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Everything London Mar 14, 2017
I spent a couple of hours at the Museum of London in April 2015. I purchased a map from the entrance for £1 and began touring the museum. The exhibits are set out in chronological order with interesting sections on Roman London, the Black Death, the Great Fire of London and Victorian London amongst others. The section on WW2 is interesting as it gives an insight into fascism in London prior to the war; something that I didn't realise was quite so prevalent. The section on present-day London was also worth a look around, especially the room housing the iconic Olympic cauldron from the Olympic Games in 2012. You could easily spend more than a couple of hours here as there is plenty to see. There is also a cafe so you can pick up a drink and bite to eat. No doubt this museum doesn't quite have the same kudos or international appeal as the British Museum, but if you want to visit a museum with objects with a tangible link to the London area, this is the museum for you. Admission is free but a donation of £5 is encouraged. Open 10am-6pm daily.

Directions: Easily walkable from Barbican, St Paul's, Moorgate or Bank tube stations.

Museum of London
Coin collection
Penny farthing
Exhibits at Museum of London
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andmar andmar
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During the medieval period the city of London was destroyed by invaders, racked by famine, fire and disease, and torn apart by religious and political controversy. Still it grew to become one of the largest, wealthiest and most important cities in Europe and a place of truly international status.

London's story is illustrated by over 1300 exhibits, which include children's toys, fraudulent dice and a gold crucifix containing what purported to be a fragment of the True Cross. Many items come from recent archaeological digs, where deep waterlogged deposits along the Thames have preserved England's finest surviving collection of medieval leatherwork.

Don't miss:

A gold and garnet brooch from the mid 600s, found in a grave in Covent Garden. Stunning late 15th century altar paintings believed to have come from a chapel at Westminster Abbey Wince-inducing pointed shoes that were the height of fashion in the 1380s

Also they have visiting exhibitions from time to time so better check online before you visit.
Entrance of the museum
the museum is right next to the ''…
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joseph98 joseph98
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The best way to learn London's History Sep 23, 2013
This museum, tucked away in the 'City', a place more associated with business than tourism, is missed out by many first time visitors to the 'big smoke'. But for an understanding of the great city, from prehistoric times right up to the present day, there is no better place. The museum is helpfully laid out in chronological order, and plenty of hands on exhibits and reconstructions (ranging from a Roman villa to a 'Blitz' experience) help the history of London come alive in a way sure to appeal to all the family.
Photo courtesy of Mark Hillary
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cotton_foam says:
Yeah, would love to Joe!! We'll talk more about it when you're back from your trip? :))
Posted on: Apr 16, 2017
joseph98 says:
Definitely recommend it May! Can show you round it maybe ;-)
Posted on: Apr 16, 2017
cotton_foam says:
I'm so going to this museum, Joe!!
Posted on: Apr 14, 2017
sarahelaine sarahela…
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Museum of London Feb 17, 2011
Often overlooked by tourists, the Museum of London shows the history of London itself, rather than the more international flavour of the British Museum. It’s a really interesting look at the people who’ve lived in London,from many centuries BC to now.

The prehistoric section was fascinating, and there were lots of interesting sections about Anglo Saxon and Roman London. I didn’t find the Victorian bits quite as interesting, but that might be that I was more familiar with Victorian London from books and things.

There were free tours available through the day, and lots of child friendly activities like dressing up clothes and things you could touch.

Access to the museum is up a set of escalators across the street and along an overpass. When I was there, it was full of the sort of bloody irritating teenagers that are flirting and pushing each other about and nearly knocking into you. It is also a very draughty overpass. But you can’t really hold that against the Museum of London. Disabled access would be OK – there is a lift – and if you were in a wheelchair you could have run the bloody teenagers over. Entrance to the museum is free, and there is the inevitable café and gift shop to look in too.
Museum Garden
Museum area
Horse statue
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sarahelaine says:
Thank you all! :)
Posted on: Sep 27, 2013
raghunathsingh503 says:
Posted on: Sep 27, 2013
sylviandavid says:
Congratulations on being featured.....
Posted on: Sep 26, 2013
sarahsan sarahsan
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Excellent! Jun 23, 2011
The museum of London is divided into sections and show London before London (450.00 BC – 50 AD), Roman London (50 AD – 410 AD), Medieval London, War, plague and fire (1550 – 1650 AD) and ends with modern London.

The museum is nicely laid out and the walk through it takes you through the history of the city. Historic artifacts like bones, figurines, pottery, jewelry, paintings, documents, photos and much more is nicely displayed in glass cabinets. Along the way there are several touch screen monitors where you can reed more and also answer questions. In addition you can watch two documentaries, one about the Black Plague and its effect on the city and another one about the big city fire in 1660.

Towards the end of the walk there are examples of how fashion has changed from the 1750´s until today.

In the city gallery on the lower level there is an exhibition on the reality of London´s street vendors from 17th to 19th century as well as the Lord Major´s state coach (1757 AD), which is still in use.

In the Lindbury Gallery there are temporary exhibitions. From 18th of February to the 4th of September 2011 there is one called “ London Street Photography”. This is an extraordinary collection of London street photographs with over 200 images of every day life in the streets. Through these photos it is also interesting to see how photography has developed – from a faded black and white photo of Covent Garden in 1860 to the digital photos of today.

I can highly recommend the Museum of London, an excellent museum. It´s fun and educational for both children and adults. Who would think that history could be so captivating! You need at least two hours in this museum. Before you leave you have the opportunity to visit the shop and/or the museum café.

Entrance to the museum and exhibitions are free, but donations are welcome (₤3)

Opening hours are 10 am – 6 pm daily.

The museum is located between Barbican and St Paul´s Cathedral. The nearest tube stations are St Paul´s Cathedral, Barbican and Moorgate.
London from Southwark 1639 AD
The reception area
Museum Café
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sarahsan says:
Thank you Brian!
Posted on: Jul 03, 2011
spocklogic says:
Nice collection of photos showing various displays in the museum. Bravo!
Posted on: Jul 03, 2011
alessandrozzzz says:
I did not have the time to visit it when I went to London but I have it now .... beautiful !!!!!
Posted on: Jul 02, 2011
lansems lansems
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Apr 17, 2002
When you visit London for the first time, you'll have to go to the Museum of London. Here you can find the history of London over more than 2000 years. The museum is divided in periods like Roman London, Dark Age and Tudor London.

Every period gives good information about what happened in the world and London.

This museum is worth a visit. And it's Free!!
Roman Gallery
Tudor London
Dresses in the 17th century
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