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Just outside of San Francisco, Napa Valley's Mediterranean climate and fertile soil has made it the capital of Viticulture in North America. The rolling California hills support dozens of vineyards and the wines made here are among the best in the world.

Napa valley tourism has become grown significantly, and it is easy to find tours and wine tastings throughout the year. The terrain is gorgeous grassy hills with grapes vines growing like cubist art. The architecture is soothing and interesting, and it is obvious that the inhabitants of the valley have paid careful attention to the feel of the area. It is a soothing and fun getaway from San Francisco. Just remember to have a designated driver!

When driving through the Napa Valley ones sense of smell is always pleasantly treated. Powerful and delicious aroma of the fresh grapes growing and wine making assists its visitors to enjoy themselves and anticipate the next time they will return, as well as the residents of Napa be grateful they live here.

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