My First Visit To Yuelu Academy Dec. 2009

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Changsha, China

My First Visit To Yuelu Academy Dec. 2009 Changsha Reviews

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“My First Visit To Yuelu Academy Dec. 2009 ” Dec 11, 2009
I was staying at Motel168. I will have more information about Motel168 on my next trip to China, which will be soon a few months from now. TrvBuddy only has a small amount of information on Motel168. Their sources reveal one important fact. In several of the large cities and metropolis, there are many Motel168. Motel168 have a sliding fee and different kinds room services and environment. If you stay with in the 3 star exlusive range every thing in that room will be familiar to you, because 3 star reflects Western Civilization, not Chinese Civiliation. It would be good to try a variety of social living environments, but choose them in places where you fill comfortable. I will explain what that is all about when I go back to China in June.

Each morning I got up at 5:30 or 6:00 AM, turned on the heater, went back to bed for 20 minutes then got up and showered. I ate breakfast between 7:00 and 7:30 AM. At 8:00 AM I called Ivy, my translator. Ivy was usually very busy when she went home, so if she was in a state of bliss or deep euphoria I would say hello give her a time that I would call back then hang up. That time would usually be 9:00 AM or 9:30 AM. She was up and ready to go by then. I had China E-mail to read and answer each day. I did all of that in the morning before the translator arrived. I kept unfinished letters on a small flash drive. I had access to computers in every city I went. The computers were set up to be used by Chinese and English readers and there was access to both Intranet and Internet.

Ivy and I walked to several places of interest then took a taxi to the Hunan University. After we arrived we walked through the University Campus to Yuelu Academy. Ivy received all of her education at Hunan. We passed the kindigarden playground where she played as a child. Her education was seamless. She did not have to get focused for going to university because she was already there.

The Japanese friends that my parents and I knew in New York and California would introduce you to aspects of their own culture. Most of it had Chinese parallel. Japanese principles were quit often miniature Chinese principles. There were miniatures of Yuelu in their homes and gardens, not Japan, but in sunny California. In Sacramento the Japanese would come together as a community and celebrated cheery blossoms time each year and that was the time of year I witnessed public display of Japanese culture. My father took me the first year and each year after that I went on my own and stayed all day. That is one way to learn about culture. Go where the people practice, then do transfer of information from one culture with similar characteristics to the next. Europe has European Civilization plus Western Civilization operating at the same time. All other civilizations in Europe are dead. We studied their civilizations and cultures here in school.

It was raining everyday that I was in Changsha which was a blessing and it was an off tourist season. Obnoxious people came out between showers. We were finished and leaving when any of them appeared. Yuelu Academy was a quiet place where you could have complete solitude and plenty of room to think. As we came up the front steps Ivy was agitated. She was trying to find the English words to describe what Yuelu Academy was. I calmly said that the academy was a “place for poets, philosophers and scholars to study and think”. She said – “yeh-yeh-yeh-yeh“. Then she looked at me kind of puzzled “like how does he know”?

In the Far and South East many civilizations are still alive. You have the big 3 China, Korea and Japan. Then you have smaller civilizations in the South.

In 1955 ten years after disenfranchised Japanese Americans were released from concentration camps they were still going though a healing process so miniature Yuelu Academies were every where but secluded from the public. Japanese were re-establishing Japanese identity. They need to know what it was to be Japanese. You could find Yuelu if you knew where to look. By contrast Africans in the United States had no such cultural refuge after slavery; the succession of generations born outside a refuge had taken its toll, so we were in denial about who we were and what we should be.

The Yuelu Academy has been a symbol of integrity, free from corruption concerning China’s focus and way of life. It was used to restore broken links in Chinese culture plus keep China’s focus, identity and interest on target. I purchased “The One Thousand-Year-Old Academy” CD-ROM and DVD sold at the Academy store. I plan to buy more information on my return.

Ivy and I went and ate at one of the University student cafes, run by students. It did not have a restaurant appearance, but they knew how to prepare a full course dinner. Ivy and I had similar plates; hers had spice and mine without. Toilets at the university are like the ones off campus. I will explain those in another review so that you won’t freak-out.
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