Museum Tekstil (Textile Museum)

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Jl. Aipda KS. Tubun No.4 Kel.Petamburan Kec. Tanah Abang, Jakarta, Indonesia
+62 21 5606613

Museum Tekstil (Textile Museum) Jakarta Reviews

phieraditya phieradi…
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Learning Batik Jan 30, 2011
The Batik Workshop behind the Museum Main Building is my reason for re-visiting and re-visiting Museum Tekstil.

For first timer, if you interested in learning batik, go to the Museum ticketing, buy museum ticket for IDR 2.000 and handkerchief size batik experience for IDR 35.000 (but if you already visited the museum, and only want to learn batik, you just pay for the batik IDR 35.000, you will receive proof of payment).

I also love walk or sit in the Museum Garden, imagine mini Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical

Garden): wind, big trees and birds chippering. The garden also have various kinds of natural dyes plantations (back then were used) for batik coloring.

The Batik Workshop building is located on your right hand (when you face the Museum), just walk until you meet traditional wooden Betawi House. Enter the house, enjoy your time watching people

learn Batik, or directly speak to the Batik tutor and show your proof of payment. The tutor will give you white cotton fabric size 35cm x 35cm and will guide you of what to do step by step. There are several tutors to be able to be asked.

From the given fabric, you will need to pencil sketch, there are various pattern you could choose, or you might already have your own.

After do the pencil sketch, you will place your fabric on the circular holder (the one use for

embroidery), put on apron, and the tutor will explain how to 'mencanting'.

You will sit on small chair with your right body (if you are right handed) next to the stove. In front of you will be: burning stove, small wok contain hot wax, 'canting' (canting: it shape like smoking pipe, is used as a pen on paper, canting on fabric).

You will gently take small amount of hot wax using canting, and start 'mencanting' (mencanting: draw use canting and hot wax as its ink). You will need change the hot wax inside canting often, or it will block your canting. If you feel it block, ask for help, the tutor will test the canting on used newspaper, if its true its block, they will clean the blockage using ijuk (ijuk: palm fiber). There are several size of canting, for draw thin to thick line, find one suit you and your draw.

After finishing mencanting on one side, you need repeat the other side.

Batik coloring do with dip it into color. The area aren't covered with wax will turn into color, the area with wax will stay white, that's way you need to put wax on the both side of facric (neat and bold), if not, when it come to coloring, the area suppose to be white will turn into color.

After you finish mencanting, they will offer you, if you still have many white area, to apply some hot parafin with brush (you may see on my batik, the outer area is parafin effect, but I put it not neat enough :p), it's your choice, parafin or not. If you decide to put some parafin, then do light squeeze on your fabric for breaking the parafin but not much.

Then the tutor will dip your batik on sequences: clean water, chemical that will hold color, the color you choose. Then it will be boiled on the water with small amount of starch. And voila! dry your Batik, and you have been passed learning Batik experince.

The handkerchief size batik mencanting took 1 hour to 2 hours usually, but possibly more if you choose complex pattern.

Then, if you find this new experience was so inspiring, and you want to do more but don't think you have time to re attend the workshop, the workshop sell the equipment for only IDR 100.000, you will get: stove, wok, wax, 3 cantings, half metres fabric. is it worth buying right? :)

The Museum open from 9AM to 3PM, but the batik workshop open from 10AM to 3PM, from tuesday to

sunday (close on monday and on public holiday).

have fun batik learning :)

I'm sure will be back to the Batik Workshop, and may we meet there?
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phieraditya says:
@spocklogic: hope someday you could experience batik :)
Posted on: Jun 19, 2011
spocklogic says:
Sounds an interesting place to be artistic. I don't know about Batik, so I learn something in reading your review here. Thanks for sharing the experience.
Posted on: Jun 17, 2011
SamsTravels says:
Wicked blog. keep it up! x
Posted on: Jan 18, 2011
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Acy_jkt Acy_jkt
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Vast Collection of Indonesian Textiles Mar 18, 2010
This museum is located in the west of Jakarta. An old building that was built in the 19th century during the Dutch colony, after several changes of its function and ownership, it was then functioned as the Museum Tekstil (Bahasa for Textile Museum) by the government of Jakarta province.

They have a vast collection of textiles related to religious and social practices of the major islands of the Indonesian archipelago (Java, Sulawesi, Sumatera, etc), such as cotton and silk batik, woven ikat (tie and dye or pelangi) and a variety of traditional weaving utilities, from old time up to now.

The most interesting part you can do in this museum is that, they have a learning class of making/painting Batik. It costs IDR 75,000 (around USD 7.5) per tourist for about an hour class. You do not need to pay the entrance fee if you take this class. Entrance fee for this Museum is only IDR 2,000 (USD 0.20).

And one thing you should remember that Museums in Jakarta are mostly closed on Monday or public holiday. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 09.00 to 15.00 (closed earlier on Friday and Saturday).
Old building
Inside the museum, beautiful tradi…
One of the precious collection fro…
sandy_ryanto sandy_ry…
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Batik Lesson at Museum Tekstil Jul 17, 2010
Interested to know how to make Batik?

In the Textile Museum, it costs you IDR 35,000 (USD 3.50) to make your own Batik (handkerchief size) or IDR 200,000 (USD 20) for a much bigger size.

You can:

1. Select the batik pattern that you like

2. Trace the pattern on the fabric

3. Paint the trace with wax using canting (a traditional tool)

4. Choose your color..

and within 30 minutes - 1 hour.. your handkerchief size batik is done. (it will take you a longer time if you choose a more detail batik pattern).

For more information:

021-560-6613, opens from Tuesday to Sunday at 9 AM - 3 PM.
The wet-hanged batik
the venue where the Batik lesson t…
paint the batik pattern with hot w…
The assistance will help you to dy…

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