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Kipling wrote “It is quite unlike any place you know about” when he spoke of Myanmar, otherwise known as Burma. And what he said more than a century ago still holds true today. Situated in the Bay of Bengal with borders along Bangladesh, India, China, Laos, and Thailand, Myanmar is the largest country in Southeast Asia. An archaeological paradise with literally hundreds, if not thousands, of ancient ruins in Bagan, amid lush tropical settings, Myanmar has become less difficult in recent years for Westerners to access due to the reforms presently being carried out by a quasi-civilian government which took over the country in 2010. Therefore, getting into the country is relatively easy nowadays. However, visas must be obtained in advance, and due to the nature of the country some portions of Myanmar are off-limits to visitors, and require special visas in order to enter. And while technically those visas are obtainable by anyone, the time it takes for them to be approved generally means that you'll realistically never see those sections.

However, travelers should not be daunted by this. The central heartland of the country is generally open to travel, although the country is best suited for adventuresome travelers who are familiar with a backpack, a pair of hiking boots, and questionable accommodations and transportation. A poor country in terms of economic stability, Myanmar is nevertheless a treasure trove of beauty well worth seeing if you don't mind dealing with a little bit of underdeveloped infrastructure. Also, there are very few ATMs in the country, so you will need to bring enough cash with you to last your entire journey. As of May 2013 there are more ATMs available in-country, especially at Yangon and Mandalay international airports.

One of the most amazing sights in Myanmar is Inle Lake, with its floating villages gardens. However, equally amazing is Mandalay, the former capital of Burma, with its famous bridge and amazing views, or Yangon, the former capital of the country, where the magnificent Shwedagon Paya dazzles viewers with its splendor. Outside of the cities, sights such as the sacred rock of Kyaikitiyo or the town of Kalaw, headquarters for backpackers, offer a unique glimpse into a culture that has largely remained the same for the past few hundred years.

Due to the current huge increase of tourists coming into the country, travelers are now advised to make hotel accommodations well in advance.

Yangon #1 most popular location
Despite being stripped of its capital city status in 2005, Yangon (Rangoon) is still the most populated city in Myanmar and draws considerable commerce. The city has a cosmoplitan feel to it,…
130travelers 109reviews 77blogs
Bagan #2 most popular location
Bagan was founded in the eleventh century by King Anawratha, who introduced Therevada Buddhism to the region and started off the enthusiasm for temple building. The landscape is dotted wit…
29travelers 27reviews 39blogs
Mandalay #3 most popular location
As the former capital of Myanmar in 1861, Mandalay was one of the last places which retained its king until the arrival of the British in 1885. Nowadays, Mandalay is well known for retaining …
41travelers 43reviews 29blogs
Inle Lake #4 most popular location
Inle Lake is situated in the Shan state of Myanmar, and is its main attraction. The vast body of water is surrounded by mountains and is home to numerous floating communities. Inle Lake is al…
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Kalaw #5 most popular location
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Nyaung Shwe #6 most popular location
1travelers 17reviews 9blogs
Hsipaw #7 most popular location
1travelers 11reviews 6blogs
Pyin U Lwin #8 most popular location
The British discovered Pyin U Lwin after the fall of Mandalay and renamed it Maymyo and made it the summer residence. It was also made the headquarter of the Burma Division, mostly Gurkha and…
13reviews 2blogs
Mawlamyine #9 most popular location
Mawlamyine is Myanmar’s third largest city, and is where George Orwell spent time working as a policeman. Apart from the British and Chinese architecture, Mawlamyine is home to the Kyaiktha…
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Nyaungshwe #10 most popular location
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Monywa #11 most popular location
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Pyay #12 most popular location
Pyay is highly accessible from Yangon and Bagan, and contains some sights and views that easily rival any of these cities. For example, Pyay is home to the Shwesandaw Paya dating from circa 5…
2reviews 8blogs
Ngwe Saung #13 most popular location
2travelers 6reviews 2blogs
Hpa-an #14 most popular location
Hpa-an is defined by its greenery, friendly village folk and Mount Zwegabin, all of which make the place a visually impressive and friendly place to visit. Apart from the place itself, travel…
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Kyaiktiyo #15 most popular location
Mention the place Kyaiktiyo, and the chances are that many people will associate it with its most famous tourist attraction, the Golden Rock. The Golden Rock can be found on Mount Kaiktiyo, a…
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Bago #16 most popular location
Bago (or formerly Pegu) is a city and the capital of Bago Division in Myanmar. It is located about 80 kilometers or 50 miles northeast from Rangoon or Yangon as it is officially called now. …
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Kawthoung #17 most popular location
Kawthoung, in British times called Victoria Point, is one of the few overland entry points to Myanmar, with boats from Ranong running all day, 100 Baht per person, the Thai immigration is ope…
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Chaungtha #18 most popular location
The name 'Chaungtha' in English means pleasant stream. Well, it really is pleasant, but certainly not a stream by any means. Chaungtha is a long stretch of fine beach situated on the Ba…
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Tamu #19 most popular location
Pathein #20 most popular location
Pathein is Myanmar’s fourth largest city, and is located in the centre of the Ayeyarwady Delta. Although the city is en route to the Chaungtha and Ngwesaung beaches, Pathein is unusually kn…
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yangoon #21 most popular location
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Pindaya #22 most popular location
Kinpun #23 most popular location
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Sagaing #24 most popular location
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Amarapura #25 most popular location
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Magwe #26 most popular location
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Burma #27 most popular location
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Myeik #28 most popular location
Myeik used to be called Mergui and was since the 16. century under the influence of the Kingdom of Ayuthaya. The Burmese did conquer Ayuthaya in the 18. century and Mergui did become a part …
Dawei #29 most popular location
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Myitkyina #30 most popular location
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Mingun #31 most popular location
Mingun is a village on the banks of the Irrawaddy (now known as Ayeyawaddy) River in Myanmar. It is about 12 kilometers or 7 miles from Mandalay. The biggest ringing bell in the world is loca…
Pagan #32 most popular location
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Tachilek #33 most popular location
Tachilek is mainly a huge market zone with all kind of cheap products.
Mount Popa #34 most popular location
Indein #35 most popular location
Nyaung-u #36 most popular location
1travelers 1reviews
Syriam #37 most popular location
Syriam is now officially known as Thanlyin. It is situated on the other side of Yangon River, and is an important port city in Myanmar. It was home to trading ports set up by Portuguese, D…
Nampan #38 most popular location
Putao #39 most popular location
Insein #40 most popular location
Gokteik #41 most popular location
Toungoo #42 most popular location
Nyaug Shwe #43 most popular location
Taungoo #44 most popular location
Once the foreground for a powerful kingdom, Taungoo today has a much quieter feel to it. Located between Yangon and Mandalay, Taungoo would serve as a perfect pit stop for travellers. The cit…
River from Mawlamyine to Hpa-an #45 most popular location
Yathei Pyan Cave #46 most popular location
Kwa-goon Cave #47 most popular location
Kallauw #48 most popular location
Kaw Ka Thawng Cave #49 most popular location
Nwa-la-bo #50 most popular location