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The Spanish were the first non-Indians to reach Tejas, what is now Texas. Their first settlement in Tejas was in Nacogdoches in 1716 with the Mission Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe; making it the oldest town in Texas. Nacogdoches has some nice old historic buildings in and near Nacogdoches Square...most were designed by Diedrich Rulfs. There are some nice neighborhoods, but it has its fair share of ugly slums.
Shopping is good in Nacogdoches and it has a large variety of fair restaurants and good hotels. Nacogdoches is a good town to shop for antiques and fine collectables.
Nacogdoches is a college town with SFASU, and it gets very busy when the students are here, increasing minor traffic problems.
They are building a new Interstate 69 here next to US 59. With many millions of dollars spent offset by bad engineering, the bad traffic coming north to the South loop 224 can have an hour backup. I am no brain, but installing overpasses for the through traffic (like in nearby Lufkin) would really help traffic flow. For some political reason, Nacogdoches wont make the needed overpasses for the loop 224.
Nacogdoches is a good town to live in with good people. I returned here for my retirement in the nearby countryside.
July 9, 2016 is the town's 300th birthday with a major event happening at Festival Park, just South of Nacogdoches Square. I had a good time then in spite of low turnout.
Nacogdoches is loaded with Tejas and Texas history, especially dealing with the Republic of Texas.
Nacogdoches is far away from a major airport, but a great peaceful place to visit. I think I can find you a handy guide.

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