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43 ул. Данилова, Bakhchysarai, Ukraine
Musafir - Musafir
Musafir - Manti at Musafir
Musafir - Musafir
Musafir - Lula Kebab at Musafir
Musafir - Musafir
Musafir - Cheburek at Musafir
Musafir - Musafir

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Tasty Crimean Tatar Food at Musafir Apr 29, 2011
We had dinner and breakfast at Restaurant Musafir ( a nice Crimean Tatar restaurant located across the street from the Khan’s Palace in Bakhchysarai. Musafir is a large restaurant with a nice outdoor seating section. They have Turkish divan tables where you can lounge without shoes and western style tables. The restaurant is decorated in Turkic designs and many reds weaving and brown woodwork. It’s a pleasant and relaxing place to enjoy a meal.

The menu is made up of what is now considered to be traditional Crimean Tatar cuisine. Tatar Cuisine is a mixture of Turkish food and Central Asian food. It is unclear if this is what Crimean Tatar’s were truly eating before their exile or a cuisine they adopted during their long exile in Central Asia. Crimean Tatar Cuisine is fairly basic and loaded with meat (particularly lamb). You’ll find the same dishes at nearly every Crimean Tatar restaurant, the difference between restaurants is not in the types of food but the quality of the ingredients and the skill of those preparing it.

Some of the main Crimean Tatar dishes you will find at restaurants are:

- Manti – large lamb or beef filled dumpling (generally steamed) – three or four per order

- Plov (Pilaf in) – Fried rice with noodles and vegetables

- Lagman – a meat filled noodle dish somewhere between stew and soup depending on how it is prepared

- Lula Kebab – Minced lamb skewered and cooked over a fire

- Cheburek – minced meat (beef or lamb) deep fried in a pastry

- Shashlikque – Chunks of meat (lamb, beef or pork generally) skewered and cooked over a fire

- Shurpa – Meaty soup with onions and herbs

Musafir was one of the tastier Crimean Tatar restaurants we found in Crimea. Musafir has only one menu so be prepared to choose from the same things at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Prices at Musafir are reasonable and a full meal will cost less than ten dollars. For clients of the hotel Dilara-Hanum the prices are lower.
Manti at Musafir
Lula Kebab at Musafir
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