Nagoya Castle

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1-1 Honmaru, Nagoya, Japan

Nagoya Castle Reviews

ys484 ys484
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A landmark in Nagoya Oct 22, 2014
Nagoya Castle is a symbol of Nagoya. But I hadn't been to this famous castle. Reading the reviews of Nagoya castle in this site, I had wanted to go there sometime. When Samantha and I looked for the sights in a short time, Nagoya castle occured to me. It might be a reckless plan to see the castle within 1 hour, but we did. The premises of this castle is so large, so I had to search for the gate of the castle. Nagoya castle was damaged during a war. In 1959 the donjon was reconstructed by a concrete building. We could see the magnificent paintings in the beautiful Honmaru palace which has been restored. I'd like to see the inside of this castle more slowly and carefully someday.
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anewchapter anewchap…
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Great Castle with Extras Aug 15, 2014
Getting to Nagoya from Osaka takes around 90 minutes when using the Shinkansen. I was somewhat apprehensive about going as I feared it might be 'just another castle', but thankfully it wasn't.

On the castle grounds are monuments as-well as men dressed up as samurai's sitting around on benches. One of the samurai's even reached for his sword when I took a photo of him, it was all in good fun though...I hope ;)

Inside the castle on the 5th floor is the Golden Kinshachi (golden dolphin) that you can sit on, which is a great photo opportunity. There's also an impressive mini model of the castle on display as-well as samurai's helmets and outfits. Not to mention an automated structure of three men pulling a boulder that goes back and forth, which is very life-like.

So the castle isn't just a castle to take photo's of the outside, theres a lot to see inside too.

You can also have your photo taken outside which is great if your traveling alone and want a professional looking photo taken.

I'd recommend visiting Nagoya Castle, it makes for a great day trip from Osaka.
Nagoya Castle, Japan
Nagoya Castle, Japan
Nagoya Castle, Japan
Nagoya Castle, Japan
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bensonryan bensonry…
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Nagoya Castle Jun 28, 2014
Nagoya Castle was rebuilt in 1946 after the Allied Forces bombing in 1945. It is an interesting destination to see when visiting Nagoya, Japan. The Castle is mounted on a fan shaped stone base that elevates the building about 30 feet in the air. Inside there are set pieces with its history described in Japanese Kanji and English.

It seems that there is some artwork that is well preserved after the devastation that is worth noting, even though much of it is recreated. There is quite a lot to see, outside the main edifice itself, with a couple turrets that helped to prevent any incoming attackers, a fumei gate, the Ninomaru garden, and a moat known as the "Cormorant's Neck".

Nagoya Castle is overall a good recommendation. Unfortunately the only drawback is that war can tear down history and valuable art and preserved landmarks, but still a good visit.
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sarahsan sarahsan
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The first castle was built in the Daiei era (1521-1528) Mar 27, 2013
In 1609 Tokugawa Ieyasu decided to build the new Nagoya Castle. The construction started in 1610 and was mostly finished by 1612. The Hommaru Palace was original built to be the office and residence for the founding Lord of the Owari Clan, Tokugawa Yoshinao (Tokugawa Ieyasu's 9th son), and later became living quarters for visiting Shoguns. Regrettably, the castle was bombed in air raids and burned down in 1945. Today's concrete replica was built in 1959.

It's worth a visit for the museum inside. It features armour, treasures and history of the Oda, Toyotomi and Tokugawa family. The murals and screen paintings are in a very good condition since they were removed before the war and therefore saved. There are also some models of the castle and the city. Right inside the castle there is a 3 meter tall replica of a Kinshachi (a guilded dolphinlike sea creature). The same creature you can see on both sides of the roof. Shachi are imaginary animals and statues of them are used to protect a building from fire. Kinshashi on top of the Nagoya Castle are suitable for showing the power and money the Tokugawa family had.

The museum offers a 9 minute 3D film about the history of the castle every 30 minutes. It's narrated in Japanese, but with subtitles in English. Since it is in 3D it was difficult to read the subtitles and the story wasn't that interesting, so if you are short of time, you can easily miss it.

Within the castle grounds, the garden, Ninomaru-en, is a nice place for a stroll. Particularly this time of the year with the cherry trees in full bloom. There is a nice tea house and a small building with some ceramic dolls, kites and Chinese toys on display in the garden.

Opening hours are 9 am -4:30 pm and admission is 500 yen/400 yen adult/child. Access from Shiyakasho subway station, exit 7.
Nagoya Castle
Nagoya Castle
Nagoya Castle
Kinshachi on top of the roof of th…
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tj1777 tj1777
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Nagoya Castle Jul 15, 2009
The castle of Nagoya is one of the main castles of Japan - though like most of the castles in the country it is a copy of later day. It is actually built around 1960. But the building is quite impressive even though it is new. The main building is a high pagoda like building placed in one of the corners of the walls surrounding the castle.

You can go into the building where there is a small museum with different displays - like so many Japanese museums most of the labeling is in Japanese only hence it can be a bit hard to follow if you want to read up on things. But some of it is more or less self-explanatory. One of the good things about the castle is the view from the top floor where you can have a nice look out over the city.

Around the castle is several towers in the corners of the wall and there are a garden around the castle which is really nicely laid out. In the garden are a couple of teahouses.
Main tower
Small tower
View from the main tower
The gate to the castle
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magnificent says:
I really appreciate your insights and honest reviews! Reading through some of your reviews on these castles can you tell me are there old castles worth seeing?
Posted on: Apr 25, 2010
kalista kalista
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easy and relaxing Aug 24, 2008
I had first heard about the castle from just doing some basic research on nagoya and my sister had gone years ago and said it was worth a look. The castle is pretty easy to get to as its located on several maps around the place and arrows point you in te right direction. It only cost 500yen to get in which is pretty cheap. We went to the castle in the school holiday which is why as soon as we walked into we saw two girls holding signs saying free english tours which we jumped at the chance. The girl were from Nanzan Junior College and were practising their english(which was pretty good much better than my japanese) while also giving useful information. The castle holds some great history and is great to get some photos from. Inside the castle its pretty relaxing as nobody is in a rush and the crowds were that big. They show a movie about the castle inside which is 3D (you wear those gay glasses)which only goes for like 15min that is also worth a look, its in japanese but has english subtitles. The bonus with the castle is that its close to the nagoya noh theater (free) and some great shrines. Overall you really only need half a day to do everything.
me and my sister
walking near the castle over a bri…
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