My Top 5 Places In Europe

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My Top 5 Places In Europe - the north sea in wasenaar in the netherlands.
My Top 5 Places In Europe - ale stenar in kaseberga, sweden
My Top 5 Places In Europe - the monasteries of meteora in kastriaki, greece
My Top 5 Places In Europe - the turning torso in malmö, sweden.
My Top 5 Places In Europe - the temple of poseidon in sounio, greece

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lauro lauro
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Nov 04, 2007
My top 5 places of my visited countries to date are:

5. The city of malmö - in the most southern part of sweden lies an unknown city in europe called malmö, at first you would not be impressed by it, because the city is full of industrial structures and struggled with post-modern times. But as you get to know the city closer, it is full of beautiful parks, modern architectures and the best thing is the area around the harbor where one can see the oresund bridge (the longest bridge in europe), the turning torso designed by santiago de calatrava and copenhagen from the distance.

4. The monasteries of meteora, town of kastriaki - region of thessaly - if you think greece is only temples - the parthenon, acropolis and the islands to party - there is gem hidden in the middle of the country - during the hard times of the ottoman occupany of greece, the orthodox monks were forced to retreat in the wilderness and were hunted by the ottomans - they found refuge in the high hard sandstone pillars at the foot of the pindus mountains - they labored together with the help of the locals to build monasteries on each one of them and only accesible in the ancient times by cable wires connected to each other. To date there are about 6 monasteries surviving - if you are a big fan of gregorian chants and orthodox mysticism - this is the fulfillment.

3. Temple of poseidon - located south of athens and the southern tip of attika in the town of sounio, lies the magnificent temple of poseidon the god of the seas (and on a good day, you can find yourself alone at the top because not too many tourists visit the place or if they do - they just stay max of 1 hour) - it stands majestic in a cliff overlooking the aegean sea and on a clear day a glimpse of the kyklades islands in the horizon. The temple is exactly located where the 4 winds - east, west, north and south meet - and you can feel the power of the place by just standing there - the most beautiful time of the day to visit is at sunset.

2. The north sea in the netherlands - most beautiful to visit is in autumn and winter, where the sea is deserted with people, you can bask in your solitude in the cold.

1. Ale stenar - south of malmö, sweden - in the small town of kaseberga, lies the ancient viking ruin of ale stenar. Big stones placed exactly where the summer and winter solstices occur. This is the most spiritual journey i had ever done, because when i stood there, i felt all the elements inside me - earth, fire, wind, water and man standing still in time.
ale stenar in kaseberga, sweden
the temple of poseidon in sounio, …
the monasteries of meteora in kast…
the north sea in wasenaar in the n…
jennethm says:
kaw talaga, pinagtawananan mo pa ako.. hehehe.. but it's true, just wear the right clothes. Grabe, I'm really falling in love to Europe. But I should also travel other continents pa rin. This world is too big for just wanting to explore Europe.
Posted on: Nov 07, 2007
lauro says:
hahahahaha jenneth, natawa naman ako sa tropical skin. hahahaha kaya mo yan, there's no wrong or cold weather, it's a matter of wrong clothes :D but you must wear something made of fleece inside and bonnet, kasi its very windy. it adds to the cold yan agn tinatawag na "wind chill factor" i tell you : europe is at its most beautiful in autumn and winter :D specially in skandinavia :D
Posted on: Nov 07, 2007
jennethm says:
Hello kuya (kuya daw oh! hehehe), nice again to see your article posted. This is really inspiring me to go to Greece next time I go to Europe, it's a must must must!!! The north sea.. well, I have to really brave the cold for that... my tropical Filipina skin should prepare for something like that. More featured writeups in the future!!!
Posted on: Nov 06, 2007
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