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Remember those stunning documentaries you once watched about Bushmen who communicate only by clicking? Welcome to the Kalahari, Namibia's starkest feature, and home to some of the most unusual tribes and unending plains in the world. Of course, that's not all you're in for: Namibia's reputation for striking wildlife is colossal, while the city markets and rugged coastlines are something to shout about, too.

Plenty of people have Fish River Canyon down as one of Africa’s most awe-inspiring sites. This 160km long and 550m deep scar across the face of the country is like an African Grand Canyon, and (despite new restrictions on hiking), the place to become utterly overwhelmed by the forces of nature. If the Canyon’s not enough of a draw, the gentle town of Ai-Ai’s allows you to immerse yourself in bubbling hot springs right in the thick of it.

At the other end of the scale, teeny capital Windhoek is a charming city littered with German colonial architecture, and even features sporadic beer gardens and coffee houses, though you’ll find the daytime bustle fades to a surprisingly tame nightlife. If you want to party, head for the coastal town of Swakopmund, also heavily German influenced, and home to some of Africa’s most spectacular surfing.

To see those startling dunes, head out to Sossusvlei, where you can stumble around on horseback, out into the vast expanses of the orange-sanded deserts, and search for the unusual windswept ‘star dune’, one that’s been battered by the wind from every direction. The desolate skeleton coast - named for its rusting shipwrecks and the stranded sailors low survival chances – is a haunting experience, with its seemingly endless sands, both along the coasts and stretching into the inland deserts.

As if that’s not attractions aplenty, other Namibian mainstays include the notorious Diamond Mines, ancient rock art, astonishing wildlife and an almost untouchable 300 days per year of intense sunshine. Throw in a large glass of Windhoek Lager and a farmer’s sausage, or perhaps a traditional watermelon wine in your wilderness hut, and you might even up sticks and come and live here, instead.

Swakopmund #1 most popular location
Swakopmund is often accused of being more German than Germany. I wouldn't know, since I've never been to Germany, but the town is certainly full to the brim with colonial architecture. The co…
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Windhoek #2 most popular location
91travelers 17reviews 28blogs
Etosha #3 most popular location
The dry, dazzlingly white landscape of Etosha National Park is home to a vast amount of African wildlife. The park surrounds the Etosha Pan: a giant salty and flat expanse that covers part of…
9travelers 4reviews 15blogs
Sesriem #4 most popular location
Sossusvlei is a salt pan located in the Namib-Naukluft National Park which can be accessed through a gate at Sesriem. It is surrounded by high red sand dunes and a few camelthorn trees can be…
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Fish River Canyon #5 most popular location
Accordingly some literature this is the second biggest canyon in the world, after the Grand Canyon. It depends which features you take. However, you looking at 2 canyons, developed in the dis…
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Namib-Naukluft National Park #6 most popular location
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Solitaire #7 most popular location
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Outjo #8 most popular location
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Rundu #9 most popular location
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Cape Cross #10 most popular location
Cape Cross Seal Reserve is just north of Swakopmund, at the southern end of Skeleton Coast in Namibia. Most people head here to see the colony of Cape fur seals having a snooze on the beach.
Tsumeb #11 most popular location
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Katima Mulilo #12 most popular location
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Spitzkoppe #13 most popular location
Also known as the Matterhorn of Namibia because of its shape, Spitzkoppe is a granite mountain located in central western Namibia. The summit culminates at 1728m and 700m above the surroun…
Luderitz #14 most popular location
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Twyfelfontein #15 most popular location
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Uis #16 most popular location
Uis is a very small town located in the desert region, Damaraland, in Namibia. A mining town, Tin was mined in the Uis region since the early 1900's and the town was established in 1958 as a…
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Grootfontein #17 most popular location
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Ai-Ais #18 most popular location
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Hentiesbaai #19 most popular location
Mariental #20 most popular location
Khorixas #21 most popular location
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Divundu #22 most popular location
Damaraland #23 most popular location
Littered with shipwrecks, ancient rock paintings, and kopji's (hills consisting of large stones), Damaraland is a frequently photographed desert coastline. Though quite barren, there are plen…
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Skeleton Coast #24 most popular location
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Noordoewer #25 most popular location
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Tsumkwe #26 most popular location
Buitepos #27 most popular location
Okaukuejo #28 most popular location
Namutoni #29 most popular location
Gelbingen #30 most popular location
Kamanjab #31 most popular location
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Gobabis #32 most popular location
Kalahari #33 most popular location
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Palmwag #34 most popular location
Oranjemund #35 most popular location
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Poppa Falls #36 most popular location
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Kongola #37 most popular location
Bethanie #38 most popular location
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Naukluft view #39 most popular location
Halali #40 most popular location
Usakos #41 most popular location
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Waterberg #42 most popular location
Maltahohe #43 most popular location
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Karasburg #44 most popular location