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The largest and perhaps most commercialized section of the Bahamas, Nassau stands out as the capital city with nearly 80% of the entire population living within its borders. This is the spot where almost all visitors come first when they enter the Bahamas, and there is enough going on within Nassau to completely sidetrack an individual for the entirety of their vacation if precautions aren’t taken, so either plan your trip to include a few days for Nassau by itself, or just schedule another trip next year for someplace else.

Nassau has been popular with the world for decades, and not just for the beaches and the spring break vibe that exists almost throughout the year. Quite a few Bond films have been shot on location in Nassau over the years, with the most recent being portions of Casino Royale. Beyond that, the city boasts access to such places like Paradise Island, which is arguably one of the most luxurious and beautiful places for pure and utter relaxation in the Caribbean. And while most of what is going down in Nassau revolves around the sun and the surf there is also plenty of history to lure in the unwary traveler, from the National Art Gallery to the Pirate Museum, Fort Fincastle, and Old Town.

Initially founded as a British port back in the mid 17th century, Nassau rapidly became one of the most popular pirate destinations of the time due to the variety of hidden islands close by and the proximity to the major trade routes, with the most well-known of those pirates being Blackbeard. As such, the history of the city is thick with pirates versus British rule, and while the history might have faded somewhat with time, colored over with a new coat of modern paint, it’s easy to see why this place has been popular over the years just by looking out over the Caribbean.

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