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Bodestraße, Berlin, Germany

Museumsinsel Berlin Reviews

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WHS Germany: Museumsinsel (Museum Island) Feb 22, 2017
The Museum Island UNESCO World Heritage Site in Berlin includes 5 world-class museums. They are the Altes Museum, Neues Museum, Nationalgalerie, Bodemuseum and Pergamonmuseum.

During my visit to Berlin in 2012, I was able to visit two of these great museums.

The Neues Museum is a fantastic place to spend a couple of hours in Berlin. The building housing the museum has been wonderfully restored under the direction of British architect, David Chipperfield following extensive wartime damage. The highlights of the Neues Museum are mainly found in its Egyptian exhibits. It is possible to take photos in most of the museum, although for the prize exhibit of the museum (a stunningly beautiful bust of Nefertiti) photography is strictly forbidden. As well as the fascinating Egyptian exhibits on show, there is also an extensive collection of exhibits from the Bronze Age. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Neues Museum and would definitely visit again as I didn't see everything by any means. Queue for tickets at the separate roadside booth. It's not possible to buy tickets at the museum doors.

Tickets cost 12 Euros. It is possible to buy your tickets for a particular time-slot online.

The other museum I visited was probably the best museum I have visited anywhere, the Pergamon Museum. It cost 12 Euros to visit the museum. I queued for about 15 minutes to get in as this museum is extremely popular. To avoid queuing, you should consider booking your tickets online. On arriving at the museum, you should leave your bags in the lockers provided. Then you are given a set of headphones and a small keypad (for use in the language of your choice) which you can use to guide you around the exhibits and gain a greater insight into what you are seeing.

The main hall is a stunning space occupied primarily by the Pergamon Altar and its accompanying friezes of Greek gods such as Athena and Zeus. According to their website, the Altar Room is currently closed for renovations until late 2019. The next room includes a beautifully restored frontage of the Market Gate of Miletus and as you walk through the arch, you turn around to see my favourite oversized exhibit in the museum, the Ishtar Gate of ancient Babylon. Seeing the gate in situ at the museum, you can imagine what it must have looked like in 500 BC accompanied by the golden lions that feature on the Processional Way that led to the gate in Babylon. All I can say is it must have been a formidable sight! The museum is also home to Islamic antiquities such as a collection of colourful carpets and 'mihrabs', niches from a mosque. I also enjoyed seeing the Mshatta Palace facade from the palace of Qasr Mshatta, that dates back to the 8th century AD. It is fascinating to get close up and see the various animal motifs that are not so evident from a distance.

The Pergamon Museum and the Neues Museum are both open daily 10am-6pm except Thursday when they stay open late till 8pm.

I highly recommend a visit to these museums when you are in Berlin, although I'd probably leave visiting the Pergamon until after the renovations are complete.
Neues Museum
Egyptian antiquities
Egyptian exhibit
Exhibits at Neues Museum
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Museum Island in Berlin Dec 24, 2011
Museum Island in Berlin is a group of few large museums right next to the Berlin Cathedral. Whole area is a city park and it is surrounded by canals that you can also visit on the boat tour. In my knowledge most of the museums existed prior to Second World War, and they were heavily damaged or destroyed (including many expositions) during the war. My absolute favorite is a Pergamon Museum due to its exhibitions of almost pristine Greek pottery, unbelievable objects from Egyptian, Babylonian and other civilizations, and of course Ishtar Gate, and Hammurabi’s finger… They also host whole Greek Temple, Roman Temple, and Babylonian gate is actually the small one… bigger one can’t fit in the museum. Beautiful Middle Eastern exhibition covers great carpet designs from many world famous regions, astrolabes, arabesques, and many beautiful items. Special treat is a room with scripts, which includes some of the most amazing writings, such as original Iliad… Other museum that I like is Bode, and that one is on the tip of the island. All of them are big, and you would need couple days to cover them in right manner. I have been trying to visit it every time I am in Berlin, and I constantly find incredible exhibits that I did not see previously.
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Museumsinsel May 20, 2008
There are six museums at this island. Amongst them are the Bodenmuseum: this museum is all about antique art and treasures from the Roman Empire until the Renaissance (more info about this museum is in my blog). The Altes Museum, the bust of Nefertiti is there (again more info in my blog). The Pergamonmusuem, there are objects from Little Asia, Babylon and many other locations.

Most objects are classical, but the temporary exhibitions are also filled with modern or even futuristic exhibitions. At the time I visited the Pergamon museum they had an exhibition about modern and future museums. Scale models and everything. The exhibition was made in style with the subject... which made it very special considering my education... it was a school excursion.
Bust of Nefertiti.
The Pergamon Museum.
Inside of the Pergamon Museum, the…
Section of a wall from the Ishtar …
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six museums on one island Aug 15, 1999
Museumsinsel consists of 6 museums: the Altes Museum, the Neues Museum, the Alte Nationalgalerie, the Bode-Museum, the Pergamonmuseum and the James Simon-Galerie. All buildings (built in the late 19th and early 20th century) are designed to reflect the collections they are housing. The island as a whole is listed on Unesco's World Heritage List.

I have only been inside one of the museums on Museumsinsel myself, the Pergamon, and it took two visits to see it all. Which is no surprise considering it's actually 4 museums in one building: the Egyptian Museum, Near Eastern Museum, Antique Collection and Museum of Islamic Art. It includes whole temples, and the splendid Babylonian Ishtar Gate. Anyone interested in ancient history will find his or her heart's desire here.

One thing that annoyed me during my last visit, was the fact that a lot of people take the fact that photography is allowed to mean that people who are quietly studying something must move out of the way for people wanting to take a picture. One man literally shoved me out of the way.

Otherwise the museum is very well organised, you can follow a main route of highlights or explore each part more thoroughly. Audioguides and explanatory leaflets are available.

I have yet to visit the other five museums, but from the outside they all look splendid.

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