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Munich, Germany

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jdax57 jdax57
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Aug 11, 2007
I'm gonna paste an older review of Oktoberfest:

If you ever been to a fairly popular concert, you'll have a general idea of what Oktobber Fest is like. Story goes that this fest started some 800-900 years ago, in response to a kings wedding. The locals enjoyed the fest so much that they carried the tradition on. This fest takes place on Marine Platz in the outskirts of Munich, within walking distance of the train station. On an average, there will be some 500,000 people coming and going during the October fest period. Average daily influx nearly some 100,000 people a day. So if you don't mind being nearly elbow to elbow with strangers you are in the right place. Various indigenous flavors are readily available, so if you go have plenty of money and time. The beers are served in one liter glasses, and the local “dirndls” carry these huge beer mugs by the handfuls (Sometimes 10-12 at a time).

The beer tents that are there at the Platz, are guarantee to take forever to get into, unless you call ahead to make reservations or get there early enough to waltz to the front of the line. Once inside, don’t relinquish your seat, for it will be gone very quickly. Once insides, there will be local bands playing local drinking songs, and it will be a blast.

As for places to see in Munich itself, I would have to say the Hofbrauhaus which is next or near the Hard Rock Café in downtown Munich. There will be plenty of places to walk to once you are downtown, theres massive amounts of churches, and historical buildings, which are worth while to visit. Another place to visit is Dachau (in northwest Munich) which was the first concentration camp, where all other were measured against. And if that’s not your cup of tea, grab a rental and skip down to southern Bavaria, to see the castles along the Alps, (Garmish-partenkirchen or Schwangau). If you want to know more specific things about Munich or Bavaria don’t hesitate to message me.

I hope this helps a little...;)

Munich is also home to alot of additional sights, the further you go out of the city, the more you have. Castles, hide away places, Culture and the beauty of the German Alps. You can get lost there in the beauty of the country. I would suggest getting one of those city travel books, because there is more to Munich/Bavaria, then what I could write on here..

Need to know more give me a holler and ask.
nyg5011 says:
Thanks for helping me add places to visit to my list for germany :)
Posted on: Aug 12, 2007
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chivato chivato
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Apr 17, 2007
There is quite a lot to see in munich so boiling it down in a day would be difficult. The Hofbrauhaus is definitely something you'd want to do, esp. for dinner. The umpah-polka band there doesn't get started till 6 pm so I wouldn't really suggest going there until after that. Depending on what you'd like to do, you could see Dachau, the first of the concentration camps. You could go to one of the excellent art museums, the BMW museum (BMW's headquarters is in munich), you could go to the zoo (also excellent), I'd suggest a visit to the resedenz,_Munich

Or maybe a visit to the Deutsches Museum.

Which is a giant technical museum in the heart of the city. If you like anything that has anything to do with engineering, cars, bikes, airplanes, etc, this is the place. Honestly, one of the best museums I've ever been to (they have a viking raiding ship in there and a WW1 u-boat that they've cut in half). Its absolutely gigantic so probably going to take a fair bit of time to go through it.

I'd also suggest going for a walk through the pedestrian center of the city. Lots of chain stores but still a good place to go for a wander, street musicians and old churches. If you're feeling up for it and there's good weather, go up alte peter (old peter) and get a very good view of the entire city. Just be warned the stairs are narrow in places. Also, there's the frauenkirche (which is the symbol of the city) with its two onion domes. I'd also have a wander through the viktualienmarkt which is the large outdoor market in the city center. You can usually find pretty cheap food fare there.

Anyway, hope this helps..

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