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2 Bis Rue Cloître Notre Dame, Paris, France


Bojasem Bojasem
216 reviews
NOTRE DAME de PARIS Nov 20, 2012
When I read Les Misérables novel I wish visit Paris exactly Notre Dame Cathedral.

Notre Dame de Paris (which means ‘Our Lady of Paris’ in English) is a huge cathedral on the eastern side of the Île de la Cité (island in the city) on the river seine. This Gothic, Catholic.

It very nice cathedral, I toughly enjoyed my trip to see the Notre Dame Cathedral I came

At 9 .30 Am. There was a lot of people but you can move easily and there are some people give information in English & French.

The Cathedral interior is just stunning, lots of beautiful stained glass windows and sculptures, and it's just amazing to look up and see features that have existed for many hundreds of years. We really did get there at the ideal time as we could leisurely make our way around and had time to look at everything in great detail without feeling the pressure of a crowd of tourists on our back. I think the most striking part of Notre Dame is its size, it was quite astounding but you cannot compare it with amazing Cathedral in Italy especially with Michael Angelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. .

It's free of charge for everyone, every day of the year. You can go there to attend services, or just for a tour of the cathedral

The cathedral Towers are also open for visits, which give breathtaking views of Paris, plus detailed looks at the roof, the spire, and the cathedral’s largest bell, the Emmanuel Bell. This visit is managed by the National Monuments Center.

I am sorry because i forget my camera in the hotel to take

nice picture of this Cathedral.

If you are in the area, it is a must on the things to see and do in Paris.
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earthoddity earthodd…
7 reviews
Tours de Notre Dame Aug 27, 2011
A must see if you've purchased the Paris Museum Pass. Although if you're visiting in the peak tourist season the queue to climb up to the towers is long and slow moving due to the restricted numbers allowed inside. I queued for about 90mins in the blistering heat, the climbed the 368 spiral stairs leading to the bell towers. Once there I got to hang out with some cool Gargoyles, and really enjoyed the view.
ilkandi ilkandi
5 reviews
Awe-inspiring sight in Paris May 01, 2011
I'm a big fan of architecture, big buildings and general human structural achievements. But, the scale and grandeur of the Cathedral is overwhelming. The power and strength of religion come alive. Take a walk around the side to see the flying buttresses. If you have time, go inside... it's very dark and I couldn't wander around much (candles were lit and people were praying) but the decoration and statuary were very impressive.
Vipin Vipin
691 reviews
Gothic beauty Feb 28, 2010
Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the finest Gothic cathedrals I have seen in Europe. Its construction began in the twelfth century and was effectively completed in the fifteenth century.

I really enjoyed the gargoyles on the façade of the building. Although they should be scary as they are intended to ward off evil spirits, they are very intriguing and stunning to look at! The interior is a lot darker than I expected it to be. The stained glass windows are wonderful however, and a quick glance does not do such work full justice. I really liked the fact that the cathedral was full of worshippers too, and it was not just a tourist trap. The bell tolls are worth listening out for too, and the flower garden near the back of the cathedral is worth wandering through as well.

This cathedral is stunning and a real pleasure to visit. Go see it.
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spocklogic says:
Both times I was there it was closed for renovation. I can enjoy it street side, across the Seine, by boat traveling by, or up close, but have yet to be inside.
Posted on: Jan 22, 2011
montecarlostar says:
hahaha one more time we agree! :D
Posted on: Dec 31, 2010
Vipin says:
great minds think alike! i seriously saw that queue and thought no, maybe next time!!
Posted on: Dec 31, 2010
Glynnes Glynnes
125 reviews
Gothic Masterwork Oct 07, 2010
I spent the morning visiting the Cathédrale Notre-Dame located on the Ile de la Cité. The South and West Rose Windows, as well as the Flying Buttresses of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame, keeps me coming back to visit this gothic architectural structure every time that I am in Paris. While the Cathédrale Notre-Dame offers free admission, except for the towers, I would recommend an early morning visit.

Please do not forget to look up to admire the legendary gargoyles that are always hiding behind the large upper gallery between the twin towers.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

6 Place du Parvis

75004 Paris, France

Metro: Cité or Saint-Michel

RER: Saint-Michel-Notre-Dame or Châtelet Les Halles

Hours: Daily from 7:45am to 6:45pm

Cathédrale Notre-Dame 6 Place du…
Glynnes says:
The architecture is simply amazing.
Thanks for the comment.
Posted on: Dec 17, 2010
sUrAbUyA says:
I am not Catholic but I have always said if I was ever living in Paris this is where I would go to church.
Posted on: Dec 17, 2010
Dr_Seuss says:
My favourite part of Paris is looking at the Rose Windows in Notre Dame :). Wouldn't be that keen on the climb to the top again.Son made me do it when he was younger, and the TV cartoon Gargoyles was on here :D
Posted on: Dec 14, 2010
stevemco stevemco
33 reviews
Norte-Dame Nov 02, 2009
One of the world's biggest and one of the world's most architecturally interesting. A must see while in Paris
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laboheme laboheme
8 reviews
Jan 29, 2006
Located at the center of the city, the ile of the the city, Notre Dame

is not only a center spiritual hub for people but the center of the

story by Victor Hugo "The Hunchback of Notre Dame". It is a

massive engineering feat and full of beauty and spirituality. Be

sure to go to the park behind Notre Dame, go down the stairs and see

the memorial created for those who were deported and killed by the

Nazi's. It is a truly moving experience and the architect did a

spot on job of creating a true memorial. Very very moving.
Eric Eric
408 reviews
Apr 12, 2006
Definitely a must see for any visitor to Paris. From the imposing gothic facade to the cavernous interior, everything about this place is architecturally striking and impressive. Be sure not to miss the creepy looking gargoyle buttresses on the sides of the cathedral and the small park to the back.
Back view of the cathedral
turtlejen says:
Some of the best times I've ever had were spent sitting across the Siene just staring at Notre Dame.
Posted on: Dec 12, 2006
mahoney says:
You could spend a year photographing the cathedral and still not see everything. Just an amazing architectural wonder.
Posted on: Apr 12, 2006

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