Nagasaki Peace Park

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Nagasaki, Japan

Nagasaki Peace Park Reviews

bensonryan bensonry…
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An eye opener about the horrors of war. Oct 05, 2013
I took a tour of Nagasaki while my wife was nestled back in Yokohama. I visited by myself while aware of her emotions being sparked in anything related to Japan in World War 2. Even movies and other media depicting Japan during that time period makes her emotional. So this is definitely a touchy subject.

Nagasaki Peace Park is situated in the ground zero area of the devastation of the atom bomb. After 1945 and the reconstruction of the city, the park has been bedecked with flowers and greenery, with art pieces that have been donated from around the world. Many placards each detail visitors about the horrors of scientific data regarding the impact and the casualties the resulted.

It seems that the curators and the governing bodies of Nagasaki made the wise choice not to endorse nor chose to engage in the controversy on which side was more righteous but only pointing out that civilians were the victims of the cross fire. Textbooks in Japan approach World War 2 in a way which is something similar to the government of Germany which mandates learning of the World War 2's dark history at higher grade levels.

This is indeed a necessary destination to raise awareness for anyone who travels to Japan, and that any war-like attitude towards any would be aggressor should never be taken lightly. There is also an adjacent Museum further depicting the blasts complete with artifacts and old cinema reels from yesteryear of the devastation and the gradual reconstruction.

Nagasaki city is not in the front line of the main tourist attractions but visitors should go here if they are ever in the area. I apologize that this is not an upbeat review of the Peace Park and this is a tough recommendation for me. But a recommendation nonetheless. Nagasaki does have uplifting attractions and a thriving economy so there are fun things to do afterwards to keep any visitor's mind off the negativity afterwards!
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ys484 says:
I went to Nagasaki on my honeymoon. Nagasaki has a lot of tourist attractions.
Posted on: Dec 31, 2016
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tj1777 tj1777
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Nagasaki Peace Park and museum Jul 18, 2009
The Nagasaki Peace Park is located a little to the north of the actual centre of the city in the area called Urakami. This area used to be the centre of the Catholic population of the city and also used to be the home of the largest cathedral in Japan.

The park is created in memorial of the nuclear bombing of the city August 9th 1945. The city was not the original target for the bombing - it was Kukora a big industrial town on the north of Kyushu Island which was chosen. Fortunately for Kukora it was very cloudy this day and the target for the bombing could not be identified - hence Kukora escaped its place in history - Nagasaki on the other hand did not have such luck. Down over the skies of Nagasaki it was also overcast - but suddenly the cloud broke for a while and the target could be identified - the bomb missed its intended target by a couple of miles and landed a bit north of the industrial city. But the destruction was still massive and the entire area around the Urakami Cathedral was destroyed.

Today the Peace Park takes up a large piece of land close to the cathedral - it is got several sculptured donated by different countries to remind the world of the events. For some reason it is mainly former communist countries which has donated the sculptures while the western countries has not.

You can walk from the Peace Park towards the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum if you do so you will pass through another small park where there are a black marker indicating the exact spot of the hypocentre of the blast. Inside the museum is an exhibition telling about the period leading up to the nuclear bomb. This part includes the history of Japanese aggression in South East Asian. While the main part of the museum is dedicated to the event of the explosion itself and the material and human destruction it produced. The last part of the museum you will get to is about the history of nuclear weapons after the Second World War how it has spread around the world and how people of Nagasaki has been working in the antinuclear movement for the abolishing of nuclear weapons. No photos allowed inside the museum.
Big statue in the Peace Park
Fountain in the Peace Park
Marker of the hypocentre
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yheleen says:
I like the name of the park ... it's for a bigger cause...
Posted on: Dec 04, 2009
Airportman Airportm…
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Remembrance place for a terrible tragedy Jul 26, 2000
On 11:02am, on august 9th 1945, Japan "met" with another atomic bomb. It levelled the city and killed thousands of people instantly and many thousands in the years after the blast.

To remember this terrible tragedy, the Nagasaki Peace Park was created, in the northern part of Nagasaki. It was created in 1955 and the only real evidence of the explosion are small parts of the concrete wall that was once a catholic church.

A huge statue, the Peace Statue are among several marks/monumetns to remind the world what happened here. The statue is of a man who sits and points with one arm up (to warn for the incoming danger) and one arm stetched to the side (peace signal).

There is also a Fountain of Peace and a monument of the actual impact place can be found at the Hypocenter Park. Nearby the Peace Park, is also the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. Visiting this park is free.
Peace Statue
Fountain Of Peace
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Airportman says:
I believe it is, yes :)
Posted on: Apr 10, 2012
Paulovic says:
A must to go when in Nagasaki, I think?
Posted on: Apr 10, 2012

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