Murchison Falls National Park

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Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda
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Murchison Falls National Park Reviews

sawecathy sawecathy
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I had a chance to book my trip with Twende Expeditions for my family and friends. We did a 4 day trip at Murchison National Park.

Had an amazing boat cruise, where we got to see, hippos, crocodiles,did some birding and a nature trek up the falls.

We also did a game drive through the park and got to see elephants, giraffes, antelopes,warthogs..( the list is endeless).. the weather was perfect..

We stayed at Murchison River Lodge which was totally amazing.It was affordable and their service was excellent. They even hosted cultural dances for us..

It was my most memorable experience!!
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anitagaga anitagaga
2 reviews
2 Days Safari in Murchison Falls NP Nov 27, 2014
I had heard than Murchison Falls National Park is the biggest park in Uganda, so this fact really inspirited me to visit it. The second fact that inspirited me much more is that Ernest Hemingway's plane landed here... I asked guys from Marabu Tours to help me with organize a budget trip for me and my friends (3 people at all) for 2 days safari in the NP.

At the first day we took a boat for Nile safari. A lot of hippos and beautiful unknown birds. There was a birds watching team from South Africa on the boat with us, I have never seen such big cameras they had.

After the boat cruise we made a short trekking to the top of the Falls. View is really exciting, and Murchison Fall amazes by it's force, I even thought the land is shaking.

Then we moved to the lodge for dinner and sleeping. The lodge was located in the centre of NP, so I was very afraid of meeting a wild animal while moving from my cottage to the dinner place. But lodge's stuff were kindly picked me from and to my cottage.

On the second day we had a safari watching wild animals. Some antelopes were so close to our car. Why they don't afraid of people? I line of giraffes in the horizon, aggressive buffalos, curious baboons, hidden lions and leopards.. Did Hemingway see all these?
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SaintBD says:
Nice :)

I spent my Childhood in Uganda and very Excited that I will be visiting Kampala again May 12-20. I hope I can find some time to do a mini safari.
Posted on: May 09, 2015
Zagnut66 says:
Congrats on being featured!
Posted on: Nov 30, 2014
joseph98 joseph98
129 reviews
A worthwhile Safari experience Jul 29, 2013
Boasting the second highest waterfall in Africa after Victoria Falls, and site of one of Ernest Hemingway's TWO plane crashes in Uganda, Murchison Falls National Park is a good place to safari for the inexperienced.

Murchison Falls alone make this a worthwhile visit. The sheer power of the falls can only be appreciated from the top, where the Nile crashes down through a gap a mere seven metres wide. Yes, you'll get soaking wet, but, standing in awe at the raging torrent of nature that is the falls, it sure is worth it.

The falls are no less impressive from the bottom, which can be viewed if you take a river cruise as part of your safari (pretty much all safari guides will offer this). Wildlife on this part of the safari is pretty impressive - you are guaranteed to see Hippos, Crocodiles and a host of exotic birds. If you're lucky, you can see the rare Shoe-Bill Stork. Elephants and Buffalo can often be seen grazing along the banks too.

As for the game part of the safari, the park has four of the 'big five', with Rhinos sadly absent as a result of being hunted to extinction. Unfortunately, seeing the big cats is a matter of luck - we saw one Lion (got within about five metres of it!) and no leopards. Still, there were antelopes, baboons, elephants and giraffe galore, and we also got to spot a hyena.

Those of you reading this who've been to the Serengeti and the like will realise that you don't get anything like as much wildlife on offer. But the average price for a safari (about $300) is a lot cheaper than you'd expect to pay for one of the bigger East African parks, so it's all swings and roundabouts.

As far as accommodation goes, we stayed in 'Glamping' accommodation just outside the park. The main accommodation in the park is the Red Chili Hideaway camp site, which has flushing toilets and a bar/cafe serving fast food. It seemed like a pleasant enough place to stay, so long as you don't mind baboons and the odd hippo walking through the campsite!

Overall, a good experience, probably lifted to a four star rating by the falls. Personally, I can't help but feel forking out the extra money for somewhere like the Serengeti would definitely be more worthwhile though.
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Nana_gincin says:
Lovely wild and natural place!
Posted on: Apr 18, 2014
joseph98 says:
Thanks guys: I wrote this ages ago now. I was just looking through my reviews, noticed a typo on this one, changed it, and suddenly it's bumped up my profile! Still, glad you enjoyed the read all the same :-)
Posted on: Apr 18, 2014
Africancrab says:
Lovely review
Posted on: Apr 18, 2014
sarahelaine sarahela…
651 reviews
Murchison Falls National Park Nov 20, 2012
Murchison Falls National Park has two main draws, the falls themselves and safari.

At the falls, almost the entire upper Nile forces itself through a tiny gap about 7m wide and plunges back over some rocks. There are boat trips to see the falls, but they stop a long way away and you don’t get any sense of the sheer power of the Nile here. I would strongly recommend driving to the top of the falls, on the south side of the river in the park, and walking to see them. From here you can get a much better idea of the power and the beauty of the river. If you can, wear good shoes for this – you can do it in flip flops but your feet get filthy, which bothers some people more than others – as the paths are constantly soaked from the spray. It amazed me to see some tourists refusing to walk the path to the top because they might get wet. It’s a hot country and it’s not like you’re water-soluble, and not going to see the top of the falls is a real shame. If anything, the remote location and the complete lack of commercial exploitation, as well as the sheer fact this is the Nile, squeezing through such a small gap that it sprays almost the whole way back up again, means that I found Murchison Falls more impressive than Niagara.

On safari, there are lions, elephants, buffalos, cobs, hartebeests, lots of hippos, the Ugandan crested crane and giraffes all wandering about. Zebras and Ostriches do not live in the park. There is a buffalo wallow right next to the road to the falls, which means that you can get very close to them in your car, and I loved that bit. But the best safari is north of the river, and you will either have to stay in Paraa or get a very early ferry to see them as they are most active in the early morning. I didn’t see any lions because it is rainy season and they hide in the long grass, but we did see jackals running in the road, and I would swear that the giraffes see a camera and pose. In fact I got decent giraffe pictures on my iPhone. I loved the pretty cobs as well, although for some completely inexplicable reason I don’t seem to have a single clear picture of them, and the serious looking hartebeests.

The guide was brilliant. We didn’t get very close to any elephants on the game drive, as they had moved away from the roads, and although we weren’t too disappointed (there were calves, and even in the distance I was happy to see them) I think he felt bad for us. So, at lunchtime, when an elephant broke into his compound to eat his tree, he called us on the phone to tell us we should come down to watch. I was very grateful, as you would never normally get so close to a wild elephant, and certainly not on foot (flattened against the wall of his house with a clear line of retreat!).

We had our own car – I think in most cases westerners hire drivers, but my husband was working in Uganda – which kept costs down a little. Park entrance is about $30 per 24 hours per person including the car, I can’t remember what the guide charged us (and it was cheaper as Iain had taken his number last time and we could book direct with him rather than through a company), and there is a charge for the ferry.

Well worth it, and very accessible from Kampala. Accommodation includes a range of lodges, mostly south of the river.
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aloneinthecrowd says:
Congrats on your featured review, Sarah Elaine :) Amazing photos :)
Posted on: Nov 25, 2012
monky says:
Congrats on your featured review Sarah very nice review! :D
Posted on: Nov 25, 2012
Dr_Seuss says:
Nice review. Congrats on the feature.
Posted on: Nov 25, 2012
ccp08c ccp08c
16 reviews
Absolutely stunning falls Sep 04, 2011
If you have the chance to go, GO! Murchison Falls are unlike any water falls I have seen thus far. The way the water flows down the falls is truly amazing. I went on a boat safari from Paara Lodge. We got really close to the falls, and they would drop you off at the base of the falls for a climb to the top. Plus, the guides took a lot of time to point out all the wildlife along the way. AMAZING!
Murchison Falls
Little reminder at the beginning o…
Hippos on the Nile
Africancrab Africanc…
776 reviews
Uganda's Largest Wildlife Conservation area Jul 02, 2002
Murchison Falls National Park is well known for the dramatic water falls located in the heart of the park, named many decades ago by western explorers. The park itself is an open savannah grassland with a combinations of wildlife and primates, forests and a great many species of birds. The drive from Kampala to the park is approximately 4 and a half hours. The roads are okay, nothing compared to what we have here in the western world (but that is what makes for the safari experience).

One of the major activities in the park is the visit to the top of the falls and then a river cruise to the bottom of the waterfalls. The corridor at the bottom of the water fall is a habitat for crocodiles and thousands of hippopotamuses, not to mention the water birds. Do check out my blog on the park for more details and a 3 day safari itinerary.

PS: Why leave for tomorrow, what you can do today?
Murchison Falls National Park.
Murchison Falls National Park.
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