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Glastonbury, England

Mud... Glastonbury Reviews

funinuk funinuk
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Jun 21, 2007

I was expecting it to be muddy and had looked at loads of internet photos of floods and mud. But I never expected to learn so much about the omen that is MUD.

Types of Mud

Sticky deep mud –

This is the mud which squelches under your boots and makes weird noises. It is thick and comes half way up your boots. It is dark brown in colour and if you are not careful you may loose your boot in it without even knowing! This mud is almost impossible to dance in as you cannot move and if you dared to dance on the spot you may never get out! This kind of mud is usually found on frequently used walkways and near food stalls.

Deep Watery mud –

This is the messiest kind of mud and you have to be very careful when walking in it.

It can be different shades of brown and is just deep muddy water that comes half way up your boots. It is usually found near the front of the stage where the rain drains down to. Only the most daring people dance in this mud as there is every chance it will end up inside your boots!

Shallow Slippy mud –

This is the worst kind of mud! It is usually lighter in colour and is quite shallow but very slippery. You have to hold onto someone and use baby steps when attempting to walk in this. The sliding over risk in this mud is extremely high and it is usually found on higher ground and less used previously grassy areas. Dancing is not recommended.

Shallow Sloppy mud –

This is the most common type of mud and is found in and around toilets and in large areas around the stages. It is light in colour and is quite easy to walk in if you don’t care who you splash. This mud is hard with a shallow layer of sloppy mud on top so when you walk it splashes. When in this mud you have to watch out for ‘Splashers’ who stomp along splashing mud about in every angle. Dancing is best done on the spot.
Sticky mud!
Sloppy mud!
Watery mud!
foolz0r says:
I am SO glad I read this! I will be sure to bring my galoshes to the UK next time I go. Maybe a poncho would be helpful so that you could dance in any type of mud and be safe from the muddy splashes.
Posted on: Jul 02, 2007
smhirsch says:
haha that's awesome
Posted on: Jul 01, 2007
-Alex- says:
wish i was there... cant wait for Reading festival!
Posted on: Jul 01, 2007
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