houses. The driver said he also grown up in that area, was talking about the island, the wages, the massive unemployment and I was trying to understand how these people can still be happy with that wide smile on their faces...In the middle of the tour we drove up the hill to the Native Market, where locals were selling their handcrafts and a man was cutting coconuts with his massive knife and selling his coctails for $5...the market was just next to the Fort Fincastle (built in the end of the XVIII century) protecting the island from the pirates and other invaders. The view was breath taking from here.Exactly in the same area just on the top of the market there is a 66 steps queen staircase which leading you back thorugh the market to the town. During the trip we kept half an hours breaks regularly which we really needed because of the tempreture and high humidity.It was the same at the Atlantis as well, but I was trying to avoid crowded places so Id rather went to Cabbage beach which was told to be the one of the best beaches in the world and I didnt get disappointed. Huge waves, sandy beach, crystal clear ocean why Bahamas known by all around the world as one of the pearl of the Caribbean.
PhinsAndGills PhinsAnd…
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Great snorkeling and a fun straw market Jun 17, 2008
I've been to Nassau both before and after the large fire that destroyed the straw market.

I haven't been to Nassau in awhile and I'm thinking my next cruise will go there because I miss it. I've always had a good time in Nassau. I've always found the snorkeling to be great (more for the fish and marine life than coral.) Paradise Island is EXPENSIVE but fun to see.

Some tips if your ship stops there:

1. Small children sell flutes by the ship. I've heard varying reports of buying them. Of course, you're giving money to children and families who could use it, but I've also heard to NOT give the children money because it'll encourage their parents to keep them out of school and sell flutes. I don't know either way for sure.

2. You're going to get asked if you want your hair braided (even if you have very short hair). If you want to get it braided, you might want to think about having them use a comb of yours, not theirs. I'm sure they don't sanitize them in between customers. Agree on a price and exactly what you want before starting. If you don't want to get your hair braided say "no thank you" with a smile. You'll have to do this a few hundred times. Less people ask the further away from the ship you go.

3. There are a couple nice drug-store type shops in Nassau. GREAT place to pick up any toiletries you forgot or the airline confiscated because they were more than 3 oz. People in the stores are extremely friendly if you need help finding something. Picking up a map of the Caribbean in these store is cheap and makes a great souvenir.

4. Take the water taxi to Paradise Island. When I was there, they were a bit cheaper and more fun if you ask me. Paradise Island is very touristy, very expensive, and limited access / privileges to cruise ship passengers. I have heard of people buying day passes and reserving rooms just to play at the water park though.

5. Senor Frog’s is walking distance from the ship port. It’s a tourist mecca like all the others in the Caribbean – but fun for a wild night out.

I hope to go back to Nassau soon so I can update this. I give Nassau a hearty thumbs-up!

(Sorry, no photos - both of my trips to Nassau pre-date me owning a digital camera.)
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